Pacific Insects Volume 15(2) 1973

Table of Contents

J. W. Evans:  Some new genera and species of Cicadelloidea from Australia and New Guinea (Homoptera)    185 [ pdf ]

H. L. Carson and M. R. Wheeler:  A new crab fly from Christmas Island, Indian Ocean (Diptera: Drosophilidae)      199 [ pdf ]

G. C. Steyskal:  The genus Euphya Wulp, with a new species from the Philippines (Diptera: Pyrgotidae)    209 [ pdf ]

J. A. Slater and D. B. Wilcox:  A revision of the genus Macropes (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae: Blissinae)     213 [ pdf ]

W.L. Brown, Jr.:  The Indo-Australian species of the ant genus Strumigenys: Groups of horvathi, mayri and wallacei        259 [ pdf ]

T. N. Ananthakrishnan:  Studies on some Indian species of the genus Elaphrothrips Buffa (Megathripinae: Tibulifera: Thysanoptera)     271 [ pdf ]

E. O. Wilson:  The ants of Easter Island and Juan Fernandez       285 [ pdf ]


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