Hawaii Biological Survey Staff

F. Howarth

Francis G. Howarth, Ph.D.

Distinguished Affiliate - Entomology

phone: 808-848-4164
fax: 808-847-8252
email: fhowarth[at]bishopmuseum.org


  • Ph.D., Entomology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu.
  • M.S., Entomology, Cornell University, Ithaca.
  • B.S., Entomology & Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary ecology of caves and aeolian habitats.
  • Conservation biology.
  • Island ecology.
  • Impact of alien species.
  • Biosystematics of biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae).

Field Work and Museum Studies

  • Survey and field research in North America, Southeast Asia, Hawai‘i, Australia, Palau, Guam and Canary Islands. Museum studies in Hawai‘i and mainland USA.

Professional Experience

  • Entomologist, Bishop Museum, Honolulu (1974-1985, 1986-2012).
  • Associate in Entomology, Bishop Museum, Honolulu (1970-1974).
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Hawaii at Manoa (1968-1969).
  • Agricultural Extension, International Voluntary Services, Laos (1966-1968).

Selected Publications

Howarth, F.G. 1985. Biosystematics of the Culicoides of Laos (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae). Int. J. Entomol. 27:1-96.

Howarth, F.G. & F.D. Stone. 1990. Elevated carbon dioxide levels in Bayliss Cave, Australia: implications for the evolution of obligate cave species. Pacific Science 44: 207-18.

Howarth, F.G. & G.W. Ramsay. 1991. The conservation of island insects and their habitats, p. 71-107. In: Collins, N.M. & J.A. Thomas, editors, The conservation of insects and their habitats. 15th Symposium of the Royal Entomological Society of London. Academic Press, London.

Howarth, F.G. 1991. The environmental impacts of classical biological control. Annual Review of Entomology 36: 485-509.

Howarth, F.G. & W.P. Mull. 1992. Hawaiian insects and their kin. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu. 160 p.

Howarth, F.G. 1993. High-stress subterranean habitats and evolutionary change in cave-inhabiting arthropods. American Naturalist 142: S65-S77.

Hoch, H. & F.G. Howarth. 1999. Multiple cave invasions by species of the planthopper genus Oliarus in Hawaii (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea: Cixiidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 127(4): 453-475.

Lockwood, J.A., F.G. Howarth & M.F. Purcell, (eds.). 2001. Balancing Nature: Assessing the Impact of Importing Non-native Biological Control Agents (an International Perspective). Thomas Say Pubs. in Entomology. Lanham, MD. 130 p.

Rivera, M.A.J., F.G. Howarth, Taiti, S. & G.K. Roderick. 2002. Evolution in Hawaiian cave-adapted isopods (Oniscidea: Philosciidae): Vicariant speciation or adaptive shift. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 25: 1-9.

Howarth, F.G. & Hoch, H. 2004. Adaptive shifts. p. 17-24. In: D.C. Culver and W. White (eds.). Encyclopedia of Caves. Academic Press.

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