Pacific Insects Volume 17(4) 1977

Table of Contents

R. G. Fennah:  New species and new records of Fulgoridae (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea) from New Guinea        373 [ pdf

B.Gray:  Observations on insect flight in a tropical forest plantation VI. Flight activity of Elateridae, Eucnemidae, Throscidae and Languriidae (Coleoptera)     405 [ pdf

Robert E. Elbel:  Two new Buceronirmus (Mallophaga: Philopteridae) from Rhyticeros undulates and R. plicatus (Hornbills)        413 [ pdf

I. W. B. Thornton and C. N. Smithers:  Philotarsidae (Psocoptera) of New Guinea     419 [ pdf

I. W. B. Thornton and T. R. New:  Philotarsidae (Psocoptera) of the Bismarck Archipelago       451 [ pdf

Ian Moore and E. F. Legner:  A report of some intertidal Staphylinidae from Sonora, Mexico with four new genera (Coleoptera)       459 [ pdf

Maurice T. James:  The pachygastrine genera Lenomyia, Dialampsis, Aidomyia, Adraga, Eupachygaster, and Pegadomyia in New Guinea and the Bismarck
Archipelago (Diptera:  Stratiomyidae)        473 [ pdf

Allen R. Crooker, Jr.:  First record of Ereynetes macquariensis (Acarina: Ereynetidae) from Anvers Island, Antarctic Peninsula      489 [ pdf

J. Maldonado Capriles:  Studies on Idiocerinae leafhoppers XV. Busonia Distant and an allied new genus from the Oriental Region (Cicadellidae: Iciocerinae)     491 [ pdf

Mario Maffi and J. A. TenorioCulex (Culex) banksensis, a new species of mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) from the Banks Islands, New Hebrides        503 [ pdf

Mario Maffi and Brian Taylor:  The mosquitoes of the Banks and Torres island groups of the South Pacific (Diptera: Culicidae)      511 [ pdf


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