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The family Tipulodictyidae is based on a single specimen (positive impression only) of an incomplete wing from the Jurassic of Issyk-Kul', Kirghizistan. It resembles a tipuloid in general venational characters and restudy of the type specimen to verify the illustration of Rohdendorf (1962) may resolve its correct placement within the Diptera. Rohdendorf (1964) placed the family in the superfamily Tipulodictyidea.

Ref.: Rohdendorf (1964, review of family and classification).

Genus TIPULODICTYA Rohdendorf

TIPULODICTYA Rohdendorf, 1962: 311 (1991: 451). Type species: Tipulodictya minima Rohdendorf, 1962, by original designation.
minima Rohdendorf, 1962: 311 (1991: 451). PA: Kirghizistan (Lower Jurassic) [C].

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