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2. Welch's Rhyncogonus Weevil

Scientific name: Rhyncogonus welchii Perkins, 1933

Classification: Phylum: Arthropoda. Class: Insecta. Order: Coleoptera. Family: Curculionidae

Status: Extremely rare

Distribution: Wai`anae Mountains, O`ahu

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This unusual weevil is known only from a single population in the Wai`anae Mountains of O`ahu where it is found in association with Sapindus trees (aulu). Its elytra (thick wing covers) have an amazing resemblance to sunflower seeds.

Unfortunately, it is the remains of these elytra (from dead weevils) in the leaf litter that are usually the only evidence of this insects having lived in that area. It was last seen alive in 1976.

   Photo by W.P. Mull