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Shelley A. James, Ph.D.

Associate Botanist

phone: 808-847-8217
fax: 808-847-8252
email: sajames[at]bishopmuseum.org


  • Ph.D., Botany, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.
  • B.Sc. (Hons), The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

Research Interests

  • Flora of New Guinea.
  • Checklist development of vascular plants in Polynesia-Micronesia and Melanesia.
  • Herbarium curation and digitization.
  • Conservation genetics.
  • Endangered species.
  • Molecular systematics.
  • Restoration of Hawaiian habitats.
  • Invasive species biology.
  • Computer identification key design.
  • Ecophysiology and canopy crane research.
  • Functional morphology and anatomy of plants.

Field Work and Museum Studies

  • Field survey and specimen collection in Papua New Guinea, Hawaiian Islands, Panama, and Australia.
  • Curation of Herbarium Pacificum and Pacific Center for Molecular Biodiversity collections.
  • Digitization of Bishop Museum collections.
  • DNA extraction, fingerprinting analysis, and sequencing of plant and animal species.
  • Development of public outreach programs for Hawaii & Pacific Biological Survey.

Professional Experience

  • Associate Botanist, Pacific Center for Molecular Biodiversity, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai‘i (2002-present).
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Botany, University of Hawai‘i, Honolulu, Hawai‘i (1999-2001).
  • Research Assistant, The University of Western Australia and Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia (1998-1999).
  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Botany, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia (1993-1999).

Selected Publications

Kennedy, B. H., S.A. James, & C.T. Imada. 2010. New Hawaiian plant records from Herbarium Pacificum for 2008. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 107: 19-26.

Kagawa, A., L. Sack, K. Duarte, & S. James. 2009. Hawaiian native forest conserves water relative to timber plantation: species and stand-level traits influence water use. Ecological Applications 19: 1429-1443.

James, S.A. 2008. Genetic variation in the endemic Hawaiian Gardenia brighamii: conservation and horticultural implications. Bishop Museum Occasional Paper 100:16–22.

James, S.A. 2008. Climate change impacts on native plant communities in Melanesia. Bishop Museum Technical Report 42:1-15.

Imada, C.T., S.A. James, & B.H. Kennedy. 2008. New Hawaiian plant records from Herbarium Pacificum for 2007. Bishop Museum Occasional Paper 100:12–16.

Howarth, F.G., S.A. James, W.McDowell, D.J. Preston & C.T. Imada. 2007. Identification of roots in lava tube caves using molecular techniques: implications for conservation of cave faunas. Journal of Insect Conservation 11: 251-261.

Murakami, K., S.A. James, J.E. Randall, & A.Y. Suzumoto. 2007. Two hybrids of Carangid fishes of the Genus Caranx, C. ignobilis x C. melampygus and C. melampygus x C. sexfasciatus, from the Hawaiian Islands. Zoological Studies 46: 186-193.

Handler, A. & S.A. James. 2006. Anguilla marmorata Quoy and Gaimard (Giant Mottled Eel) discovered in a new location: natural range expansion or recent human introduction? Pacific Science 60: 109-115.

James, S.A. & A.Y. Suzumoto. 2006. Nonnative occurence of Anguilla marmorata in Hawai`i: identification using morphological and molecular characters. Bishop Museum Occasional Paper 86: 55–60. pdf

James, S.A., K. Igeta, A. Harbottle, H. Bolick & P. Van Dyke. 2006. Hawaiian kalo: an identification guide for taro in the Hawaiian Islands.

Murakami, K., S.A. James, J.E. Randall, & A.Y. Suzumoto. 2006. Two hybrids of Carangid fishes of the Genus Caranx, C. ignobilis x C. melampygus and C. melampygus x C. sexfasciatus, from the Hawaiian Islands. Zoological Studies (in press).

Crago, L., Puttock, C.F., & James, S.A. 2005. Riparian Plant Restoration: A management tool for habitat restoration in Hawai‘i, version 2.0. HBS Contribution No. 2005-006. http://hbs.bishopmuseum.org/botany/riparian.

James, S.A., Puttock, C.F., & Abott, I.A. 2004. A key to common Hawaiian marine algae. Version 2.0. Contribution Number 2002-029 to the Hawaii Biological Survey [available here].

James, S.A., Puttock, C.F., Cordell, S., & Adams, R.P. 2004. Morphological and genetic variation within Metrosideros polymorpha (Myrtaceae) on Hawai‘i. New Zealand Journal of Botany 42: 263-270.

Howarth, F.G., Preston, D.J. & James, S.A. 2003. Biological assessment of the lava tubes of the Hiluhilu Development Area, Kau, North Kona, Hawaii. Report for Hiluhilu Development LLC, Contribution Number 2003-023 to the Hawaii Biological Survey.

Adams, R.P., Pandey, R.N., Dafforn, M.R., & James, S.A. 2003. Vetiver DNA fingerprinted cultivars: Effects of environment on growth, oil yields and composition. Journal of Essential Oils Research 15: 363-371.

Adams, R.P., Mumba, L.E., James, S.A., Pandey, R.N., Gauquelin, T., & Badri, W. 2003. Geographic variation in the leaf essential oils and DNA fingerprints (RAPDs) of Juniperus thurifera L. from Morocco and Europe. Journal of Essential Oils Research 15: 148-154.

Bartel, J.A., Adams, R.P., James, S.A., Mumba, L.E., & Pandey, R.N. 2003. Variation among Cupressus species from the western hemisphere based on Random Amplified Polymorphic DNAs (RAPDs). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 31: 693-702.

James, S.A. et al. 2003. Axial and radial water transport and internal water storage in tropical forest canopy trees. Oecologia 134: 37-45.

James, S.A., Clearwater, M.J., Meinzer, F.C., & Goldstein, G. 2002. Variable length heat dissipation sensors for the measurement of sap flow in trees with deep sapwood. Tree Physiology 22: 277-283.

James, S.A., Bell, D.T., & Robson, A. 2002. Growth response of highly tolerant Eucalyptus species to alkalinity and high bicarbonate concentrations. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 42: 65-70.

James, S.A., & Bell, D.T. 2001. Leaf morphological and anatomical characteristics of heteroblastic Eucalyptus globulus spp. globulus (Myrtaceae). Australian Journal of Botany 49: 259-269.

James, S.A., & Bell, D.T. 2000. Leaf orientation, light interception, and conductance of Eucalyptus globulus spp. globulus leaves. Tree Physiology 20: 815-823.

James, S.A., & Bell, D.T. 2000. Influence of light availability on leaf structure and growth of two Eucalyptus globulus spp. globulus provenances. Tree Physiology 20: 1007-1018.

James, S.A., Smith, W.K., & Vogelmann, T.C. 1999. Mesophyll structure and chlorophyll distribution in ontogenetically different leaves of Eucalyptus globulus spp. globulus (Myrtaceae). American Journal of Botany 86: 198-207.

James, S.A., & Bell, D.T. 1996. Leaf orientation in juvenile Eucalyptus camaldulensis. Australian Journal of Botany 44: 139-156.

James, S.A., & Bell, D.T. 1995. Morphology and anatomy of juvenile leaves of geographically widespread clones of Eucalyptus camaldulensis. Australian Journal of Botany 43: 415-433.

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