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94. ‘Ama‘u

Scientific name: Sadleria cyatheoides

Hawaiian Name: ‘Ama‘u

Classification: Kingdom: Plantae. Phylum: Pteridophytae. Family: Blechnaceae

Origin: Endemic.

Status: Common.

Distribution: All main Hawaiian Islands except Ni‘ihau and Kaho‘olawe.

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´╗┐These ferns are some of the first plants to grow on cooled lava flows along with ‘ohelo (see Card No. 90) and are thus called pioneer plants. They are found throughout the Hawaiian Islands but thrive in the moist rainforests. Hawaiians use various parts of the plant for medicinal purposes (wheezing, asthma, boils) and fronds were used for final thatching of hale. The frond pictured is a young one; they turn green as they grow older.

   Photo © William P. Mull