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The family Tipulopleciidae is an extinct group of flies related to Pleciofungivoridae. Rohdendorf (1964) surmised that characters of the fossil impression such as long thin legs and wings reflect the limited capabilities of flight and running of this fly. Tipulopleciids are known only from the single fossil impression of a presumed male lying on its side.

Ref.: Rohdendorf (1964, review and classification).

Genus TIPULOPLECIA Rohdendorf

TIPULOPLECIA Rohdendorf, 1946: pl. 10, fig. 24. Nomen nudum.
TIPULOPLECIA Rohdendorf, 1962: 328 (1991: 477). Type species: Tipuloplecia breviventris Rohdendorf, 1962, by original designation.

breviventris Rohdendorf, 1962: 328 (1991: 477). PA: Kazakhstan (Upper Jurassic) [C].

breviventris Rohdendorf, 1946: pl. 10, fig. 24. Nomen nudum.

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