Pacific Insects Volume 11(2) 1969

Table of Contents

F. J. D. McDonald:  A new species of Lestonlidae (Hemiptera)   187 [ pdf ]

R. Kano and S. Shinonaga:  Two new species of sarcophagid flies from Nepal (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)      191 [ pdf ]

M. Miyatake:  The genus Plotina and related genera (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)      197 [ pdf ]

W. Wittmer:  Zur Kenntnis der indo-malaiischen Silini unter Besonderer Berucksichtigung der Fauna von Neuguinea (Col.: Cantharidae)    217 [ pdf ]

E. P. Holzapfel and B. D. Perkins, Jr.:  Trapping of air-borne insects on ships in the Pacific, Part 7    455 [ pdf ]

D. E. Hardy:  Lectotype designations for fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)      477 [ pdf ]

J. A. Tenorio:  A new species of Teleopsis Rondani from the Philippines (Diptera: Diopsidae)        483 [ pdf ]

J. Illies:  Trichoptera from the high mountain Lakes Pinde and Aunde, New Guinea    487 [ pdf ]

T. C. Maa:  The identity and type host of Strebla molossa Giglioli (Diptera:Streblidae)      495 [ pdf ]

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