Pacific Insects Volume 22(3-4) 1980

Table of Contents

Okada, Toyohi & Hampton L. Carson:  Drosophilidae associated with flowers in Papua New Guinea. II. Alocasia (Araceae)        217 [ pdf ]

Fennah, R. G.:  The genus Bajauana and two allied new genera in New Guinea (Fulgoroidea: Cixiidae)        237 [ pdf ]

Kormilev, Nicholas A.: Scientific note: Homonymy in the Aradidae (Hemiptera)      328 [ pdf ]

Smith, David R.:  Pergidae (Hymenoptera) from New Guinea and Australia in the Bishop Museum         329 [ pdf ]

Hamilton, K. G. A.:  Aphrophorinae of Polynesia (Rhynchota: Homoptera: Cercopidae)      347 [ pdf ]

Hamilton, K. G. A.:  Aphrophorinae of the Solomon Islands (Rhynchota: Homoptera: Cercopidae)         361 [ pdf ]

Goff, M. Lee:  A new species of Ophiomegistus (Acari: Paramegistidae) from a Malaysian Kukri Snake           380 [ pdf ]

Gentili, Elio:  The genus Laccobius in Melanesia (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae)        385 [ pdf ]

Kurahashi, Hiromu & Pierre Fauran:  Blow flies from New Caledonia, with description of Onesia gonideci, new species (Diptera: Calliphoridae)       401 [ pdf ]


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