Hawaii Biological Survey Staff


Neal L. Evenhuis, Ph.D.

Senior Curator of Entomology

phone: 808-848-4138
fax: 808-847-8252
email: neale[at]bishopmuseum.org


  • Ph.D., Entomology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu.
  • M.S., Biology, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.
  • B.S., Entomology/Botany, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Research Interests

  • Systematics, zoogeography, and ecology of fossil and living Bombyliidae (world), Mythicomyiidae (world), Keroplatidae (Pacific), Strongylophthalmyiidae (world) and Dolichopodidae (Hawaii and Pacific) (Insecta: Diptera).
  • History of dipterology; biographies of dipterists.
  • Zoological nomenclature (current Commissioner; past President of the I.C.Z.N.).
  • Bibliography of natural history including dating of scientific publications.
  • Entomological resources: insect and spider collections of the world.

Field Work and Museum Studies

  • Extensive field and survey work in the Hawaiian Islands, Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Japan, Singapore, southern Malaysia, South Africa, western Europe, mainland USA (especially California and Arizona), Costa Rica, and Mexico. Museum studies in Hawaii, Canada, mainland USA, Austria, Belgium, Fiji, Japan, France, Gemany, Netherlands, Hungary, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, China, and the United Kingdom.

Professional Experience

  • Senior Curator of Entomology, Bishop Museum (2019-present)
  • Senior Entomologist, Bishop Museum (2012-2019)
  • Chairman-Natural Sciences, Bishop Museum (1998-2012).
  • Entomologist, Bishop Museum (1991-1998).
  • Associate Entomologist, Bishop Museum (1978-1991).
  • Scientific Illustrator, Bishop Museum (1976-1978).

Selected Publications

Over 690 publications including the following:

Evenhuis, N.L. 1997. Litteratura • Taxonomica • Dipterorum (1758-1930). 2 vols. Backhuys Publishers, Leiden. 872 p.

Evenhuis, N.L. 2002. Catalog of the Mythicomyiidae of the world (Insecta: Diptera). Bishop Museum Bulletin in Entomology 10, 85 p.

Evenhuis, N.L. 2003. Dating and publication of the Encylopédie Méthodique (1782-1832), with special reference to the parts of the Histoire Naturelle and details on the Histoire Naturelle des Insectes. Zootaxa 166, 48 p.

Evenhuis, N.L. 2003. Publication and dating of the journals forming the Annals and Magazine of Natural History and the Journal of Natural History. Zootaxa 385, 68 p.

Evenhuis, N.L. 2006. New species of Isoneuromyia Brunetti (Diptera: Keroplatidae) from the Oriental Region. Zootaxa 1140: 1-29.

Evenhuis, N.L. 2006. Catalog of the Keroplatidae of the world. Bishop Museum Bulletin in Entomology 13, 177 p.

Evenhuis, N.L. & D.J. Greathead 1999. Catalog of the bee flies of the world (Diptera: Bombyliidae) . Backhuys Publishers, Leiden. xlviii + 756 p.

Evenhuis, N.L. & L.G. Eldredge. 2003. Hawaii’s biodiversity: a detailed assessment of the numbers of species in the Hawaiian Islands. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 76, 28 p.

Evenhuis, N.L. & L.G. Eldredge, editors. 2004. Natural history of Nihoa and Necker Islands. Bishop Museum Bulletin in Cultural and Evironmental Studies 1, 220 p.

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