Pacific Insects Volume 18(3-4) 1978

Table of Contents

Jeffrey N. L. Stibick:  The genus Pantorhytes (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Division A. I. Additions and changes to the common and major cacao species        115 [ pdf

J. Linsley Gressitt:  Evolution of the endemic Hawaiian cerambycid beetles    137 [ pdf

E. P. Holzapfel:  Transoceanic airplane sampling for organisms and particles      169 [ pdf

Willis W. Wirth:  New species and records of intertidal biting midges of the genus Dasyhelea Kieffer from the Gulf of California (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)        191 [ pdf

D.  Rounsevell:  Populations of introduced arthropods at Australian Antarctic stations     199 [ pdf

JoAnn M. Tenorio and Joseph A. Beatty:  Catalog of entomological types in the Bishop Museum.  Araneae (spiders)        203 [ pdf

Francis G. Howarth:  A sorting dish with silicone sealant barriers for rapid sorting of microarthropods preserved in fluid      215 [ pdf

Heinz Freude:  Monommidae des Bishop Museums in Honolulu (Coleoptera)      217 [ pdf

Hugo de Souza Lopes and Rokuro Kano:  On the monotypic genus Chrysosarcophaga (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)         223 [ pdf

Ian W. B. Thornton and Courtenay N. Smithers:  Philotarsidae (Psocoptera) of the Solomon Archipelago      227 [ pdf


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