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95. Hawaiian Damselfly (Naiad)

Scientific name: Megalagrion koelense

Hawaiian Name: —

Classification: Phylum: Arthropoda. Order. Odonata. Family: Coenagrionidae

Origin: Endemic.

Status: Stable populations.

Distribution: O‘ahu, Moloka‘i, Maui, Lana‘i, Big Island.

Map: —

This is a native hawaiian damselfly, but not the adult. This is the rarely seen immature stage, called a naiad. The naiads of most dragonflies and damselflies live in the water of ponds and streams. But not this guy. He decided to get some better digs. Naiads of this species live in the moist leaf axils of pa‘iniu (Astelia) and ‘ie‘ie (Card no. 89) where they prey on small invertebrates they find in the debris that collects in the axils.

   Photo © William P. Mull