Pacific Insects Volume 21(1) 1979

Table of Contents

Evenhuis, Neal L.:  Catalog of entomological types in the Bishop Museum. Diptera: Stratiomyidae       1 [ pdf

Evenhuis, Neal L.:  Studies in Pacific Bombyliidae (Diptera) II.  Revision of the genus Geron of Australia and the Pacific        13 [ pdf

Gagne, Wayne C.:  Canopy-associated arthropods in Acacia koa and Metrosideros tree communities along an altitudinal transect on Hawaii Islands         56 [ pdf

Goff, M. L., JoAnn M. Tenorio & Frank J. Radovsky:  Mesostigmata (Acari) associated with a fumerole in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park         83 [ pdf

Vasarhelyi, T.:  Three new species of the New Guinea genus Biroana (Heteroptera: Aradidae)           90 [ pdf


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