Pacific Insects Volume 8(1) 1966
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Table of Contents

D. K. McE. Kevan:  Additions to the Verduliini (Orthoptera: Acridoidea: Pyrogomorphidae) from the Philippines      1

G. C. Steyskal:  Notes on the genus Pygophora Schiner, with the description of one new species (Diptera: Muscidae)     14 [ pdf ]

R. D. Price:  The genus Eomenopon Harrison with descriptions of seven new species (Mallophaga: Menoponidae)     17

W. J. Voss:  A lectotype designation for Hoplopleura pacifica Ewing (Anoplura: Hoplopleuridae)      29 [ pdf ]

J. C. Harrell and E. Holzapfel:  Trapping of air-borne insects on ships in the Pacific, Part 6       33

A. Nagatomi:  The Arthroceras of the world (Diptera: Rhagionidae)      43

M. Sasakawa:  Studies on the Oriental and pacific Clusiidae (Diptera) part 1.  Genus Heteromeringia Czerny, with one new related genus       61

M. Tokunaga:  Biting midges of the Palpomyiinae from New Guinea (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)       101

S. Momoi:  Some new Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) from New Guinea and adjacent areas     152

E. M.  Beyer:  Neue und wenig bekannte Phoriden, zumeist aus dem Bishop Museum, Honolulu (Diptera: Phoridae)      165

C. R. Baltazar:  Generic synonymy and new combinations in some Indo-Australian braconids and eucharitids (Hymenoptera)      217

Epizoic symbiosis
J. L. Gressitt:  The Papuan weevil genus Gymnopholus (Leotopiinae) symbiotic with cryptogamic plants, oribatid mites, rotifers and nematodes    221 [ pdf ]

J. Aoki:  An oribatid mite, Symbioribates papuensis representing a new family, from Cryptogamis plants growing on backs of Papuan weevils (Acari: Cryptostigmata)   281

G. A. Samuelson:  A new Papuan colydiid beetle with epicuticular growth of cryptogamic plants (Coleoptera: Colydiidae)   290

J. L. Gressitt:  Cryptogamic plants growing on various weevils and on a colydiid Beetle in New Guinea     294

R. H. Van Zwaluwenburg. Note:  Horizoteichos 1931 a synonym of Megapenthes 1858 (Coleoptera: Elateridae). Adelocera nesiotes, new name for Adelocera cognata 1957, preocc. (Coleoptera: Elateridae)     298


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