Pacific Insects Volume 5(3) 1963

Table of Contents

M. Sasakawa:  A revision of Polynesian Agromyzidae (Diptera)   489 [ pdf ]

M. Beier:  Pseudoscorpione aus Vogelnestern von Malaya      507 [ pdf ]

C. M. Yoshimoto:  The genera Leptolamina and Maacynips, n. gen., from the Papuan Subregion (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea, Eucoilinae)     513 [ pdf ]

C. B. Philip:  Further notes on Far Eastern Tabanidae III.  Records and new species of Haematopota and a new Chrysops from Malaysia    519 [ pdf ]

M. Nadchatram:  The larva and nymph of Odontacarus audyi (Radford) (Acarina: Trombiculidae)        535 [ pdf ]

R. W. Strandtmann and C. J. Mitchell:  The laelaptine mites of the Echinolaelaps complex from the Southwest Pacific area (Acarina: Mesostigmata)    541 [ pdf ]

C. R. Baltazar:  A new genus and nine new species of Philippine Braconidae (Hymenoptera)   577 [ pdf ]

J. L. Gressitt:  Hispine beetles (Chrysomelidae) from New Guinea    591 [ pdf ]


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