Pacific Insects Volume 9(1) 1967

Table of Contents

T. J. Spillman:  The heteromerous intertidal beetles (Coleoptera; Salpingidae: Aegialitinae       1 [ pdf ]

T. W. Suman:  Spiders (Prodidomidae, Zodariidae and Symphytognathidae) in Hawaii        21 [ pdf ]

R. G. Fennah:  New species and new records of Fulgoroidea (Homoptera) from Samoa and Tonga         29 [ pdf ]

G. B. Fairchild:  Notes on Neotropical Tabanidae (Diptera), VII.  The species described by C. R. W. Wiedemann         73 [ pdf ]

H. Inoue:  Genus Nadagara from Japan and Taiwan (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)       105 [ pdf ]

H. John: Pazifische Discolomidae (Coleoptera)       111 [ pdf ]

G. A. Samuelson:  Alticinae of the Solomon Islands (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)       139 [ pdf ]


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