International Journal of Entomology 27(3) 1985
(formerly Pacific Insects)
(pdf files not available for this issue)

Table of Contents                                                                   


Duckhouse, D. A.:  Psychodidae (Diptera, Nematocera) of the subantarctic islands, with observations on the incidence of parthenogenesis          173

McKeever, Sturgis:  Morphology of the internal reproductive system of female Corethrella (Diptera: Chaoboridae)           185

Polhemus, Dan a. and John T. Polhemus:  Naucoridae (Hemiptera) of New Guinea. I. A review of the enus Nesocricos, with descriptions of two new species      197

Usmani, M. Kamil and S. Adam Shafee:  A new species of the genus Ramakrishnaia (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae) from southern India         204

Paclt, J.:  Diplura from the Bismarck Archipelago and the Solomon Islands     208

Okadome, Tsunemaru:  Two new species of Lyperomyia from the Philippines and Thailand (Diptera: Lauxaniidae)           212

Okadome, Tsunemaru:  Five new Suillia from the Oriental Region (Diptera: Heleomyzidae)            217

Baehr, Martin:  Description of a new species, Agastus hirsutus, with first record of the genus from New Guinea (Coleoptera: Carabidae; Zuphinnae)         224

Slater, James A.:  A remarkable new coleopteroid lygacid from Colombia (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)          229

Reichart, Charles V.:  A new species of Anisops from Java (Hemiptera: Notonectidae)            235

Byers, George W.:  A second flightless crane fly from Hawaii (Diptera: Tipulidae)          239

Nagatomi, Akira:  Additional notes on male genitalia of Rachiceridae (Diptera)    246

Holzenthal, Ralph W.:  Studies on Neotropical Leptoceridae (Trichoptera). II. Amphoropsyche, a new genus and species of Leptocerinae from northern South America        254

Maldonado Capriles, J.:  Studies on idiocerine leafhoppers. XX. Gresittocerus and Dolichopscerus, new genera from New Guinea (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)      270

Maldonado Capriles, J.:  Studies on idiocerine leafhoppers. XXI, Color variations of Idioscopus clypealis (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)             277

Benner, D. B.:  Oocyte development and fecundity in Megaselia scalaris (Phoridae: Diptera)      280

Scientific Note

Evenhuis, Neal L.:  Replacement name for Syrphoides Evenhuis (Diptera: Bombyliidae)         289



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