Pyrgotidae are a worldwide family consisting of approximately 350 species in 50 genera. Pyrgotids resemble some Tephritidae and their has been some confusion concerning treatment of certain genera and species within one or the other family. The biological information on these flies is sparse. Adults of living forms are chiefly nocturnal and are most easily caught using light traps. Larvae are specialized for endoparasitism of adult scarab beetles.

The fossil record of this family is poor. Only one species has been described, which is a copal inclusion of Campylocera setosa Giebel from an unknown locality labelled only as "Ostindische", which could mean either eastern India or the Indonesian Archipelago.

Genus CAMPYLOCERA Macquart

*CAMPYLOCERA Macquart, 1844: 377 (220). Type species: Campylocera ferruginea Macquart, 1844, by original designation.
setosa Giebel, 1862: 319 (Eriphia). OR: "Ostindische" (Holocene) [K].

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