Pacific Insects Volume 5(1) 1963

Table of Contents

Cornelius B. Philip:  Further notes on Far Eastern Tabanidae, II.  Descriptions of two new Chrysopine flies 1 [ pdf ]

I. Lansbury:  Notes on the water-bugs of Solomon Islands and New Hebrides  5 [ pdf ]

R. K. Allen and G. F. Edmunds, Jr.:  New and little known Ephemerellidae from Southern Asia, Africa and Madagascar (Ephemeroptera)  11 [ pdf ]

Mitsuhiro Sasakawa:  Oriental Agromyzidae (Diptera) in Bishop Museum, Part 1   23 [ pdf ]

M. Beier:  Pseudoscorpione von den Batu-Hohlen in Malaya   51 [ pdf ]

K. A. J. Wise:  A list of the Neuroptera of New Zealand   53 [ pdf ]

J. W. Beardsley:  Notes on Hawaiian Phoenicococcinae, with description of a new species (Homoptera: Diaspididae)     59 [ pdf ]

Koji Yano:  Taxonomic and biological studies of Pterophoridae of Japan (Lepidoptera)  65 [ pdf ]

Masaaki Tokunaga:  New Guinea biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae), 3    211 [ pdf ]

N. Wilson and R. W. Strandtmann:  Laelaptid mites from the New Guinea bandicoot, Peroryctes raffrayanus raffraynus   281 [ pdf ]

Antarctic reports

J. L. Gressitt, R. E. Leech and K. A. J. Wise:  Entomological investigations in Antarctica   287 [ pdf ]

Heinz Janetschek:  On the Terrestrial fauna of the Ross-Sea Area, Antarctica (Preliminary report)    305 [ pdf ]


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