Pacific Insects Volume 8(3) 1966
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Table of Contents

H. J. Grant, Jr.:  The Pacific genera of the subfamily Batrachideinae (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae)      579

N. Wilson:  Mesonyssus (Acarina: Mesostigmata) from New Guinea, Philippine and Taiwan birds      601

J. A. Slater:  New species of Iphicrates from the Western Pacific (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae      610

A. M. Richards:  The Rhaphidophoridae (Orthoptera) of Australia Part 3.  A new genus from South-Eastern Australia       617

I. Lansbury:  Notes on the genus Aphelonecta (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Notonectidae)       629

R. D. Price & J. R. Beer:  A review of the genus Franciscoloa Conci (Mallophaga: Menoponidae)       633

T. C. Maa:  Partial revision of the Cyclopodiinae (Diptera: Nycteribiidae)       648

P. D. Ashlock & G. G.  E. Scudder:  Arevision of the genus Neocrompus China (Hemiptera-Heteroptera: Lygaeidae)       686

D. K. McE. Kevan:  The tribe Nereniini: with additions to the Pyrgrmorphidae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) from the South Pacific       695

N. Wilson:  New records and a new species of Mesonyssus (Acarina: Mesostigmata) from Southeast Asian Psittacidae (Aves: Psittaciformes)       759

J. Aoki:  Oribatid mites from bird’s nests on Midway Island (Acari: Cryptostigmata)       770

J. L. Gressitt:  Chrysomelid beetles from the Papuan subregion, 3 (Eumolpinae, 1)       777

T. Saigusa:  A new Taiwan species of Symmerus with pectinate antennae  (Diptera: Mycetophilidae)       800


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