Extant species of sciadocerid flies are restricted to wet forests in the Southern Hemisphere. Only one true sciadocerid fossil, Archiphora robusta Meunier from Baltic amber, is currently known.

McAlpine & Martin (1966) published a work on Sciadoceridae from the Upper Cretaceous of Canada and described two new genera as belonging to this family. Hong (1981) described a third putative sciadocerid fossil. However, subsequent work showed that these three genera actually belong to the Phoridae.

Ref.: Brown (1992, review of genera).

Genus ARCHIPHORA Schmitz

*ARCHIPHORA Schmitz, 1929: 9 . Type species: Archiphora patagonia Schmitz, 1929, by original designation.
robusta Meunier, 1907b: 394 (Napomyza). PA: Baltic Region (Eocene/Oligocene) [A].

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