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(included as a subfamily in Tipulidae in the original A/O Catalog)

See Tipulidae chapter for introductory information. The classification used here follows that in the world catalog of crane flies [] by Pjotr Oosterbroek.


AMPHINEURUS Skuse, 1890a: 800 (Rhypholophus subg.). Type species: Rhypholophus umbraticus Skuse, 1890, des. Alexander, 1920e: 52.

Subgenus AMPHINEURUS Skuse

AMPHINEURUS Skuse, 1890a: 800. Type species: Rhypholophus umbraticus Skuse, 1890, des. Alexander, 1920e: 52.
bickeli Theischinger, 1996a: 5. Australia (Qld).
bicorniger Alexander, 1924j: 297. NZ (NZ).
campbelli Alexander, 1922f: 88. NZ (NZ).
collessi Theischinger, 1994b: 169. Australia (Qld).
fergusoni Alexander, 1931a: 30. Australia (WA).
hudsoni Edwards, 1923a: 293. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. cyathetanus Alexander, 1952: 449. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. hudsoni s. str. NZ (NZ).
kandu Theischinger, 1994b: 170. Australia (Vic); Australia (ACT, Tas).
kingi Alexander, 1950b: 951. NZ (NZ).
koghiensis Hynes, 1993: 101. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
leaski Theischinger, 1996a: 7. Australia (Qld).
lyriformis Alexander, 1923f: 101. NZ (NZ).
maculosus Skuse, 1890a: 802 (Rhypholophus). Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     spinitergatus Alexander, 1931a: 32. Australia (NSW).
monteithi Theischinger, 1994b: 169. Australia (Qld).
nox Alexander, 1922i: 564. NZ (NZ).
operculatus Alexander, 1924j: 298. NZ (NZ).
patya Theischinger, 1994b: 171. Australia (NSW).
perarmatus Alexander, 1924h: 571. NZ (NZ).
pita Theischinger, 1994b: 174. Australia (NSW).
polycyclus Alexander, 1961b: 31. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
pulchripes Alexander, 1925d: 79. NZ (NZ).
pullybunta Theischinger, 1994b: 170. Australia (Qld).
senex Alexander, 1922g: 225. NZ (NZ).
spectabilis Theischinger, 1996a: 8. Australia (Qld).
stewartiae Alexander, 1924h: 570. NZ (NZ).
superbus Theischinger, 1996a: 6. Australia (Qld).
tenuipollex Alexander, 1952: 447. NZ (NZ).
tumidus Alexander, 1923k: 383. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. breviclavus Alexander, 1924j: 297. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. tumidus s. str. NZ (NZ).
umbraticus Skuse, 1890a: 801 (Rhypholophus). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
     flavoscutellatus Alexander, 1926c: 180. Australia (Vic).
zborowskii Theischinger, 1996a: 6. Australia (Qld).

Subgenus NESORMOSIA Alexander

NESORMOSIA Alexander, 1923f: 100. Type species: Rhypholophus fatuus Hutton, 1902, orig. des.
fatuus Hutton, 1902b: 188 (Rhypholophus). NZ (NZ).
niveinervis Edwards, 1923b: 627. NZ (NZ).
ochroplacus Alexander, 1925d: 78. NZ (NZ).
subfatuus Alexander, 1922f: 87. NZ (NZ).

Subgenus NOTHORMOSIA Alexander

NOTHORMOSIA Alexander, 1923f: 100. Type species: Rhypholophus insulsus Hutton, 1902, orig. des.
blackballensis Alexander, 1953c: 756. NZ (NZ).
cacoxenus Alexander, 1925d: 78. NZ (NZ).
edentulus Alexander, 1939: 226. NZ (NZ).
fimbriatulus Alexander, 1925d: 75. NZ (NZ).
gracilisentis Alexander, 1922i: 563. NZ (NZ).
harrisi Alexander, 1922d: 304. NZ (NZ).
hastatus Alexander, 1925d: 76. NZ (NZ).
horni Edwards, 1923a: 294. NZ (NZ).
insulsus Hutton, 1902b: 188 (Rhypholophus). NZ (NZ).
longi Alexander, 1950b: 950. NZ (NZ).
meridionalis Alexander, 1924h: 569. NZ (NZ).
nothofagi Alexander, 1925d: 76. NZ (NZ).
otagensis Alexander, 1922d: 306. NZ (NZ).
patruelis Alexander, 1925d: 78. NZ (NZ).
recurvans Alexander, 1922d: 305. NZ (NZ).
spinulistylus Alexander, 1925d: 77. NZ (NZ).
subglaber Edwards, 1923b: 626. NZ (NZ).
tortuosus Alexander, 1923k: 381. NZ (NZ).

Unplaced species of Amphineurus Skuse

bicinctus Edwards, 1923a: 292. NZ (NZ).
flexuosus Alexander, 1923k: 382. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. flexuosus s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. minor Alexander, 1923k: 383. NZ (NZ).
minusculus Alexander, 1921e: 555. Australia (Qld).
molophilinus Alexander, 1922d: 303. NZ (NZ).
perdecorus Edwards, 1923a: 291. NZ (NZ).
pressus Alexander, 1922i: 563. NZ (NZ).
subdecorus Edwards, 1924b: 160. NZ (NZ).
submolophilinus Alexander, 1923f: 101. NZ (NZ).

Genus APHROPHILA Edwards

APHROPHILA Edwards, 1923a: 297 (Gnophomyia subg.). Type species: Gnophomyia neozelandica Edwards, 1923, orig. des.
flavopygialis Alexander, 1922b: 150 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).
luteipes Alexander, 1926a: 79. NZ (NZ).
monacantha Alexander, 1926a: 82. NZ (NZ).
neozelandica Edwards, 1923a: 298 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).
tridentata Alexander, 1926a: 81. NZ (NZ).
trifida Alexander, 1926a: 78. NZ (NZ).
triton Alexander, 1922d: 307 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).
vittipennis Alexander, 1925d: 73. NZ (NZ).

Genus ATARBA Osten Sacken

ATARBA Osten Sacken, 1869: 127. Type species: Atarba picticornis Osten Sacken, 1869, mon.

Subgenus ATARBA Osten Sacken

ATARBA Osten Sacken, 1869: 127 (as gen.). Type species: Atarba picticornis Osten Sacken, 1869, mon.
filicornis Alexander, 1922b: 151. NZ (NZ).
viridicolor Alexander, 1922d: 308. NZ (NZ).

Genus BAEOURA Alexander

BAEOURA Alexander, 1924e: 67 (Erioptera subg.). Type species: Erioptera nigrolatera Alexander, 1920, orig. des.
convoluta Alexander, 1931a: 29 (Cryptolabis). Australia (NSW).
hemmingseni Alexander, 1978b: 168. Australia (Qld).
tasmanica Alexander, 1926c: 178 (Cryptolabis). Australia (Tas).
tonnoiri Alexander, 1926c: 176 (Cryptolabis). Australia (NSW).


CHEILOTRICHIA Rossi, 1848: 12. Type species: Erioptera imbuta Meigen, 1818, mon.


CHEILOTRICHIA Rossi, 1848: 12 (as gen.). Type species: Erioptera imbuta Meigen, 1818, mon.
aroo Theischinger, 1994b: 189. Australia (Qld).
palauensis Alexander, 1972b: 836. Belau; Micronesia.

Subgenus EMPEDA Osten Sacken

EMPEDA Osten Sacken, 1869: 183 (as gen.). Type species: Empeda stigmatica Osten Sacken, 1869, des. Coquillett, 1910: 537.
albidibasis Alexander, 1936c: 331 (Erioptera). PNG (PNG).
caledonica Hynes, 1993: 102. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
clarkeana Alexander, 1972b: 837. Micronesia.
crassicrus Edwards, 1928c: 89 (Empeda). Western Samoa.
hamiltoni Alexander, 1939: 226 (Erioptera). NZ (NZ).
kuranda Theischinger, 1994b: 190. Australia (Qld).
maneauensis Alexander, 1960a: 21. PNG (PNG).
zimmermani Alexander, 1971: 310. Fiji.

Genus ERIOPTERA Meigen

POLYMEDA Meigen, 1800: 14. Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1963b: 339.
ERIOPTERA Meigen, 1803: 262. Type species: Erioptera lutea Meigen, 1804, des. Coquillett, 1910: 540.
[In the interest of stability and in accordance with usage the author sets aside an earlier type-species designation by Blanchard in Audouin et al. (1848: pl. 163) that would render Erioptera a senior synonym of Molophilus. See also Stone et al. (1965: 80, 88).]

Subgenus ALCHERINGA Theischinger

ALCHERINGA Theischinger, 1994b: 186. type species: Erioptera amabilis Alexander, 1926, orig. des.
amabilis Alexander, 1926c: 181. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).

Subgenus CTENERIOPTERA Alexander

CTENERIOPTERA Alexander, 1961c: 503. Type species: Erioptera pectinella Alexander, 1961, orig. des.
pectinella Alexander, 1961c: 503. PNG (PNG).
sziladyi Alexander, 1934f: 468. PNG (PNG).

Subgenus ERIOPTERA Meigen

POLYMEDA Meigen, 1800: 14 (as gen.). Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1963b: 339.
ERIOPTERA Meigen, 1803: 262 (as gen.). Type species: Erioptera lutea Meigen, 1804, des. Coquillett, 1910: 540.
[See also under generic heading.]
POLYRAPHIA Meigen, 1818: 111 (as gen.). Type species: Erioptera taenionota Meigen, 1818 [= Erioptera lutea Meigen, 1804], des. Coquillett, 1910: 594.
POLYRHAPHIA Agassiz, 1846b: 304 (unjust. emend. of Polyraphia).
CHEMALIDA Rondani, 1856: 180 (as gen.). Type species: Erioptera taenionota Meigen, 1818 [= Erioptera lutea Meigen, 1804], mon.
ILISOPHILA Rondani, 1856: 180 (as gen.). Type species: Erioptera lutea Meigen, 1804, mon.
LIMNOEA Rondani, 1856: 181 (as gen.). Type species: Tipula flavescens, authors, not Linnaeus, 1758 [misid., = Trichosticha flavata Westhoff, 1882], mon.
LIMNOICA Rondani, 1861b: 11 (unnec. n. n. for Limnoea).
LIMNAEA, error for Limnoea.
coolbyngga Theischinger, 1994b: 181. Australia (Qld).
diplacantha Alexander, 1931a: 33. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
funesta Alexander, 1926c: 183. Australia (Tas).
lucerna Alexander, 1926c: 184. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, Tas, Vic).
lunicola Alexander, 1932b: 630. Philippines; PNG (PNG).
oceanica Alexander, 1914c: 243. Fiji.
otayba Theischinger, 1994b: 183. Australia (Qld).
perexquisita Alexander, 1978b: 170. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
scolostyla Alexander, 1962a: 11. PNG (PNG).
wellsae Theischinger, 1994b: 183. Australia (NT).
yarranga Theischinger, 1994b: 182. Australia (Qld).
yarto Theischinger, 1994b: 180. Australia (Qld).

Subgenus METERIOPTERA Alexander

METERIOPTERA Alexander, 1934c: 462. Type species: Erioptera javanensis de Meijere, 1911, orig. des.
angustifascia Alexander, 1920d: 96. Australia (Qld).
bicornifera Alexander, 1921c: 116. Japan; Hawaiian Is [introduced]; Palearctic Reg.
caledonia Alexander, 1948e: 145. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
geniculata Edwards, 1931b: 498. Malaysia (Sabah); Belau, Micronesia.
illingworthi Alexander, 1920d: 97. Australia (Qld).
raphidostyla Alexander, 1978a: 136. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
simulans Alexander, 1926c: 184 (n. n. for ochracea Skuse). Australia (NSW); Australia (NT, Qld, Vic).
     ochracea Skuse, 1890a: 819. Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Meigen, 1818.]
thaumasta Alexander, 1950b: 949. Solomon Is.
thelema Alexander, 1962a: 9. PNG (PNG).

Subgenus PSILOCONOPA Zetterstedt

PSILOCONOPA Zetterstedt, 1838: 847. Type species: Psiloconopa meigeni Zetterstedt, 1838, mon.
delectabilis Alexander, 1926c: 182. Australia (Vic).
mafuluensis Alexander, 1948c: 572. PNG (PNG).
taficola Alexander, 1948c: 573. PNG (PNG).

Subgenus TRIMICRA Osten Sacken

TRIMICRA Osten Sacken, 1861: 290 (as gen.). Type species: Trimicra anomala Osten Sacken, 1861 [= Tipula pilipes Fabricius, 1787], mon.
antipodarum Alexander, 1953c: 757. NZ (Antipodes Is).
brachyptera Alexander, 1955b: 237. NZ (Campbell I).
confluens Alexander, 1922b: 147 (Trimicra). NZ (NZ).
pilipes Fabricius, 1787: 234 (Tipula). West Germany; Australia (NSW, Qld, SA, WA), Hawaiian Is [introduced], NZ (Campbell I, Macquarie I, NZ); Afrotrop., Holarctic, Neotrop., Regs.
     ssp. campbellicola Alexander, 1964b: 276. NZ (Campbell I).
     ssp. inconstans Alexander, 1922b: 148. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. macquariensis Alexander, 1962d: 942. NZ (Macquarie I).
     ssp. pilipes s. str. West Germany; Australia (NSW, Qld, SA, WA), Hawaiian Is [introduced]; Afrotrop., Holarctic, Neotrop. Regs.
     hirtipes Walker, 1848: 50 (Limnobia). Australia (WA).
     sidneyensis Schiner, 1868: 43 (Trimicra). Australia (NSW).
     microcephala Thomson, 1869: 446 (Limnobia). Australia (NSW)
     lateralis Grimshaw, 1901: 9 (Trimicra). Hawaiian Is.
     sydneyensis, error for sidneyensis.

Genus GONOMYIA Meigen

GONOMYIA Meigen, 1818: 147. Type species: Limnobia tenella Meigen, 1818, mon.

Subgenus GONOMYIA Meigen

GONOMYIA Meigen, 1818: 147 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia tenella Meigen, 1818, mon. [Name originally published in synonymy; available by use as a valid taxon prior to 1961.]
TAPHROSIA Rondani, 1856: 182 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia tenella Meigen, 1818, mon.
GONIOMYIA Osten Sacken, 1869: 176, 179 (as gen.; unjust. emend. of Gonomyia).
herroni Alexander, 1948f: 388. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
irianensis Alexander, 1964a: 409. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
malitia Alexander, 1973b: 290. PNG (PNG).
varipes Alexander, 1914c: 242. Fiji.

Subgenus LEIPONEURA Skuse

LEIPONEURA Skuse, 1890a: 795. Type species: Leiponeura gracilis Skuse, 1890 [preocc., = Gonomyia skusei Alexander, 1919], des. Alexander, 1913a: 503.
LIPOPHLEPS Bergroth, 1915: 55 (unnec. n. n. for Leiponeura).
acus Alexander, 1936c: 330. PNG (PNG).
adamsoni Alexander, 1932e: 88. French Polynesia (Marquesas).
aegina Alexander, 1948c: 560. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
auchetes Alexander, 1962b: 252. PNG (PNG).
austrotropica Theischinger, 1999: 494. Australia (Qld).
baiame Theischinger, 1994b: 198. Australia (NSW).
banksiana Alexander, 1924h: 572. NZ (NZ).
basicuspis Alexander, 1948c: 564. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
bicircularis Alexander, 1962b: 254. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
biensis Alexander, 1978b: 163. Solomon Is.
bigeminata Alexander, 1962a: 6. PNG (PNG).
bilobata Alexander, 1960a: 15. PNG (PNG).
biserpentigera Alexander, 1948c: 563. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
bispina Alexander, 1924j: 299. NZ (NZ).
bougainvilleae Alexander, 1950b: 946. PNG (Bougainville I).
brachyglossa Alexander, 1948c: 567 (ophion ssp.). PNG (PNG).
brevivena Skuse, 1890a: 797 (Leiponeura). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, SA, Tas, Vic), Indonesia (Maluku).
cairnensis Alexander, 1920d: 98. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, NT, WA).
capnitis Alexander, 1948f: 387. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
circumcincta Alexander, 1924h: 573. NZ (NZ).
citribasis Alexander, 1948c: 558. PNG (PNG).
cooloola Theischinger, 1994b: 214. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
cryophila Alexander, 1961a: 743. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
degeneri Alexander, 1956b: 156. Fiji.
digitifera Alexander, 1924b: 43. Fiji.
dipterophora Alexander, 1948c: 569. PNG (PNG).
dischidia Alexander, 1978b: 164. Australia (Qld).
dispar Alexander, 1962b: 255. PNG (PNG).
esakiella Alexander, 1940: 216. Micronesia.
fijiensis Alexander, 1914c: 241. Fiji; Tonga.
flavidapex Edwards, 1927b: 239. French Polynesia (Society Is).
fuscofemorata Alexander, 1961a: 744. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fuscohalterata Alexander, 1926c: 185. Australia (NSW).
fuscoscutellata Alexander, 1933a: 55. French Polynesia (Society Is).
gressittiana Alexander, 1972b: 850. Micronesia.
hawaiiensis Alexander, 1919a: 30. Hawaiian Is.
hodgkini Alexander, 1950b: 947. Australia (WA).
intrepida Alexander, 1940: 219. Micronesia.
ischyria Alexander, 1948c: 557. PNG (PNG).
jurata Alexander, 1936a: 127. PNG (PNG).
kamballa Theischinger, 1994b: 208. Australia (NT).
kertesziana Alexander, 1934d: 333. PNG (PNG).
kiandra Theischinger, 1994b: 202. Australia (NSW); Australia (SA).
kraussi Alexander, 1956b: 158. Fiji.
longispina Alexander, 1922k: 201. NZ (NZ).
ludibunda Alexander, 1926a: 75. NZ (NZ).
luteimarginata Alexander, 1931e: 32. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Sulawesi), Philippines.
lyra Alexander, 1935b: 123. French Polynesia (Marquesas).
marquesana Alexander, 1932e: 91. French Polynesia (Marquesas).
melanostyla Alexander, 1962b: 256. PNG (PNG).
mesoneura Alexander, 1931a: 20. Australia (Vic).
metallescens Edwards, 1927b: 240. French Polynesia (Marquesas).
molokaiensis Hardy, 1953a: 57. Hawaiian Is.
moma Theischinger, 1994b: 211. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT, WA).
monura Alexander, 1961a: 745. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
mumfordi Alexander, 1932e: 90. French Polynesia (Marquesas).
mundewudda Theischinger, 1994b: 210. Australia (WA).
naiadifera Edwards, 1927a: 235. Vanuatu.
nigrohalterata Edwards, 1923a: 290. NZ (NZ).
novocaledoniae Alexander, 1945: 243. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
ocypete Alexander, 1948c: 570. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
oliveri Alexander, 1924j: 299. NZ (NZ).
onya Theischinger, 1994b: 213. Australia (WA); Australia (NT, Qld).
oolyarra Theischinger, 1994b: 208. Australia (Qld).
ophion Alexander, 1948c: 566. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
pacifica Edwards, 1928c: 90. Western Samoa; ?French Polynesia (Society Is).
pararamifera Alexander, 1960a: 16. PNG (PNG).
perpicta Alexander, 1948c: 554. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
perssoni Alexander, 1978b: 166. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
pietatis Alexander, 1940: 220. Micronesia; Belau, Guam, Kiribati (Gilbert Is), Marshall Is, Northern Marianas.
piscator Theischinger, 1999: 494. Australia (Qld).
Theischinger, 1994b: 203. Australia (WA).
pleurostriata Alexander, 1936c: 330 (nigridorsata ssp.). PNG (PNG).
porrecta Alexander, 1978b: 167. PNG (Bougainville I).
protenta Alexander, 1978b: 167. Australia (Qld).
puckowe Theischinger, 1994b: 199. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
punctigera Alexander, 1933a: 53. French Polynesia (Society Is).
queenslandica Alexander, 1920d: 99. Australia (Qld).
reclinata Alexander, 1962b: 258. PNG (PNG).
recurvispina Alexander, 1948c: 561. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
scythra Alexander, 1960a: 18. PNG (PNG).
secreta Alexander, 1931e: 33. Philippines; Belau, Micronesia; India.
siculifera Alexander, 1961a: 746. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
skusei Alexander, 1919a: 30 (n. n. for gracilis Skuse). Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     gracilis Skuse, 1890a: 796 (Leiponeura). Australia (NSW). [Previously considered a junior secondary homonym of gracilis Zetterstedt, 1838; skusei valid under I.C.Z.N. Code Art. 59b.]
sparsipuncta Alexander, 1948c: 567. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
subacus Alexander, 1962b: 260. PNG (PNG).
subaegina Alexander, 1962b: 261. PNG (PNG).
subramifera Alexander, 1960a: 19. PNG (PNG).
tahitiensis Alexander, 1933a: 54. French Polynesia (Society Is).
tatei Alexander, 1960a: 20. PNG (PNG).
tenuipollex Alexander, 1948c: 555. PNG (PNG).
tenuistyla Alexander, 1926a: 76. NZ (NZ).
terraereginae Alexander, 1921e: 557. Australia (Qld).
thambaroo Theischinger, 1994b: 203. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT, WA).
tonnoirella Alexander, 1933a: 55. French Polynesia (Society Is).
vanuana Alexander, 1956b: 159. Fiji.
victorina Alexander, 1956b: 159. Fiji.
walkeri Theischinger, 1996a: 9. Australia (Qld).
wunda Theischinger, 1994b: 213. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, NT, WA).
yapensis Alexander, 1972b: 853. Micronesia; Belau.
zimmermani Alexander, 1956b: 160. Fiji.

Subgenus MEGALIPOPHLEPS Alexander

MEGALIPOPHLEPS Alexander, 1971: 309. Type species: Gonomyia dicranura Edwards, 1928, orig. des.
dicranura Edwards, 1928c: 92. Western Samoa.
labidura Edwards, 1928c: 93. Western Samoa.
nigripennis Edwards, 1928c: 23. Western Samoa.

Genus GYMNASTES Brunetti

GYMNASTES Brunetti, 1911b: 281. Type species: Gymnastes violaceus Brunetti, 1911, mon.

Subgenus PARAGYMNASTES Alexander

PARAGYMNASTES Alexander, 1922j: 583 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia fascipennis Thomson, 1869, orig. des.
clitellaria Alexander, 1937: 351. Australia (NSW).
comes Alexander, 1966: 136. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
cyanoceps Alexander, 1922c: 237 (Gnophomyia). Australia (NT).
dasycera Alexander, 1948f: 388. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
fascipennis Thomson, 1869: 447 (Limnobia). Australia (NSW).
     cordialis Osten Sacken, 1888: 199 (Gnophomyia). "Australia."
fulvogenualis Alexander, 1937: 349. Australia (ACT).
gloria Alexander, 1921e: 556 (Gnophomyia). Australia (Qld).
nigripes Alexander, 1922j: 583 (Paragymnastes). Australia (NSW).
niveipes Alexander, 1948f: 390. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
riedeli Alexander, 1931a: 34 (Paragymnastes). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).

Genus HORISTOMYIA Alexander

HORISTOMYIA Alexander, 1924f: 504. Type species: Gonomyia leucophaea Skuse, 1890, orig. des.
leucophaea Skuse, 1890a: 826 (Gonomyia). Australia (NSW).
occidentalis Alexander, 1929c: 470. Australia (WA).
oxycantha Alexander, 1966: 138. Australia (NSW).
victoriae Alexander, 1929c: 469. Australia (Vic).


IDIOCERA Dale, 1842: 431 (Limnobia subg.). Type species: Limnobia sexguttata Dale, 1842, mon.
cockerelli Alexander, 1929f: 91. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
collesi Theischinger, 1994b: 216. Australia (WA); Australia (NT).
gorokana Alexander, 1973b: 292. PNG (PNG).
impavida Alexander, 1948c: 552. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
punctipennis Edwards, 1926a: 140 [1926b: 170]. Indonesia (Maluku); PNG (PNG); Oriental Reg.


MOLOPHILUS Curtis, 1833: 444. Type species: Molophilus brevipennis Curtis, 1833 [= Erioptera atra Meigen, 1804], orig. des. [See also under generic heading for Erioptera.]

Subgenus AUSTROMOLOPHILUS Theischinger

AUSTROMOLOPHILUS Theischinger, 1988a: 165. Type species: Molophilus pervagatus Skuse, 1890, orig. des.
besignatus Theischinger, 1988a: 166. Australia (Qld).
cassisi Theischinger, 1988a: 167. Australia (Qld).
commoni Theischinger, 1988a: 168. Australia (Qld).
declinatus Theischinger, 1999: 495. Australia (Qld).
Theischinger, 1988a: 168. Australia (Qld).
expansistylus Alexander, 1929b: 344. Australia (Vic).
fragillimus Theischinger, 1988a: 169. Australia (Qld).
kitchingi Theischinger, 1994a: 67 Australia (Qld).
kulai Theischinger, 1994a: 7. Australia (Qld).
laoonana Theischinger, 1994a: 6. Australia (Tas).
lewisianus Theischinger, 1996a: 10. Australia (Qld).
ngernka Theischinger, 1994a: 8 Australia (Qld).
nglaiye Theischinger, 1994a: 9 Australia (NSW).
pervagatus Skuse, 1890a: 813. Australia (NSW).
pulchripes Skuse, 1890a: 812. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     hastatus Alexander, 1927g: 359. Australia (Tas).
spetai Theischinger, 1994a: 9 Australia (NSW).
tenuissimus Theischinger, 1988a: 172. Australia (WA).
trianguliferus Alexander, 1927g: 364. Australia (NSW).
uncinatus Theischinger, 1988a: 173. Australia (Qld).
uptoni Theischinger, 1988a: 173. Australia (Qld).
wieseri Theischinger, 1994a: 10 Australia (Vic).

Subgenus BISTROMOLOPHILUS Theischinger

BISTROMOLOPHILUS Theischinger, 1999: 495. Type species: Molophilus dooraganensis Theischinger, 1999, orig. des.
dooranganensis Theischinger, 1999: 495. Australia (NSW).

Subgenus LYRIOMOLOPHILUS Theischinger

LYRIOMOLOPHILUS Theischinger, 1988b: 202. Type species: Molophilus buckenbowra Theischinger, 1988, orig. des.
barina Theischinger, 1988b: 203. Australia (NSW).
buckenbowra Theischinger, 1988b: 203. Australia (NSW).
collessi Theischinger, 1988a: 177. Australia (Qld).
gingera Theischinger, 1988b: 205. Australia (ACT).
keira Theischinger, 1988b: 206. Australia (NSW).
lyratus Alexander, 1927b: 184. Australia (Tas).
neboissi Theischinger, 1988b: 207. Australia (Vic).
neolyratus Alexander, 1934e: 185. Australia (NSW).
sublyratus Alexander, 1931b: 161. Australia (Vic).

Subgenus MOLOPHILUS Curtis

MOLOPHILUS Curtis, 1833: 444 (as gen.). Type species: Molophilus brevipennis Curtis, 1833 [= Erioptera atra Meigen, 1804], orig. des. [See also under generic heading for Erioptera.]
abhorrens Theischinger, 1999: 496. Australia (Tas).
Alexander, 1944: 10. Australia (NSW).
abortivus Alexander, 1927a: 33. Australia (Tas).
abruptus Alexander, 1923k: 380. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. abruptus s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. semiermis Alexander, 1926b: 545. NZ (NZ).
acanthus Alexander, 1923k: 380. NZ (NZ).
aciferus Alexander, 1927f: 33. Australia (Tas).
acutissimus Theischinger, 1988a: 178. Australia (Qld).
acutistylus Alexander, 1929b: 343. Australia (Vic).
adamantinus Alexander, 1927b: 180. Australia (Tas).
aenigmaticus Alexander, 1925c: 650. NZ (NZ).
aequistylus Alexander, 1927f: 45. Australia (Tas).
alatostylus Hynes, 1988c: 90. PNG (PNG).
alpicola Alexander, 1930c: 377. Australia (Vic).
amiculus Alexander, 1927b: 177. Australia (Tas).
amieuensis Hynes, 1993: 106. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
ampliatus Alexander, 1927b: 178. Australia (Tas).
analis Alexander, 1923h: 273. NZ (NZ).
annexus Alexander, 1927a: 28. Australia (Tas).
annulipes Skuse, 1890a: 809. Australia (NSW).
aphantus Alexander, 1927f: 41. Australia (Vic).
aplectus Alexander, 1929b: 339. Australia (NSW).
apricus Alexander, 1927b: 181. Australia (Tas).
arcanus Alexander, 1927g: 371. Australia (Tas).
archboldeanus Alexander, 1961b: 26. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
arcuarius Alexander, 1930c: 375. Australia (Vic).
aterrimus Alexander, 1936c: 336. PNG (PNG).
aucklandicus Alexander, 1923f: 106. NZ (NZ).
auriculifer Theischinger, 1988a: 189. Australia (Qld).
banksianus Alexander, 1922i: 558. NZ (NZ).
barretti Alexander, 1929b: 328. Australia (Vic).
basispina Alexander, 1923h: 273. NZ (NZ).
bawbawiensis Alexander, 1931b: 160. Australia (Vic).
belone Alexander, 1961c: 493, 503. PNG (PNG).
berberus Theischinger, 1994a: 10. Australia (Tas).
berigora Theischinger, 1994a: 15. Australia (Tas).
bidens Alexander, 1923g: 202. NZ (NZ).
bifalcatus Alexander, 1925c: 643. NZ (NZ).
bifilamentosus Alexander, 1948a: 276. PNG (PNG).
binnaburra Theischinger, 1988a: 179. Australia (Qld).
bipectinatus Alexander, 1927a: 34. Australia (Vic); Australia (Tas).
bogongensis Alexander, 1929b: 330. Australia (Vic).
brasseanus Alexander, 1962a: 12. PNG (PNG).
brevinervis Alexander, 1923a: 102. NZ (NZ).
bucerus Alexander, 1927a: 33. Australia (Vic).
bunyipensis Alexander, 1931b: 155. Australia (Vic).
campbellianus Alexander, 1924j: 294. NZ (NZ).
capitatus Alexander, 1927b: 189. Australia (SA); Australia (NSW).
capitellum Alexander, 1931b: 171. Australia (ACT).
celaenoleucus Alexander, 1961c: 495. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
cerberus Alexander, 1927b: 182. Australia (Tas).
chazeaui Hynes, 1993: 106. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
chleuastes Alexander, 1961c: 495. PNG (PNG).
chloris Alexander, 1930c: 379. Australia (Vic).
     ssp. chloris s. str. Australia (Vic).
     ssp. inquirendus Alexander, 1931b: 167. Australia (Vic).
christine Theischinger, 1988a: 194. Australia (Qld).
chrysopterus Alexander, 1930c: 386. Australia (Vic).
cingulipes Alexander, 1927a: 21. Australia (Tas).
concussus Alexander, 1936c: 335. PNG (PNG).
congregatus Alexander, 1931b: 166. Australia (Vic).
coramba Theischinger, 1994a: 16. Australia (NSW).
coronarius Alexander, 1952: 451. NZ (NZ).
crassistylus Alexander, 1952: 452. NZ (NZ).
cristiferus Alexander, 1950b: 953. NZ (NZ).
cruciferus Alexander, 1922b: 147. NZ (NZ).
ctenistes Alexander, 1961b: 18. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
curtivena Alexander, 1925c: 646. NZ (NZ).
curvistylus Alexander, 1925c: 641. NZ (NZ).
cyatheticola Alexander, 1950b: 954. NZ (NZ).
dalby Theischinger, 1994a: 16. Australia (Qld).
danielsi Theischinger, 1988a: 180. Australia (Qld).
decinctus Alexander, 1930c: 387. Australia (Vic).
denticulatus Alexander, 1923a: 101. NZ (NZ).
dicranostylus Alexander, 1961c: 496. PNG (PNG).
difficilis Alexander, 1927f: 34. Australia (Tas).
distinctissimus Alexander, 1931b: 156. Australia (Vic).
diversistylus Alexander, 1927g: 362. Australia (Vic); Australia (Tas).
dorriganus Alexander, 1934e: 184. Australia (NSW).
dorsolobatus Theischinger, 1988a: 190. Australia (Qld).
drepanostylus Alexander, 1934e: 182. Australia (NSW).
driesseni Theischinger, 2012: 275. Australia (Tas).
duplex Alexander, 1927a: 24. Australia (Tas).
eboracensis Alexander, 1944: 10. Australia (NSW).
elatus Alexander, 1931b: 158. Australia (SA).
electus Alexander, 1927a: 32. Australia (Tas).
equisetosus Alexander, 1934e: 186. Australia (NSW).
erebus Alexander, 1927b: 183. Australia (Tas).
errinundra Theischinger, 1999: 496. Australia (Vic).
ethicus Alexander, 1962a: 14. PNG (PNG).
eugonius Alexander, 1927g: 357. Australia (Tas).
eurygramma Alexander, 1929b: 332. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
evanidus Alexander, 1923h: 271. NZ (NZ).
exiguus Alexander, 1927b: 179. Australia (Tas).
expansus Alexander, 1927a: 27. Australia (Tas).
exquisitus Alexander, 1929b: 340. Australia (NSW).
exsertus Alexander, 1927f: 36. Australia (Tas).
extensicornis Alexander, 1934e: 187. Australia (Vic).
extricatus Alexander, 1930c: 381. Australia (Vic).
femoratus Skuse, 1890a: 805. Australia (NSW).
fergusonianus Alexander, 1927f: 39. Australia (NSW).
filistylus Alexander, 1927a: 35. Australia (Vic).
flagellifer Alexander, 1922i: 560. NZ (NZ).
flavidellus Alexander, 1930c: 374. Australia (Vic).
flavidulus Alexander, 1923a: 100. NZ (NZ).
flavoannulatus Alexander, 1927a: 29. Australia (WA).
flavocingulatus Alexander, 1928d: 69. Australia (NSW).
flavomarginalis Alexander, 1923f: 105. NZ (NZ).
     flavomarginatus, error for flavomarginalis.
flavonotatus Skuse, 1890a: 810. Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas).
     canus Skuse, 1890a: 811. Australia (NSW).
flexilis Alexander, 1927g: 363. Australia (Tas).
forceps Alexander, 1927f: 37. Australia (NSW).
franzpetai Theischinger, 2012: 276. Australia (NSW).
furcophallus Hynes, 1988c: 92. PNG (PNG).
furvus Alexander, 1927b: 196. Australia (NSW).
fuscolineatus Alexander, 1929b: 331. Australia (NSW).
fusiformis Alexander, 1934e: 179. Australia (NSW).
fustiferus Alexander, 1961b: 21. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
gemellus Alexander, 1927a: 19. Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
gigas Alexander, 1922c: 236. Australia (Tas).
gilvus Alexander, 1927a: 36. Australia (Tas).
gladiator Alexander, 1939: 228. NZ (NZ).
gracilis Skuse, 1890a: 808. Australia (NSW).
gracillimus Alexander, 1927g: 356. Australia (NSW).
grampianus Alexander, 1930c: 382. Australia (Vic).
grandidentatus Alexander, 1930c: 384. Australia (Vic).
gressittianus Alexander, 1961c: 497. PNG (PNG).
gubara Theischinger, 1994a: 17. Australia (NT).
habbemae Alexander, 1961b: 19. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
harrisianus Alexander, 1925c: 649. NZ (NZ).
helmsi Skuse, 1890a: 805. Australia (NSW).
heroni Alexander, 1929b: 345. Australia (NSW).
heteracanthus Alexander, 1925c: 636. NZ (NZ).
hexacanthus Alexander, 1924h: 567. NZ (NZ).
hilaris Alexander, 1923a: 99. NZ (NZ).
hollowayi Theischinger, 1988a: 180. Australia (Qld).
horakae Theischinger, 1994a: 18. Australia (Tas).
horridus Alexander, 1927f: 38. Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
howensis Theischinger, 1994a: 18. Lord Howe I.
howesi Alexander, 1923b: 195. NZ (NZ).
hylandensis Theischinger, 1999: 497. Australia (NSW).
hypipame Theischinger, 1996a: 10. Australia (Qld).
imberbis Alexander, 1923h: 269. NZ (NZ).
immutatus Alexander, 1929b: 335. Australia (Vic).
improcerus Alexander, 1939: 229. NZ (NZ).
inaequidens Alexander, 1927g: 370. Australia (NSW).
incomptus Alexander, 1927g: 366. Australia (NSW).
indivisus Alexander, 1927g: 368. Australia (NSW); Australia (WA).
     ssp. indivisus s. str. Australia (NSW).
     ssp. occidentalis Theischinger, 1988a: 178. Australia (WA).
inelegans Alexander, 1927b: 187. Australia (NSW).
infantulus Edwards, 1923a: 295. NZ (NZ).
inornatus Edwards, 1923a: 296. NZ (NZ).
intactus Alexander, 1961b: 20. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
irregularis Alexander, 1923b: 196. NZ (NZ).
ixine Alexander, 1961c: 498. PNG (PNG).
iyouta Theischinger, 1994a: 12. Australia (NSW).
janus Alexander, 1930c: 370. Australia (Vic).
jenseni Alexander, 1924h: 568. NZ (NZ).
kokodanus Alexander, 1948a: 275. PNG (PNG).
kuborensis Hynes, 1988c: 90. PNG (PNG).
laevistylus Alexander, 1944: 11. Australia (NSW).
latipennis Alexander, 1923g: 198. NZ (NZ).
lewis Theischinger, 1994a: 19. Australia (Qld).
lieftincki Alexander, 1961b: 22. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
lindsayi Alexander, 1922f: 89. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. lindsayi s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. oliveri Alexander, 1922i: 561. NZ (NZ).
longiclavus Alexander, 1924h: 566. NZ (NZ).
longicornis Skuse, 1890a: 814. Australia (NSW).
longifurcatus Theischinger, 1988a: 182. Australia (WA).
longioricornis Alexander, 1921f: 210. Australia (Qld).
loratus Alexander, 1929b: 341. Australia (Vic).
lucidipennis Skuse, 1890a: 813. Australia (NSW).
luteipennis Alexander, 1923a: 100. NZ (NZ).
luteipygus Alexander, 1922e: 510. NZ (NZ).
mackerrasi Alexander, 1927g: 369. Australia (NSW).
macleayanus Alexander, 1928d: 68. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
macquillani Theischinger, 1994a: 19. Australia (Tas).
macrocerus Alexander, 1922d: 297. NZ (NZ).
macrophallus Alexander, 1925c: 646. NZ (NZ).
mancus Alexander, 1944: 12. Australia (Vic).
manjimupensis Theischinger, 1988a: 184. Australia (WA).
mcalpinei Theischinger, 1988a: 183. Australia (Qld).
megacanthus Alexander, 1934e: 181. Australia (NSW).
micracanthus Alexander, 1927f: 42. Australia (Tas).
micropteryx Alexander, 1927g: 367. Australia (NSW).
militaris Alexander, 1931b: 153. Australia (Vic).
mimicus Alexander, 1929b: 336. Australia (WA).
ministylus Theischinger, 1999: 497. Australia (NSW).
mjobergi Alexander, 1927f: 51. Australia (Qld).
monteithi Theischinger, 1994a: 20. Australia (Qld).
montivagus Skuse, 1890a: 808. Australia (NSW).
morosus Alexander, 1923f: 104. NZ (NZ).
morulus Alexander, 1929b: 338. Australia (Vic).
mouensis Hynes, 1993: 107. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
mouldsi Theischinger, 1988a: 184. Australia (Qld).
muggil Theischinger, 1994a: 21. Australia (Qld).
multicinctus Edwards, 1923a: 295. NZ (NZ).
multicurvatus Theischinger, 1988a: 192. Australia (Qld).
multispicatus Alexander, 1978b: 171. Australia (Qld).
multispinosus Alexander, 1923f: 102. NZ (NZ).
myersi Alexander, 1925c: 637. NZ (NZ).
neecoo Theischinger, 1994a: 21. Australia (NSW).
nielseni Theischinger, 1994a: 10. Australia (Tas).
niveicinctus Alexander, 1922i: 560. NZ (NZ).
norrisi Theischinger, 1994a: 22. Australia (Tas).
notatipennis Skuse, 1890a: 806. Australia (NSW).
obliteratus Alexander, 1931b: 157. Australia (Vic).
ohakunensis Alexander, 1923a: 102 (quadrifidus ssp.). NZ (NZ).
oppositus Alexander, 1923g: 201. NZ (NZ).
opulus Alexander, 1929b: 333. Australia (NSW).
ordinarius Alexander, 1948f: 391. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
orumbera Theischinger, 1994a: 13. Australia (Vic).
pallidulus Alexander, 1925c: 645. NZ (NZ).
parviserratus Alexander, 1934e: 180. Australia (Tas).
parvistylus Alexander, 1927a: 23. Australia (Tas).
parvulus Alexander, 1922b: 146. NZ (NZ).
pauperculus Alexander, 1929b: 329. Australia (NSW).
pediformis Alexander, 1925c: 647. NZ (NZ).
perdistinctus Alexander, 1927b: 186. Australia (Tas).
perhirtipes Alexander, 1961b: 27. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
perlucidus Alexander, 1950b: 955. NZ (NZ).
perluteolus Alexander, 1930c: 373. Australia (Vic).
permutatus Alexander, 1931b: 162. Australia (Vic).
perpendicularis Alexander, 1944: 12. Australia (NSW).
perproductus Alexander, 1948a: 274. PNG (PNG).
perserenus Alexander, 1978b: 172. Australia (Qld).
persimilis Alexander, 1927a: 22. Australia (NSW).
phallacanthus Alexander, 1950b: 956. NZ (NZ).
philpotti Alexander, 1922b: 145. NZ (NZ).
phyllis Alexander, 1930c: 385. Australia (Vic).
picticeps Alexander, 1927g: 353. Australia (Tas).
pictipes Alexander, 1927g: 354. Australia (Tas).
pictipleura Alexander, 1922i: 559. NZ (NZ).
pictor Alexander, 1934e: 184. Australia (Vic).
picturatus Alexander, 1923h: 272. NZ (NZ).
pilosulus Edwards, 1924b: 160. NZ (NZ).
pimela Theischinger, 1988a: 186. Australia (WA).
plagiatus Alexander, 1922d: 301. NZ (NZ).
plumbeiceps Alexander, 1927a: 30. Australia (Vic).
poecilonotus Alexander, 1924f: 501. Australia (NSW).
poliocephalus Alexander, 1927b: 188. Australia (NSW).
porrectus Alexander, 1925c: 638. NZ (NZ).
praelatus Alexander, 1927f: 53. Australia (NSW).
profligatus Alexander, 1961c: 500. PNG (PNG).
prolatus Alexander, 1961c: 501. PNG (PNG).
promeces Alexander, 1961b: 29. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
protervus Alexander, 1961b: 25. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
psephenus Alexander, 1978a: 138. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
pugnax Alexander, 1925c: 648. NZ (NZ).
pulcherrimus Edwards, 1923a: 295. NZ (NZ).
pullatus Alexander, 1924h: 566. NZ (NZ).
pusio Alexander, 1927g: 358. Australia (Vic).
puthawing Theischinger, 1994a: 22. Australia (NSW).
quadrifidus Alexander, 1922d: 299. NZ (NZ).
quinquespinosus Alexander, 1952: 452. NZ (NZ).
rasilis Alexander, 1927b: 192. Australia (Tas).
recisus Alexander, 1924j: 292. NZ (NZ).
reduncus Alexander, 1925c: 644. NZ (NZ).
remotus Alexander, 1923h: 270. NZ (NZ).
repandus Alexander, 1923f: 103. NZ (NZ).
ruficollis Skuse, 1890a: 804. Australia (NSW).
satyr Alexander, 1925c: 642. NZ (NZ).
scaber Alexander, 1927f: 48. Australia (NSW).
secundus Alexander, 1923g: 200. NZ (NZ).
sepositus Alexander, 1923a: 103. NZ (NZ).
serpentarius Alexander, 1962a: 15. PNG (PNG).
setuliferus Alexander, 1927g: 361. Australia (Tas).
setulistylus Alexander, 1927f: 47. Australia (NSW).
sigma Alexander, 1927b: 191. Australia (Vic).
sinclairi Theischinger, 1996a: 11. Australia (NSW).
speighti Alexander, 1939: 227. NZ (NZ).
spiculistylatus Alexander, 1930c: 383. Australia (Vic).
stenacanthus Alexander, 1962a: 16. PNG (PNG).
stewartensis Alexander, 1924j: 293. NZ (NZ).
strix Alexander, 1930c: 376. Australia (Vic).
stylopappus Alexander, 1961b: 24. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
suavis Alexander, 1927f: 43. Australia (Tas).
subalpicola Alexander, 1931b: 165. Australia (Vic).
subannulipes Alexander, 1978b: 172. Australia (Qld).
subapterogyne Alexander, 1927g: 368. Australia (Tas).
subasper Alexander, 1931b: 168. Australia (Vic).
subbelone Hynes, 1988c: 93. PNG (PNG).
subhastatus Alexander, 1931b: 170. Australia (Vic); Australia (Tas).
subhorridus Alexander, 1931b: 159. Australia (Vic).
sublateralis Alexander, 1922d: 302. NZ (NZ).
submorosus Alexander, 1924j: 293. NZ (NZ).
subscaber Alexander. 1952: 453. NZ (NZ).
subuliferus Alexander, 1925c: 638. NZ (NZ).
subvinnulus Alexander, 1973b: 312. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
sylvicola Alexander, 1924h: 567. NZ (NZ).
tanypus Alexander, 1922d: 298. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. coloratus Alexander, 1923b: 197. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. tanypus s. str. NZ (NZ).
tartarus Alexander, 1948f: 391. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
tasioceroides Alexander, 1930c: 380. Australia (Vic).
tateanus Alexander, 1962a: 17. PNG (PNG).
taylorinus Alexander, 1936c: 334. PNG (PNG).
tenuiclavus Alexander, 1927f: 44. Australia (NSW).
tenuissimus Alexander, 1923g: 202. NZ (NZ).
tenuistylus Alexander, 1923f: 104. NZ (NZ).
terminans Alexander, 1922e: 511. NZ (NZ).
ternatus Alexander, 1934e: 180. Australia (Vic).
tersus Alexander, 1931b: 167. Australia (NSW).
tetrodonta Alexander, 1942a: 30 (n. n. for tetracanthus Alexander). Australia (Vic).
     tetracanthus Alexander, 1934e: 183. Australia (Vic). [Preocc. Alexander, 1929.]
theresia Theischinger, 1994a: 14. Australia (Tas).
thuckara Theischinger, 1994a: 14. Australia (NSW).
tillyardi Alexander, 1922d: 300. NZ (NZ).
titania Alexander, 1930c: 372. Australia (Vic).
tonnoiri Alexander, 1925c: 639. NZ (NZ).
tortilis Alexander, 1927b: 190. Australia (NSW).
toxopeanus Alexander, 1961b: 23. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
translucens Skuse, 1890a: 811. Australia (NSW).
triepiurus Alexander, 1961c: 502. PNG (PNG).
trifasciolatus Alexander, 1934e: 188. Australia (NSW).
trigonalis Alexander, 1931b: 164. Australia (Vic).
tripectinatus Alexander, 1927f: 49. Australia (NSW).
tristylus Alexander, 1927f: 50. Australia (NSW).
truncatus Alexander, 1930c: 384. Australia (Vic).
turritus Alexander, 1961b: 17. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
ugundyi Theischinger, 1994a: 23. Australia (NT); Australia (WA).
umboiensis Hynes, 1988c: 92. PNG (PNG).
uniguttatus Alexander, 1927a: 37. Australia (Tas).
uniplagiatus Alexander, 1923g: 199. NZ (NZ).
unispinosus Alexander, 1921f: 209. Australia (Qld).
unistylus Alexander, 1936c: 333. PNG (PNG).
upjohni Theischinger, 1994a: 23. Australia (Qld).
vallisspei Theischinger, 1988a: 187. Australia (Qld).
variegatus Edwards, 1923a: 296. NZ (NZ).
variistylus Alexander, 1927a: 25. Australia (Tas).
verecundus Alexander, 1924j: 295. NZ (NZ).
verticalis Alexander, 1927b: 194. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. reductus Alexander, 1927b: 195. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. verticalis s. str. Australia (Tas).
vinnulus Alexander, 1962a: 18. PNG (PNG).
vividus Alexander, 1931b: 163. Australia (Vic).
vorax Alexander, 1948e: 146. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
vulpinus Alexander, 1929b: 337. Australia (Vic).
walpole Theischinger, 1988a: 188. Australia (WA).
watagensis Theischinger, 1999: 498. Australia (NSW).
wellsae Theischinger, 1999: 498. Lord Howe I.
wilsoni Alexander, 1929b: 334. Australia (Vic).
yoshimotoi Hynes, 1993: 108. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
zenta Theischinger, 1988a: 188. Australia (Qld).
zwickorum Theischinger, 1994a: 15. Australia (NSW).

Subgenus SUPERBOMOLOPHILUS Theischinger

SUPERBOMOLOPHILUS Theischinger, 1988a: n196. Type species: Molophilus brumbyi Theischinger, 1988, orig. des.
brumbyi Theischinger, 1988a: 197. Australia (Qld).
froggatti Skuse, 1890a: 807. Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas, Vic).
osterhas Theischinger, 1994a: 24. Australia (Vic).
undia Theischinger, 1996a: 12. Australia (NT).


RHABDOMASTIX Skuse, 1890a: 828. Type species: Rhabdomastix ostensackeni Skuse, 1890, mon.


RHABDOMASTIX Skuse, 1890a: 828 (as gen.). Type species: Rhabdomastix ostensackeni Skuse, 1890, mon.
ostensackeni Skuse, 1890a: 829. Australia (NSW).

Subgenus SACANDAGA Alexander

SACANDAGA Alexander, 1911: 349 (as gen.). Type species: Sacandaga flava Alexander, 1911, orig. des.
callosa Alexander, 1923b: 198. NZ (NZ).
monilicornis Alexander, 1926a: 74. NZ (NZ).
neozelandiae Alexander, 1922f: 90. NZ (NZ).
optata Alexander, 1923a: 104. NZ (NZ).
otagana Alexander, 1922f: 91. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. otagana s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. trilineata Alexander, 1939: 225. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. unilineata Alexander, 1939: 225. NZ (NZ).
sagana Alexander, 1925d: 69. NZ (NZ).
tonnoirana Alexander, 1934a: 263. Australia (ACT).
trichiata Alexander, 1923b: 197. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. brunneipennis Alexander, 1926a: 74. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. trichiata s. str. NZ (NZ).
vittithorax Alexander, 1923a: 105. NZ (NZ).
wilsoniana Alexander, 1934a: 261. Australia (NSW).

Unplaced species of Rhabdomastix Skuse

austrocaledoniensis Alexander, 1948e: 144. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
minima Alexander, 1926c: 186. Australia (NSW).

Genus RIEDELOMYIA Alexander

RIEDELOMYIA Alexander, 1928e: 481. Type species: Riedelomyia gratiosa Alexander, 1928, orig. des.
papuensis Alexander, 1941c: 144. PNG (PNG).
teucholabina Alexander, 1921e: 553 (Limnobia). Fiji.

Genus SIGMATOMERA Osten Sacken

SIGMATOMERA Osten Sacken, 1869: 137. Type species: Sigmatomera flavipennis Osten Sacken, 1873, subs. mon. Osten Sacken, 1873: IX.

Subgenus AUSTROLIMNOBIA Alexander

AUSTROLIMNOBIA Alexander, 1922c: 239 (as gen.). Type species: Austrolimnobia spectabilis Alexander, 1922, orig. des.
ASTELOBIA Edwards, 1923a: 297 (Gnophomyia subg.). Type species: Tipula rufa Hudson, 1895, orig. des.
rarissima Alexander, 1941a: 415. Australia (Qld).
rufa Hudson, 1895: 294 (Tipula). NZ (NZ).
spectabilis Alexander, 1922c: 239 (Austrolimnobia). Australia (Tas).
victoriae Alexander, 1924f: 503 (Austrolimnobia). Australia (Vic).


STYRINGOMYIA Loew, 1845: 6. Type species: Styringomyia venusta Loew, 1845, mon.
STYRINGIA Berendt, 1845: 57. Nomen nudum.
IDIOPHLEBIA Grünberg, 1903: 524. Type species: Idiophlebia pallida Grünberg, 1903 [= Styringomyia didyma Grimshaw, 1901], mon.
PYCNOCREPIS Enderlein, 1912a: 65. Type species: Pycnocrepis annulipes Enderlein, 1912, orig. des.
MESOMYITES Cockerell, 1917: 377. Type species: Mesomyites concinna Cockerell, 1917, orig. des.
SYRINGOMYIA Alexander, 1972b: 841 (unjust. emend. of Styringomyia).
bancrofti Edwards, 1914: 222. Australia (Qld).
bidentata Hynes, 1987: 92. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
bipunctata Edwards, 1924c: 272. Australia (Qld).
biroi Edwards, 1924c: 271. PNG (PNG); ?"Borneo."
bualae Hynes, 1988b: 85. Solomon Is.
ceylonica Edwards, 1911: 62. Sri Lanka; PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); widesp. Oriental Reg.
didyma Grimshaw, 1901: 10. Hawaiian Is; American Samoa, Belau, Fiji, French Polynesia (Society Is, Tuamotu Arch), Guam, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Kingman Reef, Kiribati (Gilbert Is, Tarawa Atoll), Marshall Is, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is, Vanuatu, Western Samoa.
pallida Grünberg, 1903: 527 (Idiophlebia). Micronesia.
ensifera Edwards, 1924c: 273. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Maluku).
ensiferoides Alexander, 1948c: 574. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fumitergata Alexander, 1964a: 410. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fumosa Edwards, 1924f: 572. Fiji.
halavana Alexander, 1951b: 602. Solomon Is.
idioformosa Hynes, 1987: 96. Solomon Is.
kerteszi Edwards, 1924c: 271. PNG (PNG).
melanopinax Alexander, 1948c: 575. PNG (PNG).
     ssp. festiva Alexander, 1962b: 262. PNG (PNG).
     ssp. melanopinax s. str. PNG (PNG).
multisetosa Alexander, 1964a: 412. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
neocaledoniae Alexander, 1948f: 392. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
papuana Edwards, 1924c: 271. PNG (PNG); Malaysia (Pen).
phallosomica Alexander, 1964a: 413. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
platystyla Alexander, 1962b: 263. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
sabroskyi Alexander, 1972b: 846. Belau.
scalaris Alexander, 1962b: 265. PNG (PNG).
setifera Alexander, 1964a: 414. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
solomonensis Alexander, 1951b: 604. Solomon Is.
spinicaudata Alexander, 1936c: 339. PNG (PNG).
terraereginae Alexander, 1924c: 182. Australia (Qld).
trifurcascutata Hynes, 1988b: 87. Solomon Is.
ysabellae Hynes, 1987: 94. Solomon Is.


TASIOCERA Skuse, 1890a: 815. Type species: Tasiocera tenuicornis Skuse, 1890, des. Alexander, 1920e: 52.
acanthophallus Alexander, 1931a: 24. Australia (NSW).
angustistyla Alexander, 1926c: 175. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
apheles Alexander, 1961b: 30. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
aproducta Alexander, 1952: 450. NZ (NZ).
attenuata Alexander, 1926c: 174. Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
axillaris Alexander, 1926c: 172. Australia (Tas).
barringtonensis Alexander, 1928d: 68. Australia (NSW).
bipennata Alexander, 1928i: 119. Australia (NSW).
bituberculata Alexander, 1924j: 296. NZ (NZ).
bucephala Alexander, 1931a: 26. Australia (Vic).
cascadensis Alexander, 1944: 13. Australia (NSW).
caudifera Alexander, 1926c: 173. Australia (NSW).
cervicula Alexander, 1925d: 74. NZ (NZ).
cyatheti Alexander, 1931a: 25. Australia (Vic).
diaphana Alexander, 1932c: 465. NZ (NZ).
dicksoniae Alexander, 1931a: 28. Australia (Vic).
divaricata Alexander, 1932c: 465. NZ (NZ).
dorrigensis Alexander, 1928i: 118. Australia (NSW).
gourlayi Alexander, 1922i: 562 (Molophilus). NZ (NZ).
gracilicornis Skuse, 1890a: 817. Australia (NSW).
hiemalis Alexander, 1931a: 23. Australia (Vic).
longiana Alexander, 1952: 449. NZ (NZ).
nodulifera Alexander, 1937: 352. Australia (NSW).
occidentalis Alexander, 1928i: 121. Australia (WA).
otwayensis Alexander, 1937: 353. Australia (Vic).
papuana Alexander, 1936c: 336. PNG (PNG).
paulula Alexander, 1923a: 103 (Molophilus). NZ (NZ).
pernodulosa Alexander, 1954b: 907. Australia (Qld).
primaveris Alexander, 1928i: 122. Australia (NSW).
prolixa Alexander, 1944: 14. Australia (NSW).
semiermis Alexander, 1932c: 466. NZ (NZ).
tarsalba Alexander, 1936c: 337. PNG (PNG).
taylori Alexander, 1931a: 29. Australia (Qld).
tenuicornis Skuse, 1890a: 816. Australia (NSW).
terraereginae Alexander, 1931a: 23. Australia (Qld).
tonnoirana Alexander, 1932c: 464. NZ (NZ).
tridentata Alexander, 1922k: 200. NZ (NZ).
triton Alexander, 1925d: 75. NZ (NZ).
unisetosa Alexander, 1926c: 171. Australia (Tas).
wilhelminae Alexander, 1961b: 31. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Genus TEUCHOLABIS Osten Sacken

TEUCHOLABIS Osten Sacken, 1860: 222. Type species: Teucholabis complexa Osten Sacken, 1860, mon.
aspilota Alexander, 1948b: 411. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
biarmillata Alexander, 1948a: 273. PNG (PNG).
dasytes Alexander, 1962a: 8. PNG (PNG).
delandi Alexander, 1941c: 142. PNG (PNG).
dimelanocycla Alexander, 1973b: 283. PNG (PNG).
exclusa Walker, 1865a: 105 (Limnobia). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].
gorana Alexander, 1948a: 271. PNG (PNG).
gurneyana Alexander, 1950b: 945. PNG (Bougainville I).
meridiana Skuse, 1890a: 798. Australia (Vic).
metamelania Alexander, 1973b: 286. PNG (PNG).
nigrirostris Alexander, 1948b: 412. PNG (PNG).
reginae Alexander, 1931a: 21. Australia (Qld).
seticosta Alexander, 1948b: 413. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
setigera Alexander, 1973b: 288. PNG (PNG).
solomonensis Alexander, 1950b: 943. Solomon Is.


ACHYROLIMONIA Alexander, 1965: 48 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Limnobia trigonia Edwards, 1919, orig. des.
alcestis Alexander, 1978a: 107. PNG (PNG).
brunneilata Alexander, 1959a: 673 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
corinna Alexander, 1951b: 579 (Limonia). PNG (Bougainville I).
trigonoides Alexander, 1927d: 94 (Limonia). Indonesia (Sumatra); Indonesia (Maluku); Oriental Reg.
     longiradius Edwards, 1928b: 72 (Limnobia). Malaysia (Pen).

Genus ANTOCHA Osten Sacken

ANTOCHA Osten Sacken, 1860: 219. Type species: Antocha saxicola Osten Sacken, 1860, des. Coquillett, 1910: 508.
[In the interest of stability and in accordance with usage the author retains for this catalog the name Antocha, whereas Hutson & Vane-Wright (1969) recommend to consider Taphrophila as senior synonym of Antocha. The original type designation of Taphrophila is based on a misidentification and the description of Taphrophila refers to Antocha (Hutson & Vane-Wright 1969). In this case a subsequent type designation is required. Acceptance of the original (misidentified) type species cannot be recommended because Taphrophila would then be a junior synonym of the genus Limonia and, by type designation, a senior synonym of the subgenus Atypophthalmus.]


ORIMARGULA Mik, 1883: 198 (as gen.). Type species: Orimargula alpigena Mik, 1883, orig. des.
australiensis Alexander, 1922c: 234 (Orimargula). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
papuensis Alexander, 1953d: 904. PNG (PNG).
tasmanica Alexander, 1928c: 598. Australia (Tas).


ATYPOPHTHALMUS Brunetti, 1911b: 273. Type species: Atypophthalmus holopticus Brunetti, 1911 [= Dicranomyia umbrata de Meijere, 1911], mon.
emacerata Alexander, 1921e: 550 (Limnobia). Australia (Qld).
infixa Walker, 1865a: 104 (Limnobia). "New Guinea" [=Indonesia (Irian Jaya)]; Malaysia (Pen).
parvapiculata Alexander, 1973b: 271 (Limonia). PNG (Bougainville I).
sedata Alexander, 1922c: 230 (Dicranomyia). Australia (Qld).
tamborina Alexander, 1930a: 147 (Limonia). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
taoensis Hynes, 1993: 87 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
umbrata de Meijere, 1911a: 25 (Dicranomyia). Indonesia (Java); Hawaiian Is [introduced], PNG (PNG); pantrop.
     ssp. perreducta Alexander, 1941c: 138 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
     ssp. umbrata s. str. Indonesia (Java); Hawaiian Is [introduced]; pantrop.

Genus COLLESSOPHILA Theischinger

COLLESSOPHILA Theischinger, 1994b: 150. Type species: Collesophila chookachooka Theischinger, 1994, orig. des.
chookachooka Theischinger, 1994b: 151. Australia (Qld).

Genus DAPANOPTERA Westwood

DAPANOPTERA Westwood, 1881: 365. Type species: Limnobia plenipennis Walker, 1865, orig. des.
auroatra Walker, 1864: 202 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
candidata Alexander, 1942a: 30 (Limonia; n. n. for pallida de Meijere). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
     pallida de Meijere, 1913b: 307. Indonesia (Irian Jaya). [Preocc. Macquart, 1838.]
     ssp. candidata s. str. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. opulenta Alexander, 1947c: 600 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
carolina Edwards, 1932c: 145 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
cermaki Theischinger, 1996a: 2 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
fascipennis de Meijere, 1913b: 307. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
gressittiana Alexander, 1962b: 232 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
hipmilta Theischinger, 1994b: 81 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
latifascia Walker, 1865a: 104 (Limnobia). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     latisfasciata, error for latifascia.
meijereana Alexander, 1942a: 30 (Limonia; n. n. for pulchra de Meijere). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
     pulchra de Meijere, 1915a: 103. Indonesia (Irian Jaya). [Preocc. de Meijere, 1904.]
percelestis Alexander, 1959a: 658 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
perdecora Walker, 1861b: 230 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Indonesia (Maluku), PNG (PNG).
     lorentzi de Meijere, 1913b: 307. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
plenipennis Walker, 1865a: 103 (Limnobia). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].
richmondiana Skuse, 1896: 109. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
     ssp. nooroobunda Theischinger, 1994b: 80 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
     ssp. pangarinda Theischinger, 1994b: 80 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
     ssp. richmondiana s. str. Australia (NSW, Qld).
torricelliana Alexander, 1947c: 599 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
toxopaeana Alexander, 1959a: 659 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
versteegi de Meijere, 1915c: 52. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     versteegi de Meijere, 1915a: vi. Nomen nudum.
virago Alexander, 1959a: 661 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).

Genus DEGENEROMYIA Alexander

DEGENEROMYIA Alexander, 1956b: 149 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Limonia thais Alexander, 1956, mon.
thais Alexander, 1956b: 149 (Limonia). Fiji.

Genus DICRANOMYIA Stephens

FURCOMYIA Meigen, 1818: 133. Type species: Limonia lutea Meigen, 1804, des. Coquillett, 1910: 546. Unavailable name; name published in synonymy and not validated before 1961.
DICRANOMYIA Stephens, 1829a: 243. Type species: Limnobia modesta Meigen, 1818, des. Coquillett, 1910: 533.
GLOCHINA Meigen, 1830: 280. Type species: Glochina sericata Meigen, 1830, mon.
SIAGONA Meigen, 1830: pl. 65; fig. 5,6,7. Type species: Glochina sericata Meigen, 1830, mon.
NUMANTIA Bigot, 1854: 470. Type species: Limonia fusca Meigen, 1804, des. Coquillett, 1910: 576.
TELECEPHALA Pierre, 1922: 21. Type species: Limnobia longicollis Macquart, 1846, mon.
TEDOTEA Santos Abreu, 1923: 111. Type species: Tedotea domestica Santos Abreu, 1923 [= Limnobia vicina Macquart, 1838], mon.

Subgenus CYGNOMYIA Theischinger

CYGNOMYIA Theischinger, 1994b: 140 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Limonia youngoloy Theischinger, 1994, orig. des.
yougoloy Theischinger, 1994b: 141 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).

Subgenus DICRANOMYIA Stephens

FURCOMYIA Meigen, 1818: 133 (as gen.). Type species: Limonia lutea Meigen, 1804, des. Coquillett, 1910: 546. Unavailable name; name published in synonymy and not subsequently validated.
DICRANOMYIA Stephens, 1829a: 243 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia modesta Meigen, 1818, des. Coquillett, 1910: 533.
GLOCHINA Meigen, 1830: 280 (as gen.). Type species: Glochina sericata Meigen, 1830, mon.
SIAGONA Meigen, 1830: pl. 65; fig. 5,6,7 (as gen.). Type species: Glochina sericata Meigen, 1830, mon.
NUMANTIA Bigot, 1854: 470 (as gen.). Type species: Limonia fusca Meigen, 1804, des. Coquillett, 1910: 576.
TELECEPHALA Pierre, 1922: 21 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia longicollis Macquart, 1846, mon.
TEDOTEA Santos Abreu, 1923: 111 (as gen.). Type species: Tedotea domestica Santos Abreu, 1923 [= Limnobia vicina Macquart, 1838], mon.
acanthophallus Alexander, 1924j: 289. NZ (NZ).
aegrotans Edwards, 1923a: 280. Not given [NZ (NZ)]; NZ (Kermadec Is).
aequispina Alexander, 1928c: 587. Australia (Tas).
agape Alexander, 1948f: 375 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
albistigma Alexander, 1928c: 580. Australia (Tas).
annulifera Alexander, 1922f: 87. NZ (NZ).
apicalis Grimshaw, 1901: 7. Hawaiian Is.
    grimshawi Alexander, 1919a: 27 (n. n. for apicalis Grimshaw). Hawaiian Is.
Theischinger, 1994b: 96 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
archeyi Alexander, 1924k: 164. NZ (Chatham Is).
arthuriana Alexander, 1924j: 291. NZ (NZ).
auripennis Skuse, 1890a: 769. Australia (NSW).
     canithorax Alexander, 1933b: 337 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
balli Theischinger, 1994b: 108 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
basifusca Alexander, 1919d: 328. Japan; Bonin Is.
     atripleura Alexander, 1919d: 328. Japan.
bickeli Theischinger, 1996a: 3 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
boniniana Alexander, 1972b: 759 (Limonia). Bonin Is.
boorana Theischinger, 1994b: 122 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
boulariensis Hynes, 1993: 88 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
brevirama Alexander, 1922c: 228. Lord Howe I; Australia (NSW, Qld, Tas, Vic)
     ochrirostris Alexander, 1928c: 582. Australia (Tas).
brookesi Edwards, 1923a: 281. NZ (NZ).
bugledichae Theischinger, 1994b: 109 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
bunyip Theischinger, 1994b: 122 (Limonia). Australia (Vic).
buxtoni Edwards, 1927a: 232. Vanuatu.
chazeaui Hynes, 1993: 90 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
cinctitibia Alexander, 1934a: 249 (Limonia). Australia (ACT); Australia (Vic).
cinerella Alexander, 1923h: 268. NZ (NZ).
clarki Alexander, 1930a: 145 (Limonia). Australia (WA).
collita Alexander, 1978a: 110 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
conulifera Edwards, 1923a: 279. NZ (NZ).
crassispina Alexander, 1923k: 378. NZ (NZ).
cruzi Alexander, 1936d: 8 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
cuneata Skuse, 1890a: 772. Australia (NSW), Australia (Tas, Vic)
     wellingtonia Alexander, 1928c: 586. Australia (Tas).
cuneipennis Alexander, 1923f: 99. NZ (NZ).
cunninghamensis Alexander, 1933b: 341 (Limonia). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW, Qld).
dicksoniae Alexander, 1930a: 150 (Limonia). Australia (Vic); Australia (ACT).
diversispina Alexander, 1923g: 197. NZ (NZ).
dorrigensis Alexander, 1930a: 152 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
dorsalis Skuse, 1890a: 767. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Tas, Vic).
     viridiventris Skuse, 1890a: 772. Australia (NSW).
     subdorsalis Alexander, 1928c: 579. Australia (Tas).
encharis Alexander, 1964a: 391 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
etnurra Theischinger, 1994b: 103 (Limonia). Australia (WA).
evenhuisi Hynes, 1993: 90 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
fasciata Hutton, 1900: 34. NZ (NZ).
fata Theischinger, 1994b: 90 (Limonia). Australia (Tas).
fijiana Alexander, 1924b: 36. Fiji; New Caledonia (New Caledonia), Western Samoa.
flagellifera Alexander, 1928c: 588. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
flavidella Alexander, 1930a: 153 (Limonia). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW, Qld).
fragilis Theischinger, 1994b: 90 (Limonia). Australia (Tas).
fullawayi Alexander, 1915a: 79 (as fullowayi). Guam; Australia (Qld), Belau, Fiji, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (Bismarck Arch); Oriental Reg.
     ssp. fullawayi s. str. Guam; Australia (Qld), Belau, Fiji, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (Bismarck Arch); Oriental Reg.
     magnistyla Alexander, 1935a: 62. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
     ssp. phaeoptera Alexander, 1972b: 765. Micronesia.
fulviceps Alexander, 1925d: 67. NZ (NZ).
fulvinota Alexander, 1923f: 97. NZ (NZ).
funesta Alexander, 1922f: 86. NZ (NZ).
gemina Alexander, 1924d: 364 (Limonia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
gloria Byers, 1994: 496 (Limonia). Hawaiian Is.
gracilis Edwards, 1923a: 283. NZ (NZ); NZ (Chatham Is).
guamicola Alexander, 1942b: 196 (Limonia). Guam.
gubernatoria Alexander, 1924d: 363 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
guttula Alexander, 1915a: 80 (Limonia). Mozambique; Belau, Guam, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Micronesia; Sri Lanka, Afrotrop. Reg.
     sus Alexander, 1950b: 942 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
hardyana Byers, 1985: 239 (Limonia). Hawaiian Is.
hawaiiensis Grimshaw, 1901: 7. Hawaiian Is.
     latifrons Grimshaw, 1901: 9. Hawaiian Is.
     casei Alexander, 1941b: 23 (Limonia). Hawaiian Is.
helmsi Skuse, 1890a: 763. Australia (NSW).
hemimelas Alexander, 1922e: 508. NZ (NZ).
heteracantha Alexander, 1923b: 195. NZ (NZ).
hudsoni Edwards, 1923a: 278. NZ (NZ).
idonea Alexander, 1922c: 229. Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
illingworthi Alexander, 1914c: 239. Fiji; widesp. Australia (NSW, Qld), French Polynesia (Austral Is, Marquesas, Society Is, Tuamotu Arch), Kiribati (Gilbert Is), Marshall Is, Micronesia, New Caledonia (New Caledonia), Pitcairn Is.
     rapae Alexander, 1924b: 36. French Polynesia (Austral Is).
inanis Alexander, 1934a: 247 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
incisuralis Skuse, 1890a: 770. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, Tas, Vic).
incompta Alexander, 1922f: 85 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
iniquispina Hardy, 1953a: 55 (Limonia). Hawaiian Is.
insularis Mik, 1881: 197. NZ (Auckland Is).
jacoba Alexander, 1919a: 28. Hawaiian Is.
kallakkure Theischinger, 1994b: 133 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
karma Alexander, 1948f: 376 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
kauaiensis Grimshaw, 1901: 8. Hawaiian Is.
     ssp. haleakalae Alexander, 1951b: 583 (Limonia; as sp.). Hawaiian Is.
     ssp. kauaiensis s. str. Hawaiian Is.
     foliocuniculator Swezey, 1915: 87. Hawaiian Is.
kermadecensis Alexander, 1973a: 157 (Limonia). NZ (Kermadec Is).
kowinka Theischinger, 1994b: 126 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
kraussi Alexander, 1951b: 584 (Limonia). Hawaiian Is.
kulin Alexander, 1933b: 336 (Limonia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, SA, Tas, Vic).
kurnai Alexander, 1933b: 343 (Limonia). Australia (Vic).
laffooniana Alexander, 1948g: 411 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
lagunta Theischinger, 1994b: 86 (Limonia). Australia (Tas).
     ssp. lagunta s. str. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. makoo Theishinger, 1994b: 87 (Limonia). Australia (Tas).
leptomera Alexander, 1972b: 766 (Limonia). Micronesia.
lindsayi Alexander, 1924k: 166. NZ (Chatham Is).
loarinna Theischinger, 1994b: 123 (Limonia). Australia (Tas).
luteipes Alexander, 1923g: 196. NZ (NZ).
luteonitens Edwards, 1923a: 282. NZ (NZ).
marina Skuse, 1890a: 765. Australia (NSW); Australia (NT, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA), Lord Howe I.
     inhonora Alexander, 1922c: 227. Australia (Tas).
megastigmosa Alexander, 1922i: 557. NZ (NZ).
melina Alexander, 1924d: 362. NZ (NZ).
millemurro Theischinger, 1994b: 99 (Limonia). Australia (SA).
misera Riedel, 1921: 131. PNG (PNG).
moesta Alexander, 1923b: 193. NZ (NZ).
monilicornis Hutton, 1900: 34. NZ (NZ).
motepa Theischinger, 1994b: 113 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
multispina Alexander, 1922e: 509. NZ (NZ).
muta Alexander, 1937: 340 (Limonia). Australia (Vic); Australia (Tas, Vic).
nebulifera Alexander, 1922f: 83. NZ (NZ); ?NZ (Chatham Is).
nelsoniana Alexander, 1925d: 65. NZ (NZ).
nephelia Alexander, 1978a: 111 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
nephelodes Alexander, 1922f: 84. NZ (NZ).
nigrescens Hutton, 1900: 34. NZ (NZ).
nigropolita Alexander, 1923i: 250. Hawaiian Is.
niveifusca Alexander, 1964a: 393 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
norfolcensis Alexander, 1922c: 231. Norfolk I.
nullanulla Theischinger, 1994b: 110 (Limonia). Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
     ssp. mendolo Theischinger, 1994b: 111 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
     ssp. nullanulla s. str. Australia (Qld).
     ssp. pita Theischinger, 1994b: 111 (Limonia). Australia (NT).
obscura Skuse, 1890a: 764. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Tas, Vic).
     inculta Alexander, 1928c: 585. Australia (NSW).
obscuripennis Skuse, 1890a: 768. Australia (NSW); Australia (NSW, Qld, Tas, Vic).
octacantha Alexander, 1933b: 340 (Limonia). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW, Vic).
omi Theischinger, 1994b: 97 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
opima Alexander, 1921e: 549. Australia (Qld).
otagensis Alexander, 1924j: 290 NZ (NZ).
ovalistigma Alexander, 1951b: 587 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
panthera Theischinger, 1994b: 121 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
pectinunguis Tokunaga, 1940c: 143 (Limonia). Micronesia; Belau, Guam, New Caledonia (Loyalty Is), Northern Marianas.
     neomisera Alexander, 1940: 208 (Limonia). Northern Marianas.
pendulifera Alexander, 1923k: 379. NZ (NZ).
perpulchra Alexander, 1928c: 577 (Limonia). Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
perturbata Alexander, 1978a: 112 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
pictithorax Alexander, 1923f: 98. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. pictithorax s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. veenmani Oosterbroek, 1986: 49 (Limonia; n. n. for argentifera Alexander). NZ (NZ).
     argentifera Alexander, 1924h: 565. NZ (NZ). [Preocc. de Meijere, 1911.]
pilota Theischinger, 1994b: 129 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
plurispina Alexander, 1925d: 65. NZ (NZ).
ponthophila Tokunaga, 1940c: 142 (Limonia). Northern Marianas; Belau, Guam, Micronesia.
posticanivea Alexander, 1978b: 143 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
primaeva Alexander, 1929d: 247 (Limonia; n. n. for primitiva Alexander). NZ (NZ).
     primitiva Alexander, 1924h: 562. NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Scudder, 1890.]
punctipennis Skuse, 1890a: 761. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA), NZ (NZ).
     ssp. maoriensis Alexander, 1923f: 98. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. occidentalis Alexander, 1922c: 227. Australia (WA).
     ssp. punctipennis s. str. Australia (ACT, NSW, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic).
punctulatella Alexander, 1933b: 335 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
punctulatina Alexander, 1960a: 4 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
remota Skuse, 1890a: 766. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, SA, Tas, Vic).
repanda Edwards, 1923a: 278. NZ (NZ).
reversalis Alexander, 1922e: 507. NZ (NZ).
sabroskyana Byers, 1982: 37 (Limonia). Hawaiian Is.
sanctigeorgii Edwards, 1927b: 238. French Polynesia (Austral Is).
saxatilis Skuse, 1890a: 762. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA).
saxemarina Alexander, 1937: 341 (Limonia). Lord Howe I.
seducta Alexander, 1923a: 97. NZ (NZ).
semicuneata Alexander, 1924h: 564. NZ (NZ).
sordida Brunetti, 1912b: 382. India; widesp. Australia, Belau, Fiji, French Polynesia (Marquesas, Society Is, Tuamotu Arch), Guam, Micronesia, New Caledonia (New Caledonia), Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG); widesp. Oriental Reg.
     tattakae Alexander, 1923d: 469. Taiwan.
sperata Alexander, 1922g: 224. NZ (NZ).
sponsa Alexander, 1922k: 199. NZ (NZ).
stygipennis Alexander, 1919a: 27. Hawaiian Is.
     brunnea Grimshaw, 1901: 8. Hawaiian Is. [Preocc. Doane, 1900.]
subalbitarsis Alexander, 1930b: 299 (Limonia). Philippines; PNG (Bismarck Arch).
subfasciata Alexander, 1924h: 563. NZ (NZ).
submarina Theischinger, 1994b: 131 (Limonia). Australia (WA).
subremota Alexander, 1922c: 229. Norfolk I.
subsordida Edwards, 1928c: 83. Western Samoa.
substricta Alexander, 1928c: 583. Australia (Tas).
subviridis Alexander, 1922g: 223. NZ (NZ).
sulphuralis Edwards, 1923a: 283. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. chlorophylloides Alexander, 1925d: 67. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. sulphuralis s. str. NZ (NZ).
swezeyana Alexander, 1942b: 195 (Limonia). Guam.
swezeyi Alexander, 1919a: 29. Hawaiian Is.
     waianaensis Alexander, 1951b: 586 (Limonia; as wainaensis). Hawaiian Is.
tapleyi Alexander, 1924d: 362. NZ (NZ).
tarsalba Alexander, 1922e: 505. NZ (NZ).
tenebrosa Edwards, 1923a: 279. NZ (NZ).
tongensis Alexander, 1978a: 113 (Limonia). Tonga.
torpida Alexander, 1948b: 407 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
torrens Alexander, 1923b: 194. NZ (NZ).
tricholabis Edwards, 1926a: 139 [1926b: 169]. Indonesia (Maluku).
tricuspis Alexander, 1923h: 267. NZ (NZ).
tristigmata Alexander, 1925d: 68. NZ (NZ).
ungjeeburra Theischinger, 1994b: 102 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
upoluensis Edwards, 1928c: 84. Western Samoa.
validistyla Alexander, 1933b: 338 (Limonia). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
variabilis Grimshaw, 1901: 8 (as sp.). Hawaiian Is.
     ssp. bryani Alexander, 1924b: 35as sp.). Hawaiian Is.
     ssp. variabilis s. str. Hawaiian Is.
vicarians Schiner, 1868: 46 (Limnobia). NZ (NZ); NZ (Auckland Is).
     annulata Lamb, 1909: 129. NZ (Auckland Is).
waitakeriae Alexander, 1952: 438 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
wattamolla Theischinger, 1994b: 131 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
weschei Edwards, 1923a: 284. NZ (NZ).
whitei Alexander, 1921e: 547. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
     ssp. monacha Alexander, 1952: 326 (Limonia; n.n. for brevispinula Alexander). Australia (NSW).
     brevispinula Alexander, 1933b: 344 (Limonia). Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Alexander, 1930.]
     ssp. whitei s. str. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
wilfredi Alexander, 1952: 439 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
williamsae Theischinger, 1994b: 106 (Limonia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Tas, Vic).
wiseana Alexander, 1955a: 669 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
woggon Theischinger, 1994b: 117 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
wundurra Theischinger, 1994b: 132 (Limonia). Lord Howe I.
yerrawar Theischinger, 1994b: 97 (Limonia). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
zonata Skuse, 1890a: 770. Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas, Vic).

Subgenus DOANEOMYIA Alexander

DOANEOMYIA Alexander, 1921a: 11 (as gen.). Type species: Doaneomyia tahitiensis Alexander, 1921, mon.
altitarsis Edwards, 1927a: 233. Vanuatu.
caledoniensis Alexander, 1948f: 380 (Limonia altitarsis ssp.). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
deprivata Alexander, 1948f: 380 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
fijicola Alexander, 1953a: 327 (Limonia; n. n. for fijiensis Alexander). Fiji.
     fijiensis Alexander, 1924b: 33. Fiji. [Preocc. Alexander, 1914.]
tahitiensis Alexander, 1921a: 11. French Polynesia (Society Is).

Subgenus EUGLOCHINA Alexander

EUGLOCHINA Alexander, 1921f: 207 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Dicranomyia cuneiformis de Meijere, 1911 [= Limnobia saltens Doleschall, 1857], orig. des.
invocata Alexander, 1948g: 405 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
novaeguineae de Meijere, 1915a: 101. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
     ssp. novaeguineae s. str. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. yorkensis Alexander, 1935a: 65 (Limonia). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
saltens Doleschall, 1857: 390 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Java); Belau; widesp. Oriental Reg.
     cuneiformis de Meijere, 1911a: 22. Indonesia (Java).
     apicalis, authors, not Wiedemann, 1828, misid.
     saltans, error for saltens.
silens Alexander, 1948b: 408 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).

Subgenus IDIOGLOCHINA Alexander

IDIOGLOCHINA Alexander, 1921f: 207. Type species: Rhipidia tusitala Alexander, 1921, orig. des.
australiensis Alexander, 1922j: 581. Australia (Qld).
chlorella Alexander, 1978a: 119 (Limonia). Western Samoa.
debeauforti de Meijere, 1913a: 47. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
flavalis Alexander, 1934f: 451 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
fumipennis Butler, 1875: 355 (Limnobia). NZ (NZ).
     fumipennis Walker, 1848: 45 (Limnobia). Nomen nudum.
kotoshoensis Alexander, 1923e: 57. Taiwan; Micronesia.
kronei Mik, 1881: 205. NZ (Auckland Is).
     kronii, error for kronei.
novocaledonica Alexander, 1929f: 90 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
obesula Edwards, 1927a: 232. Tonga; Guam, Vanuatu.
parvimacula Edwards, 1927a: 232. Vanuatu.
perkinsiana Alexander, 1930a: 154 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
tusitala Alexander, 1921a: 10 (Rhipidia). American Samoa; Belau, Micronesia, ?Tonga, Western Samoa.
     ssp. palauicola Alexander, 1972b: 793 (Limonia). Belau.
     ssp. tusitala s. str. American Samoa; ?Tonga, Western Samoa.
vilae Edwards, 1927a: 231. Vanuatu.

Subgenus NEALEXANDRIARIA Alexander

NEALEXANDRIARIA Alexander, 1967: 107 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Limonia tecta Alexander, 1932, orig. des.
ALEXANDRIARIA, authors, not Garrett, 1922, misid.
anisota Alexander, 1973b: 274 (Limonia). Fiji.
atromaculata Edwards, 1928c: 82. American Samoa; Western Samoa.
cinereicapilla Alexander, 1934f: 452 (Limonia). PNG (PNG); Belau, Micronesia.
conveniens Walker, 1848: 57 (Limnobia). NZ (NZ); NZ (Chatham Is).
fulvicolor Alexander, 1973b: 278 (Limonia). PNG (Bougainville I).
ludmilla Theiaschinger, 1994b: 138 (Limonia). Australia (NT).
milkurli Theiaschinger, 1994b: 138 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
ochricapilla Alexander, 1956b: 152 (Limonia). Fiji; New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
scolopia Alexander, 1971: 307 (Limonia). Tonga.
semirufa Edwards, 1927a: 231. Vanuatu.
tenella de Meijere--not Australasian/Oceanian.

Subgenus PANDAMYIA Theischinger

PANDAMYIA Theischinger, 1994b: 135 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Limonia nowankareena Theischinger, 1994, orig. des.
nowankereena Theischinger, 1994b: 136 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
uckillya Theischinger, 1994b: 136 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).

Subgenus PSEUDOGLOCHINA Alexander

PSEUDOGLOCHINA Alexander, 1921f: 208 (Libnotes subg.). Type species: Libnotes pulchripes Alexander, 1920, orig. des.
evanescens Alexander, 1936b: 181 (Limonia). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
fuscolata Alexander, 1936d: 9 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
hoskingi Alexander, 1935a: 64 (Limonia). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
laticincta Edwards, 1928c: 78 (Pseudoglochina). Western Samoa.
microneura Alexander, 1948f: 379 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia); New Caledonia (Loyalty Is).
ponapensis Alexander, 1940: 211 (Limonia). Micronesia; Belau.
procella Alexander, 1936b: 180 (Limonia). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
pulchripes Alexander, 1920d: 95 (Libnotes). Australia (Qld).

Subgenus ZELANDOGLOCHINA Alexander

ZELANDOGLOCHINA Alexander, 1924f: 499 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Dicranomyia huttoni Edwards, 1923, orig. des.
allani Alexander, 1959a: 674 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
atrovittata Alexander, 1922e: 506 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
canterburiana Alexander, 1923g: 194 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
circularis Alexander, 1924d: 359 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
crassipes Edwards, 1923a: 276 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
cubitalis Edwards, 1923a: 275 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
decincta Edwards, 1923a: 275 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
flavidipennis Edwards, 1923a: 274 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
harrisi Alexander, 1923g: 195 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
huttoni Edwards, 1923a: 275 (Limonia; n. n. for annulipes Hutton). NZ (NZ).
     annulipes Hutton, 1900: 35 (Geranomyia). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Skuse, 1890.]
laterospina Alexander, 1924d: 360 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
melanogramma Edwards, 1923a: 276 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
myersi Alexander, 1924f: 500 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
octava Edwards, 1923a: 277 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
paradisea Alexander, 1923h: 265. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. circumcincta Alexander, 1924h: 561 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. paradisea s. str. NZ (NZ).
sublacteata Edwards, 1923a: 275 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
unicornis Alexander, 1923h: 266 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).
unijuga Alexander, 1923k: 377 (Limonia). NZ (NZ).

Subgenus NESCIOMYIA Theischinger

NESCIOMYIA Theischinger, 1994b: 144 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Limonias durroon Theischinger, 1994, orig. des.
durroon Theischinger, 1994b: 145 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).

Nomina nuda in Dicranomyia Stephens

aegrotans Walker, 1848: 45 (Limnobia).
chorica Walker, 1848: 44 (Limnobia).
gracilis Walker, 1848: 49 (Limnobia).
repanda Walker, 1848: 49 (Limnobia).

Genus DISCOBOLA Osten Sacken

DISCOBOLA Osten Sacken, 1865: 226. Type species: Limnobia argus Say, 1824 [= Tipula annulata Linnaeus, 1758], des. Coquillett, 1910: 534.
TROCHOBOLA Osten Sacken, 1869: 97 (unnec. n. n. for Discobola).
ampla Hutton, 1900: 36 (Trochobola). NZ (NZ).
annulata Linnaeus, 1758: 586 (Tipula). "Europa"; "New Guinea"; Holarctic, Oriental Regs.
australis Skuse, 1890a: 784 (Trochobola). Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas).
boninensis Alexander, 1972b: 773 (Limonia). Bonin Is.
calamitas Alexander, 1959a: 662 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
caledoniae Alexander, 1948e: 139 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
dicycla Edwards, 1923a: 287 (Discobola). NZ (NZ).
dohrni Osten Sacken, 1894: 264 (Trochobola). NZ (NZ).
    fumipennis Hudson, 1892: 48 (Tipula). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Butler, 1875.]
    milleri Oosterbroek, 1986: 49 (Limonia; n. n. for fumipennis Hudson). NZ (NZ).
Alexander, 1948e: 140 (Limonia; n. n. for gibbera Edwards). NZ (NZ).
     gibbera Edwards, 1923a: 286 (Discobola). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Alexander, 1916.]
haetara Johns & Jenner, 2006: 52. NZ (NZ).
striata Edwards, 1923a: 285 (Discobola). NZ (NZ); NZ (Chatham Is).
     picta Hutton, 1900: 37 (Trochobola). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Heer, 1849.]
     pictoralis Alexander, 1929d: 248 (Limonia; n. n. for picta Hutton). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. chathamica Alexander, 1924k: 167 (Dicranomyia). NZ (Chatham Is).
     ssp. striata s. str. NZ (NZ).
tessellata Osten Sacken, 1894: 266 (Trochobola). NZ (NZ).
     variegata Hutton, 1900: 36 (Trochobola). NZ (NZ).
venustula Alexander, 1972b: 773 (Limonia; n. n. for venusta Osten Sacken). NZ (NZ).
     venusta Osten Sacken, 1894: 265 (Trochobola). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Bergroth, 1888.]

Genus ELEPHANTOMYIA Osten Sacken

ELEPHANTOMYIA Osten Sacken, 1860: 220. Type species: Limnobiorhynchus canadensis Westwood, 1835, [misid., = Elephantomyia westwoodi Osten Sacken, 1869], mon.

Subgenus ELEPHANTOMYIA Osten Sacken

ELEPHANTOMYIA Osten Sacken, 1860: 220 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobiorhynchus canadensis Westwood, 1835, [misid., = Elephantomyia westwoodi Osten Sacken, 1869], mon.
garrigouana Alexander, 1951b: 596. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
niveipes Alexander, 1964a: 401. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Subgenus ELEPHANTOMYODES Alexander

ELEPHANTOMYODES Alexander, 1923e: 64. Type species: Elephantomyia major Alexander, 1923, orig. des.
argyrophora Alexander, 1947b: 764. PNG (PNG).
brachyrhyncha Alexander, 1947b: 766. PNG (PNG).
daedalus Alexander, 1947b: 762. PNG (PNG).
diligens Alexander, 1947b: 763. PNG (PNG).
fumicosta Alexander, 1922c: 234. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
hyalibasis Alexander, 1947c: 604. PNG (PNG).
percuneata Alexander, 1973b: 282. PNG (PNG).
ruapehuensis Alexander, 1923g: 204. NZ (NZ).
tayloriana Alexander, 1935a: 65. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
zealandica Edwards, 1923a: 288. NZ (NZ).

Unplaced species of Elephantomyia Osten Sacken

delectata Walker, 1864: 231 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Maluku).
filiformis Walker, 1865c: 131 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
tasmaniensis Alexander, 1928c: 599. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW).
     ssp. barringtonia Alexander, 1928g: 337. Australia (NSW).
     tasmaniensis, error for barringtonia.
     ssp. tasmaniensis s. str. Australia (Tas).

Genus GERANOMYIA Haliday

GERANOMYIA Haliday, 1833: 154. Type species: Geranomyia unicolor Haliday, 1833, mon.
TRIPHANA Skuse, 1890a: 777. Type species: Geranomyia lutulenta Skuse, 1890, des. Alexander, 1920e: 52.
TETRAPHANA Skuse, 1890a: 778. Type species: Geranomyia fusca Skuse, 1890 [preocc., = Limonia skuseana Alexander, 1929], mon.
PROAPOROSA Alexander, 1922j: 582. Nomen nudum.
PSEUDAPOROSA Alexander, 1924c: 177. Type species: Geranomyia venustithorax Alexander, 1924 [= Geranomyia circipunctata Brunetti, 1912], mon.
advena Alexander, 1954a: 297 (Limonia). Hawaiian Is.
aeruginosa Alexander, 1972b: 778 (Limonia). Belau.
annulosa Alexander, 1929d: 247 (Limonia; n. n. for annulata Skuse). Australia (NSW).
     annulata Skuse, 1890a: 780 . Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Linnaeus, 1758.]
atychia Alexander, 1964a: 394 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
austropicta Alexander, 1929d: 247 (Limonia; n. n. for picta Skuse). Australia (NSW).
     picta Skuse, 1890a: 778 . Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Heer, 1849.]
bancrofti Alexander, 1922j: 582 . Australia (Qld).
bogongicola Alexander, 1930a: 143 (Limonia). Australia (Vic).
circipunctata Brunetti, 1912b: 390 . India; Australia (Qld), New Caledonia (New Caledonia); widesp. Oriental Reg.
     decemguttata de Meijere, 1913b: 345 . Indonesia (Java).
     venustithorax Alexander, 1924c: 178 . Australia (Qld).
conjurata Alexander, 1937: 338 (Limonia). Australia (NSW); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. conjurata s. str. Australia (NSW).
     ssp. nelites Alexander, 1960a: 5 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
conjuratoides Alexander, 1945: 238 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia); Australia (Qld).
deleta Alexander, 1937: 336 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
dicranostyla Alexander, 1964a: 396 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
dybasi Alexander, 1972b: 779 (Limonia). Belau; Micronesia.
entmema Alexander, 1978b: 144 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
erasmi Alexander, 1933b: 345 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
grampianicola Alexander, 1930a: 144 (Limonia). Australia (Vic).
grus Alexander, 1933b: 346 (Limonia). Australia (Vic); Australia (ACT, NSW).
hardyi Alexander, 1928c: 591 . Australia (Tas).
hedosyne Alexander, 1961c: 491, 493 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
longicrinita Alexander, 1973b: 275 (Limonia). PNG (Bougainville I).
lutulenta Skuse, 1890a: 779 . Australia (NSW).
manca Alexander, 1924c: 180 . Australia (Qld); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
neopicta Alexander, 1978b: 145. Australia (NSW).
nigronitida Alexander, 1921f: 208 . Australia (Qld).
nitida de Meijere--not Australasian/Oceanian.
palauensis Alexander, 1972b: 782 (Limonia). Belau.
penthoptera Alexander, 1924c: 179 . Australia (Qld).
procax Alexander, 1960a: 6 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
risibilis Alexander, 1928d: 56 . Australia (NSW).
sagittifera Alexander, 1921f: 208 . Australia (Qld).
samoana Edwards, 1928c: 86 . Western Samoa.
skuseana Alexander, 1929d: 247 (Limonia; n. n. for fusca Skuse). Australia (NSW).
     fusca Skuse, 1890a: 780 . Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Meigen, 1804.]
snyderi Alexander, 1972b: 783 (Limonia). Bonin Is.
     ssp. chichiensis Alexander, 1972b: 784. Bonin Is.
     ssp. snyderi s. str. Bonin Is.
tanytrichiata Alexander, 1961c: 492 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
tenebricosa Alexander, 1928c: 592 . Australia (Tas).
tonnoiri Alexander, 1928c: 589 . Australia (NSW).
vanikorensis Alexander, 1934b: 273 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
victoriae Alexander, 1928c: 594 . Australia (Vic).
vitiella Alexander, 1956b: 151 (Limonia). Fiji.

Genus HELIUS Lepeletier & Serville

MEGARHINA Lepeletier & Serville in Latreille et al., 1828: 585. Type species: Limnobia longirostris Meigen, 1818, mon.
HELIUS Lepeletier & Serville in Latreille et al., 1828: 831 (alt. original name for Megarhina Lepeletier & Serville). Type species: Limnobia longirostris Meigen, 1818, mon.
[Of the concurrently published names, Megarhina and Helius, the usage of Helius has been settled on the First Reviser Principle. The formation of the name Helius is considered here to be Latin and not vernacular as by Stone et al. (1965).]

Subgenus EURHAMPHIDIA Alexander

EURHAMPHIDIA Alexander, 1915b: 168 (Rhamphidia subg.). Type species: Rhamphidia niveitarsis Skuse, 1890, orig. des.
atroapicalis Alexander, 1978a: 129. Western Samoa.
auranticolor Alexander, 1936b: 182. PNG (PNG).
connectus Edwards, 1928c: 87. Western Samoa.
invenustipes Alexander, 1930a: 155 (Eurhamphidia). Australia (WA).
melanosoma Alexander, 1936b: 183. PNG (PNG).
mouensis Alexander, 1948f: 383. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
niveitarsis Skuse, 1890a: 791 (Rhamphidia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
perlongatus Alexander, 1978a: 130. Fiji.
vitiensis Alexander, 1956b: 155. Fiji.

Subgenus HELIUS Lepeletier & Serville

MEGARHINA Lepeletier & Serville in Latreille et al., 1828: 585 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia longirostris Meigen, 1818, mon.
HELIUS Lepeletier & Serville in Latreille et al., 1828: 831 (as gen.) (alt. original name for Megarhina Lepeletier & Serville). Type species: Limnobia longirostris Meigen, 1818, mon. [See also under generic heading.]
LEPTORHINA Stephens, 1829a: 53 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia longirostris Meigen, 1818, mon.
RHAMPHIDIA Meigen, 1830: 281 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia longirostris Meigen, 1818, des. Westwood, 1840: 129.
anaemicus Alexander, 1932d: 254. Philippines; PNG (Bismarck Arch).
aphrophilus Alexander, 1948e: 141. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
chintoo Theischinger, 1994b: 49. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT, WA).
communis Skuse, 1890a: 788 (Rhamphidia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA).
fulvithorax Skuse, 1890a: 789 (Rhamphidia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
gorokanus Alexander, 1962b: 234. PNG (PNG).
mesorhynchus Alexander, 1933b: 350. Australia (ACT).
neocaledonicus Alexander, 1945: 239. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
stolidus Alexander, 1948f: 381. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
subanaemicus Alexander, 1964a: 398. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
tonaleah Theischinger, 1994b: 48. Australia (WA).
venustus Skuse, 1890a: 790 (Rhamphidia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
yindi Theischinger, 1994b: 47. Australia (Qld).

Subgenus IDIOHELIUS Alexander

IDIOHELIUS Alexander, 1948f: 382. Type species: Helius pentaneurus Alexander, 1948, mon.
melanolithus Alexander, 1953c: 753. Vanuatu.
mirificus Alexander, 1953c: 754 (n. n. for mirandus Edwards). Vanuatu.
     mirandus Edwards, 1927a: 234. Vanuatu. [Preocc. Alexander, 1921.]
pentaneurus Alexander, 1948f: 382. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).

Subgenus MAMMUTHONASUS Theischinger

MAMMUTHONASUS Theischinger, 1994b: 53. Type species: Helius allunga Therischinger, 1994, orig. des.
allunga Theischinger, 1994b: 53. Australia (Qld).
     ssp. allunga s. str. Australia (Qld).
     ssp. wirruna Theischinger, 1994b: 47. Australia (Qld).

Subgenus RHAMPHOLIMNOBIA Alexander

RHAMPHOLIMNOBIA Alexander, 1915b: 169 (as gen.). Type species: Rhampholimnobia reticularis Alexander, 1915, orig. des.
bigeminatus Alexander, 1962b: 235. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
deentoo Theischinger, 1994b: 50. Australia (Qld).
diffusus Alexander, 1941c: 141. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fenestratus Alexander, 1973b: 280. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
gracilirostris Alexander, 1962b: 236. PNG (PNG).
guttulinus Alexander, 1960a: 8. PNG (PNG).
japenensis Alexander, 1948b: 409. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
matilei Hynes, 1993: 87. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
mesolineatus Alexander, 1962b: 236. PNG (PNG).
nimbus Alexander, 1941c: 141. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
papuanus Alexander, 1934d: 324. PNG (Bismarck Arch); PNG (PNG).
simulator Alexander, 1962b: 237. PNG (PNG).
spinteris Alexander, 1960a: 8. PNG (PNG).
subreticulatus Alexander, 1962b: 238. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).

Subgenus RHYNCHOLIMONIA Alexander

RHYNCHOLIMONIA Alexander, 1964a: 400. Type species: Helius dicroneurus Alexander, 1964, mon.
dicroneurus Alexander, 1964a: 400. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Unplaced species of Helius Lepeletier & Serville

harrisi Alexander, 1923a: 98 (Rhamphidia). NZ (NZ).

Genus LECHRIA Skuse

LECHRIA Skuse, 1890a: 830. Type species: Lechria singularis Skuse, 1890, mon.
albidipes Alexander, 1947c: 595. PNG (PNG).
rufithorax Alexander, 1920d: 101. Australia (Qld).
singularis Skuse, 1890a: 831. Australia (NSW).
sublaevis Alexander, 1920e: 54. Australia (Qld).

Genus LIBNOTES Westwood

LIBNOTES Westwood, 1876a: 505. Type species: Libnotes thwaitesiana Westwood, 1876, mon.

Subgenus GONIODINEURA Wulp *

GONIODINEURA Wulp, 1895a: 37 (as gen.). Type species: Goniodineura nigriceps Wulp, 1895, mon.
apicifusca Alexander, 1978a: 114 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia); Vanuatu.
apsellia Alexander, 1978a: 116 (Limonia). Fiji.
cerinella Alexander, 1978a: 147 (Limonia). PNG (Bougainville I).
delicatior Alexander, 1940: 204 (Limonia). Micronesia.
ephippiata Alexander, 1936d: 7 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
erythromera Alexander, 1935a: 59 (Limonia). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
familiaris Osten Sacken--not Australasian/Oceanian.
hopkinsi Edwards, 1928c: 79. American Samoa.
kraussiana Alexander, 1972a: 1 (Limonia). Fiji.
lacrimula Alexander, 1956b: 147 (Limonia). Fiji.
     lachrimula, error for lacrimula.
malaitae Alexander, 1978a: 116 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
nesopicta Alexander, 1940: 204 (Limonia; n. n. for picta Alexander). Guam; Northern Marianas.
     picta Alexander, 1915a: 80. Guam. [Preocc. Heer, 1849.]
novaebrittanicae Alexander, 1924b: 38. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
parvistigma Alexander, 1920d: 93. Australia (Qld); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
     tayloriana Alexander, 1930a: 149 (Limonia). Australia (Qld)
phaeonota Alexander, 1940: 202 (Limonia). Micronesia.
phaeozoma Alexander, 1972b: 788 (Limonia). Belau.
pictoides Alexander, 1972b: 789 (Limonia). Micronesia.
veitchi Alexander, 1924b: 37 (Limonia). Fiji.

Subgenus LAOSA Edwards

LAOSA Edwards, 1926d: 48 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Laosa gloriosa Edwards, 1926 [preocc., = Limonia iris Alexander, 1950], orig. des.
bipartita Alexander, 1936d: 5 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
falcata Alexander, 1935a: 55 (Limonia). PNG (Bismarck Arch); PNG (PNG).
innuba Alexander, 1941c: 138 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
joculator Alexander, 1959a: 663 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
pavo Alexander, 1964a: 383 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
riedelella Alexander, 1934f: 448 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
suffalcata Alexander, 1964a: 385 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
taficola Alexander, 1948b: 405 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).

Subgenus LIBNOTES Westwood *

LIBNOTES Westwood, 1876a: 505 (as gen.). Type species: Libnotes thwaitesiana Westwood, 1876, mon.
adicia Alexander, 1948b: 403 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
alternimaculaAlexander, 1962b: 226 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
archboldeana Alexander, 1959a: 665 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
augustana Alexander, 1978b: 148 (Limonia). PNG (Bougainville I).
aurantiaca Doleschall, 1858: 78 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Maluku); "Borneo," Indonesia (Java).
buruicola Alexander, 1942a: 30 (Limonia; n. n. for subcostalis Edwards). Indonesia (Maluku).
     subcostalis Edwards, 1926a: 138 [1926b: 168]. Indonesia (Maluku). [Preocc. Alexander, 1922.]
clintoni Alexander, 1936a: 124. PNG (PNG).
colossa Alexander, 1971: 299 (Limonia). Fiji; Solomon Is.
consona Alexander, 1936b: 177. PNG (PNG).
depicta Alexander, 1942a: 30 (Limonia; n. n. for affinis de Meijere). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     affinis de Meijere, 1913b: 308. Indonesia (Irian Jaya). [Preocc. Schummel, 1829.]
eboracensis Alexander, 1935a: 58. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
elachista Alexander, 1971: 301 (Limonia). PNG (Bougainville I).
elissa Alexander, 1947c: 596 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
fastosa Alexander, 1959a: 666 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. fastosa s. str. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. spinteris Alexander, 1959a: 668 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
ferruginata Edwards, 1926a: 138 [1926b: 168]. Indonesia (Maluku).
grammoneura Alexander, 1962b: 227 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
greenwoodi Alexander, 1924b: 40. Fiji.
hollandi Alexander, 1936b: 175 (Limonia). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
howensis Alexander, 1922c: 233. Lord Howe I.
immaculipennis Senior-White--not Australasian/Oceanian.
innotabilis Walker, 1864: 231 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Maluku).
inusitata Edwards, 1927a: 234. Vanuatu.
invicta Alexander, 1964a: 386 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
kusaiensis Alexander, 1940: 200 (Limonia). Micronesia.
majorina Alexander, 1972b: 799 (Limonia). Belau.
minyneura Alexander, 1978b: 149 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
muscicola Alexander, 1942a: 30. (Limonia; n. n. for sphagnicola Edwards). Indonesia (Maluku).
     sphagnicola Edwards, 1926a: 138 [1926b: 168]. Indonesia (Maluku). [Preocc. Alexander, 1925.]
neovittata Alexander, 1964c: 282 (Limonia; n. n. for vittata Edwards). Indonesia (Java); Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Sumatra), Thailand.
     vittata Edwards, 1925c: 162. Indonesia (Java). [Preocc. Matsumura, 1911.]
     ssp. luteiventris Edwards, 1926a: 136 [1926b: 166] (Libnotes vittata var.). Indonesia (Maluku).
nerissa Alexander, 1959a: 668 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
nervosa de Meijere--?not Australasian/Oceanian.
notata Wulp, 1878: 194. Indonesia (Sumatra); Belau, Micronesia, New Caledonia (New Caledonia), PNG (Bismarck Arch), Solomon Is, Vanuatu; widesp. Oriental Reg.
     ssp. notata s. str. Indonesia (Sumatra); Belau, Micronesia, New Caledonia (New Caledonia), Vanuatu; Oriental Reg.
     ssp. solomonis Alexander, 1924b: 39 (Libnotes; as sp.). Solomon Is; Belau, Micronesia, New Caledonia (New Caledonia), PNG (Bismarck Arch).
onobana Alexander, 1936a: 123 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
oralis Edwards, 1928b: 80. Indonesia (Maluku); Oriental Reg.
palaeta Alexander, 1942a: 30 (Limonia; n. n. for punctipennis de Meijere). Indonesia (Java); American Samoa, Vanuatu, Western Samoa; widesp. Oriental Reg.
     punctipennis de Meijere, 1911a: 35. Indonesia (Java). [Preocc. Skuse, 1890.]
     distincta Senior-White, 1922b: 133. Sri Lanka. [Preocc. Doane, 1900.]
     whiteana Alexander, 1953a: 326 (Limonia; n. n. for distincta Senior-White).
perkinsi Grimshaw, 1901: 6 (Limnobia). Hawaiian Is; Fiji, French Polynesia (Marquesas, Society Is), Western Samoa.
philemon Alexander, 1962b: 229 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
plomleyi Alexander, 1937: 335 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).
praeculta Alexander, 1959a: 671 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
punctatissima de Meijere, 1915a: 102. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
quadrifurca Walker, 1861b: 230 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
quinquegeminata Alexander, 1950b: 940 (Limonia). Vanuatu.
rectangula Riedel, 1921: 132 (Limnobia). PNG (PNG).
restricta Alexander, 1924d: 366. Australia (NSW); New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
rufula Alexander, 1962b: 230 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
sabroskyi Alexander, 1972b: 801 (Limonia). Belau.
sackenina Alexander, 1929d: 248 (Limonia; n. n. for simplex Osten Sacken). Indonesia (Maluku); "Borneo."
     simplex Osten Sacken, 1881a: 402. Indonesia (Maluku). [Preocc. Wiedemann, 1828.]
strigivena Walker, 1861b: 229 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); American Samoa, Australia (Qld), Belau, Fiji, Guam, Micronesia, PNG (PNG), Tonga, Western Samoa; Indonesia (Java).
subfasciatula Oosterbroek, 1986: 49 (Limonia; n. n. for subfasciata Edwards). Indonesia (Maluku).
     subfasciata Edwards, 1926a: 137 [1926b: 167]. Indonesia (Maluku). [Preocc. Alexander, 1924.]
subocellata Alexander, 1959a: 672 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
suttoni Alexander, 1935a: 56 (Limonia). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
terraereginae Alexander, 1922c: 231. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
tibiocincta Alexander, 1964a: 388 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
trisignata Walker, 1865a: 105 (Limnobia). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].
trukensis Alexander, 1972b: 804 (Limonia). Micronesia; New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
viridicolor Alexander, 1962b: 231 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
vitiana Alexander, 1956b: 148 (Limonia). Fiji.
willowsi Alexander, 1936d: 6 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
xanthoneura Alexander, 1953c: 752 (Limonia). Vanuatu.
zelota Alexander, 1933b: 348 (Limonia). Australia (NSW).

Subgenus METALIBNOTES Alexander

METALIBNOTES Alexander, 1972b: 809 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Teucholabis fijiensis Alexander, 1914, orig. des.
beardsleyi Alexander, 1972b: 809 (Limonia). Marshall Is.
caledoniana Alexander, 1978a: 126 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
delandi Alexander, 1934b: 268 (Limonia fijiensis ssp.). Solomon Is.
edgari Alexander, 1972b: 811 (Limonia). Northern Marianas; Guam.
fijiensis Alexander, 1914c: 240 (Teucholabis). Fiji; American Samoa, Western Samoa.
hebridensis Edwards, 1927a: 234 (Libnotes). Vanuatu.
jocularis Alexander, 1940: 205 (Limonia). Micronesia; Guam, Marshall Is.
knighti Alexander, 1978b: 154 (Limonia). PNG (Bougainville I).
orofenaae Alexander, 1947a: 344 (Limonia). French Polynesia (Society Is).
perhyalina Alexander, 1973a: 155 (Limonia). NZ (Kermadec Is).
persetosa Alexander, 1956b: 145 (Limonia). Fiji.
     ssp. decemsetosa Alexander, 1956b: 146 (Limonia). Fiji.
     ssp. persetosa s. str. Fiji.
semiermis Alexander, 1921e: 551 (Limnobia). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW), Lord Howe I, New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
     fasta Alexander, 1948f: 375 (Limonia; as semiermis ssp.). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
sentifera Alexander, 1972b: 812 (Limonia). Marshall Is.
tongana Alexander, 1978a: 128 (Limonia). Tonga.
toxopei Edwards, 1926a: 139 [1926b: 169] (Libnotes). Indonesia (Maluku).
veitchiana Edwards, 1924f: 571 (Libnotes). Fiji.
watti Alexander, 1973a: 154 (Limonia). NZ (Kermadec Is).

Subgenus NEOLIBNOTES Alexander

NEOLIBNOTES Alexander, 1972b: 816 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Libnotes samoensis Alexander, 1921, orig. des.
biprotensa Alexander, 1972b: 817 (Limonia). Belau.
manni Alexander, 1924b: 41 (Libnotes). Solomon Is.
obliqua Alexander, 1922c: 232 (Libnotes). Australia (Qld); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
samoensis Alexander, 1921a: 9 (Libnotes). American Samoa; Western Samoa.
subaequalis Alexander, 1921e: 554 (Libnotes). Australia (Qld).

Subgenus PARALIBNOTES Alexander*

PARALIBNOTES Alexander, 1972b: 818 (Limonia subg.). Type species: Limnobia bidentata Skuse, 1890, orig. des.
bidentata Skuse, 1890a: 782 (Limnobia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
     semitristis Alexander, 1924c: 180 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
bidentoides Alexander, 1972b: 818 (Limonia). Belau.
mopsa Alexander, 1934f: 450 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
     argentifera, authors, not Alexander, 1924, misid.

Genus LIMONIA Meigen

AMPHINOME Meigen, 1800: 15. Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1963b: 339. [Preocc. Bruguière, 1792.]
LIMONIA Meigen, 1803: 262. Type species: Tipula tripunctata Fabricius, 1782, des. Westwood, 1840: 129.
LIMNOBIA Meigen, 1818: 116 (unnec. n. n. for Limonia).
UNOMYIA Meigen, 1818: 135. Type species: Tipula tripunctata Fabricius, 1782, des. Coquillett, 1910: 618.
LIMNOMYZA Rondani, 1856: 185. Type species: Tipula tripunctata Fabricius, 1782, orig. des.
acaenophora Alexander, 1978a: 120. PNG (PNG).
alienata Alexander, 1948g: 406. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
amicula Alexander, 1921e: 548 (Dicranomyia). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
     exosa Alexander, 1930a: 148. Australia (NSW).
annulipes Skuse, 1890a: 773 (Dicranomyia). Australia (NSW).
atnitta Theischinger, 1994b: 72. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
aureolenta Alexander, 1948g: 410. Solomon Is.
bipendula Alexander, 1978b: 150. Fiji.
bougainvilleana Alexander, 1971: 303. PNG (Bougainville I).
bryaniana Alexander, 1929f: 86. Western Samoa.
cairnensis Alexander, 1921e: 548 (Dicranomyia). Australia (Qld).
dipinax Alexander, 1948g: 408. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
distivena Alexander, 1935a: 61. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
edax Alexander, 1961c: 490. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
egesta Alexander, 1948b: 402. PNG (PNG).
elephantella Alexander, 1972b: 805. Micronesia.
elephantina Alexander, 1940: 207. Micronesia.
erugata Alexander, 1978b: 151. PNG (Bougainville I).
expedita Alexander, 1936b: 175. PNG (PNG).
goodenoughensis Alexander, 1978a: 122. PNG (PNG).
graciosa Alexander, 1978b: 152. Solomon Is.
hebridicola Alexander, 1948g: 407. Vanuatu.
hera Alexander, 1948f: 373. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
insitiva Alexander, 1951b: 581. PNG (PNG).
kumbu Theischinger, 1994b: 73. Australia (Qld).
longeantennata Alexander, 1936a: 122. PNG (PNG).
mouicola Alexander, 1948f: 372. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
paitae Alexander, 1948f: 374. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
perextensa Alexander, 1971: 304. Fiji.
perissoptera Alexander, 1962b: 225. PNG (PNG).
procericornis Alexander, 1978a: 123. PNG (PNG).
prolixisetosa Alexander, 1971: 305. Fiji.
raiateaae Alexander, 1947a: 345. French Polynesia (Society Is).
stoneri Alexander, 1925a: 13. Fiji.
syrma Alexander, 1978a: 124. PNG (PNG).
viticola Alexander, 1978a: 125. Fiji.
yapicola Alexander, 1972b: 807. Micronesia; Belau.
yeranda Theischinger, 1994b: 74. Australia (Qld).

Unplaced species of Limonia Meigen

dactylolabis Alexander, 1921e: 552 (Limnobia). Fiji.

Genus ORIMARGA Osten Sacken

ORIMARGA Osten Sacken, 1869: 120. Type species: Limnobia alpina Zetterstedt, 1851 [= Limnobia attenuata Walker, 1848], des. Coquillett, 1910: 580.
NINGUIS Wallengren, 1882: 183. Type species: Limnobia virgo Zetterstedt, 1851, des. Coquillett, 1910: 576.
australis Skuse, 1890a: 793. Australia (NSW).
carnosa Alexander, 1956b: 153. Fiji.
flaviventris Edwards, 1927c: 366. Indonesia (Maluku).
inornata Skuse, 1890a: 794. Australia (NSW).
joana Alexander, 1926c: 188. Australia (NSW).
niveibasis Alexander, 1956b: 154. Fiji.
palauiana Alexander, 1940: 213. Belau.
papuicola Alexander, 1936b: 181. PNG (PNG).
perextensa Alexander, 1972b: 832. Belau.
pictula Edwards, 1927c: 366. Indonesia (Maluku).
risbeci Alexander, 1934d: 328. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
sanguinicolour Alexander, 1956b: 153. Fiji.
soluta Alexander, 1948g: 415. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
spiloptera Alexander, 1948g: 413. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Genus RHIPIDIA Meigen*

RHIPIDIA Meigen, 1818: 153. Type species: Rhipidia maculata Meigen, 1818, mon.
CERASTOSTEPHANUS Brunetti, 1911b: 271. Type species: Ceratostephanus antennatus Brunetti, 1911, mon.
ARHIPIDIA Alexander, 1912b: 6 (Rhipidia subg.). Type species: Rhipidia domestica Osten Sacken, 1860, des. Alexander, 1950a: 195.
MONORHIPIDIA Alexander, 1912b: 6 (Rhipidia subg.). Type species: Rhipidia fidelis Osten Sacken, 1860, des. Alexander, 1950a: 195.
CONORHIPIDIA Alexander, 1914b: 117 (Rhipidia subg.). Type species: Rhipidia conica Alexander, 1914, orig. des.
RIPIDIA, error for Rhipidia.
dione Alexander, 1964a: 389 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
diplocada Alexander, 1941c: 140 (Limonia). PNG (PNG).
holwayi Alexander, 1978b: 155 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
mutila Alexander, 1928c: 595. Australia (Tas).
pallidistigma Alexander, 1928c: 597. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW).
     ssp. funeralis Alexander, 1928c: 598. Australia (NSW).
     ssp. pallidistigma s. str. Australia (Tas).
plurinervis Riedel, 1921: 132. PNG (PNG).
pulcherrima Edwards, 1928c: 86. Western Samoa.
pulchra de Meijere--not Australasian/Oceanian.


THRYPTICOMYIA Skuse, 1890a: 774. Type species: Thrypticomyia aureipennis Skuse, 1890, mon.
arachnophila Alexander, 1927e: 301 (Dicranomyia). Philippines; Belau, Micronesia, PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG), Solomon Is, Vanuatu.
arca Alexander, 1964a: 397 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
aureipennis Skuse, 1890a: 775 (Thrypticomyia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld), Vanuatu, Western Samoa.
basitarsatra Alexander, 1948f: 378 (Limonia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
carissa Alexander, 1948g: 401 (Limonia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
carolinensis Alexander, 1940: 213 (Limonia; icrostigma ssp.). Micronesia; Belau, Solomon Is.
decussata Alexander, 1972b: 825 (Limonia). Micronesia.
dichaeta Alexander, 1948g: 402 (Limonia). Vanuatu.
dichromogaster Edwards, 1927b: 238 (Thrypticomyia). French Polynesia (Society Is).
doddi Alexander, 1921f: 206 (Dicranomyia). Australia (Qld).
fumidapicalis Alexander, 1921f: 207 (Dicranomyia). Australia (Qld).
gizoensis Alexander, 1978b: 156 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
marksae Alexander, 1956a: 42 (Limonia). Australia (Qld).
microstigma Alexander, 1921e: 546 (Dicranomyia). Australia (Qld); Solomon Is; Philippines.
ponapicola Alexander, 1972b: 826 (Limonia). Micronesia.
sparsiseta Alexander, 1947a: 340 (Limonia). French Polynesia (Society Is).
spathulata Alexander, 1936d: 10 (Limonia). Solomon Is.
spathulifera Alexander, 1936b: 179 (Limonia). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
subsaltens Alexander, 1924b: 34 (Dicranomyia). Fiji; New Caledonia (New Caledonia), PNG (PNG), Western Samoa.
     saltens, error for subsaltens.
tetrachaeta Alexander, 1972b: 827 (Limonia). Belau.
tinianensis Alexander, 1972b: 828 (Limonia). Northern Marianas.
trifusca Alexander, 1948g: 404 (Limonia). PNG (Bougainville I).
unisetosa Alexander, 1929d: 248 (Limonia; n. n. for arcuata Alexander). Japan; Bonin Is; Nepal, Taiwan.
     arcuata Alexander, 1920a: 4 (Thrypticomyia). Japan. [Preocc. Alexander, 1913.]
     ssp. perelongata Alexander, 1972b: 829 (Limonia). Bonin Is.
zimmermaniana Alexander, 1947a: 338 (Limonia). French Polynesia (Austral Is).


TRICHONEURA Loew, 1850b: 36. Type species: Trichoneura vulgaris Loew, 1850, mon.
SACKENIELLA Meunier, 1894: clxxviii [1895: clxxviii]. Type species: Trichoneura vulgaris Loew, 1850, des. Oosterbroek, 1989: 66.
SACKANIELLA. Incorr. orig. spell. of Sackeniella (Meunier, 1894: clxxviii [1895: clxxviii]).
umbrosa Alexander, 1948a: 260. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Genus TONNOIROMYIA Alexander

TONNOIROMYIA Alexander, 1926c: 190. Type species: Tonnoiromyia tasmaniensis Alexander, 1926, mon.
montina Alexander, 1933b: 349. Australia (NSW).
tasmaniensis Alexander, 1926c: 192. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
undoolya Theischinger, 1994b: 150. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).


ACANTHOLIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1924d: 368. Type species: Limnophila maorica Alexander, 1922, orig. des.
bispina Alexander, 1922d: 310 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
maorica Alexander, 1922d: 309 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).

Subgenus ISCHNOTHRIX Bigot

LACHNOCERA Philippi, 1865: 615. Type species: Lachnocera delicatula Philippi, 1865, mon.
ISCHNOTHRIX Bigot, 1887f: 7. Type species: Ischnothrix aetherea Bigot, 1887, mon.
[In the interest of stability and in accordance with usage the author has here adopted the name Ischnothrix, whereas Lachnocera is the correct name under the I.C.Z.N. Code.]
OROMYIA Alexander, 1913b: 203. Type species: Oromyia lloydi Alexander, 1913, orig. des.
OROLIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1921b: 178 (unnec. n. n. for Oromyia).
angusta Theischinger, 1994b: 156. Australia (WA).
australasiae Skuse, 1890a: 858 (Limnophila). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Tas), Lord Howe I.
bickeli Theischinger, 1996a: 4. Australia (Qld).
confluenta Alexander, 1924j: 301 (Ischnothrix). NZ (NZ).
connexa Alexander, 1923b: 198 (Orolimnophila). NZ (NZ).
eluta Edwards, 1923a: 302 (Orolimnophila). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. eluta s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. flavida Alexander, 1923b: 199 (Orolimnophila). NZ (NZ).
generosa Alexander, 1922c: 238 (Rhabdomastix). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
grampiana Alexander, 1931d: 155 (Ischnothrix). Australia (Vic).
iyouta Theischinger, 1994b: 162. Australia (Qld).
lawsonensis Skuse, 1890a: 856 (Limnophila). Australia (NSW).
mathewsi Alexander, 1931d: 157 (Ischnothrix). Australia (WA).
millaamillaa Theischinger, 1994b: 161. Australia (Qld).
thowla Theischinger, 1994b: 164. Australia (Qld).
verticalis Alexander, 1929c: 471 (Ischnothrix). Australia (Vic); Australia (ACT).
     fuscomacula Alexander, 1944: 9. Australia (ACT).
waylehmina Theischinger, 1994b: 160. Australia (NSW).
williamsi Theischinger, 1994b: 163. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).


AUSTROLIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1920f: 4 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnophila eutaeniata Bigot, 1887, orig. des.
POLYMORIA, authors, not Philippi, 1865, misid.
accola Alexander, 1961a: 738. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
agathicola Alexander, 1952: 440. NZ (NZ).
amatrix Alexander, 1960c: 613. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
antiqua Skuse, 1890a: 849 (Limnophila). Australia (NSW); australia (Qld, Tas, Vic).
argus Hutton, 1900: 41 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. argus s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. stewartiae Alexander, 1924j: 300 (Polymoria). NZ (NZ).
atripes Alexander, 1922f: 92 (Limnophila hudsoni ssp.). NZ (NZ).
     hudsoni Alexander, 1922f: 92 (Limnophila). Nomen nudum.
     hudsoni Edwards, 1923a: 314 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
chrysorrhoea Edwards, 1923a: 311 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
collessiana Theischinger, 1996b: 26. Australia (Qld).
crassipes Hutton, 1900: 41 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
croceipennis Alexander, 1962b: 241. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
cyatheti Edwards, 1923a: 313 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
cyclopica Alexander, 1947b: 743. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
danbulla Theischinger, 1996b: 30. Australia (Qld).
diacanthophora Alexander, 1962a: 2. PNG (PNG).
discoboloides Alexander, 1947b: 741. PNG (PNG).
dislocata Alexander, 1961a: 739. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
electa Alexander, 1924f: 506 (Polymoria). Australia (NSW).
eucharis Alexander, 1962b: 242. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
excelsior Alexander, 1960c: 615. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fluxa Alexander, 1936c: 322. PNG (PNG).
geographica Hutton, 1900: 43 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
interjecta Alexander, 1936c: 323. PNG (PNG).
interventa Skuse, 1890a: 850 (Limnophila). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, Tas, Vic).
irwinsmithae Alexander, 1937: 342. Australia (Tas).
japenensis Alexander, 1947b: 747. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
jobiensis Alexander, 1947b: 745. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
laetabunda Alexander, 1960c: 617. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
lambi Edwards, 1923a: 311 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ). N. comb.
leucomelas Edwards, 1923a: 308 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
lewisiana Theischinger, 1996b: 26. Australia (Qld).
linae Alexander, 1947b: 748. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
marshalli Hutton, 1900: 42 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
     umbrosa Hutton, 1900: 43 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
minor Alexander, 1962a: 3. PNG (PNG).
multitergata Alexander, 1962b: 244. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
munifica Alexander, 1928d: 56. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
nebrias Alexander, 1962b: 246. PNG (PNG).
nigrocincta Edwards, 1923a: 312 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
norrisiana Theischinger, 1996b: 25. Australia (WA).
obliquata Alexander, 1922i: 566 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
oculata Edwards, 1923a: 310 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
polydamus Alexander, 1960c: 618. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
pristina Alexander, 1924f: 505 (Polymoria). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
proximata Alexander, 1926a: 65 (Polymoria). NZ (NZ).
relicta Alexander, 1928a: 85. Australia (Tas).
stemma Alexander, 1922k: 201 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
strigimacula Edwards, 1923b: 627 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
subinterventa Edwards, 1923a: 309 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. subinterventa s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. oriunda Alexander, 1952: 442. NZ (NZ).
superstes Alexander, 1960c: 619. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
terpsis Alexander, 1960c: 621. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
trifidula Alexander, 1960c: 623. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
wilfredlongi Alexander, 1952: 442. NZ (NZ).
wilhelminae Alexander, 1960c: 624. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


BERGROTHOMYIA Alexander, 1928a: 90. Type species: Limnophila rostrifera Skuse, 1890, orig. des.
diemenensis Alexander, 1928a: 91. Australia (Tas).
rostrifera Skuse, 1890a: 846 (Limnophila). Australia (NSW).
tregellasi Alexander, 1931d: 146. Australia (Vic).

Genus CONOSIA Wulp

CONOSIA Wulp, 1880: 159. Type species: Limnobia irrorata Wiedemann, 1828, mon.
insularis Alexander, 1942b: 198 (irrorata ssp.). Micronesia; Belau, Fiji, "Samoa."
irrorata Wiedemann, 1828: 574 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Java); Australia (NSW), ?Fiji, Indonesia (Irian Jaya, Maluku), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); Afrotrop., Oriental, Palearctic Regs.
     substituta Walker, 1848: 39 (Limnobia). China.
     crux Doleschall, 1857: 388 (Limnophila). Indonesia (Java).


CTENOLIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1921d: 61. Type species: Ctenolimnophila bivena Alexander, 1921, orig. des.

Subgenus CAMPBELLOMYIA Alexander

CAMPBELLOMYIA Alexander, 1925d: 70 (Gnophomyia subg.). Type species: Gnophomyia alpina Alexander, 1922, orig. des.
alpina Alexander, 1922i: 565 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. alpina s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. fulvipleura Alexander, 1923g: 203 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. fumipennis Alexander, 1923g: 203 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. pallipes Alexander, 1926a: 78 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).
brevitarsis Alexander, 1926a: 77 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).
harrisiana Alexander, 1924h: 574 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).
venustipennis Alexander, 1925d: 71 (Gnophomyia). NZ (NZ).

Genus DIEMENOMYIA Alexander

DIEMENOMYIA Alexander, 1928a: 93. Type species: Diemenomyia bulbosa Alexander, 1928, orig. des.
bulbosa Alexander, 1928a: 93. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. bulbosa s. str. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. multifida Alexander, 1928a: 94. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. temeraria Alexander, 1928a: 95. Australia (Tas).
praetenuis Alexander, 1928a: 95. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. intermedialis Alexander, 1944: 9. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. praetenuis s. str. Australia (Tas).

Genus EPIPHRAGMA Osten Sacken

EPIPHRAGMA Osten Sacken, 1860: 238 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnophila pavonina Osten Sacken, 1860 [= Limnobia fasciapennis Say, 1823], des. Coquillett, 1910: 539.

Subgenus EPIPHRAGMA Osten Sacken

EPIPHRAGMA Osten Sacken, 1860: 238 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnophila pavonina Osten Sacken, 1860 [= Limnobia fasciapennis Say, 1823], des. Coquillett, 1910: 539.
chionopeza Alexander, 1960a: 10. PNG (PNG).
collessi Theischinger, 1996b: 37. Australia (Qld).
fuscodiscale Alexander, 1936c: 323. PNG (PNG).
fuscoterminale Alexander, 1948a: 261. PNG (PNG).
gloriolum Alexander, 1936c: 324. PNG (PNG).
hardyi Alexander, 1922j: 584. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, Vic).
     wilsoniana Alexander, 1928a: 89. Australia (NSW).
hebridense Alexander, 1924b: 44. Vanuatu.
howense Alexander, 1922c: 241. Lord Howe I.
illingworthi Alexander, 1921f: 210 (Limnophila). Australia (Qld).
insperatum Alexander, 1960c: 607. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
meridionale Alexander, 1928a: 87. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
petulantium Alexander, 1948f: 384. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
     legatoria Alexander, 1948f: 385. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
     caledoniana Alexander, 1971: 308 (Austrolimnophila). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
risorium Alexander, 1962b: 239. PNG (PNG).
terraereginae Alexander, 1922c: 241. Australia (Qld).

Subgenus EUPOLYPHRAGMA Alexander

POLYPHRAGMA Alexander, 1931c: 435 (Epiphragma subg.). Type species: Epiphragma bakeri Alexander, 1922, orig. des. [Preocc. Quatrefages, 1866.]
EUPOLYPHRAGMA Alexander, 1948d: 170 (n. n. for Polyphragma).
joculatus Alexander, 1960c: 610. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
multiplex Alexander, 1960c: 612. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
staplesi Alexander, 1948g: 416. PNG (Bougainville I).

Subgenus LIPOPHRAGMA Alexander

LIPOPHRAGMA Alexander, 1978a: 132. Type species: Austrolimnophila garrigoui Alexander, 1948, mon.
garrigoui Alexander, 1948e: 142 (Austrolimnophila). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).

Subgenus PAREPIPHRAGMA Alexander

PAREPIPHRAGMA Alexander, 1960c: 609. Type species: Epiphragma perideles Alexander, 1960, mon.
perideles Alexander, 1960c: 609. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Unplaced species of Epiphragma Osten Sacken

erasmi Alexander, 1931d: 145. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).

Genus GYNOPLISTIA Macquart

GYNOPLISTIA Macquart, 1835: 649. type species: Gynoplistia annulata Macquart, 1835, des. Theischinger, 1993a: 5.

Subgenus CEROZODIA Westwood

CEROZODIA Macquart, 1835: 650. Type species: Cerozodia interrupta Macquart, 1835, mon.
CEROZODIA Westwood, 1835c: 281 (as gen.). Type species: Cerozodia interrupta Westwood, 1835 [preocc., = Cerozodia interrupta Macquart, 1835], mon.
OZOCERA Macquart, 1835: 650. Unavailable; name proposed in synonymy and not made available before 1961.]
OZOCERA Westwood, 1835f: 449 (as gen.). Type species: Cerozodia interrupta Westwood, 1835 [preocc., = Cerozodia interrupta Macquart, 1835], mon.
hemiptera Alexander, 1922k: 203 (Cerozodia hudsoni ssp.). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. hemiptera s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. hudsoni Edwards, 1923a: 329 (Cerozodia). NZ (NZ).
hudsoni Alexander, 1922k: 203. Nomen nudum.
interrupta Westwood, 1835c: 281 (Cerozodia). Australia (WA).
laticosta Alexander, 1930f: 281. NZ (NZ).
paradisea Edwards, 1923a: 328 (Cerozodia). NZ (NZ).
plumosa Osten Sacken, 1888: 213 (Cerozodia). NZ (NZ).
pulverulenta Edwards, 1923a: 328 (Cerozodia). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. pulverulenta s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. striata Edwards, 1923a: 329 (Cerozodia). NZ (NZ).

Subgenus GYNOPLISTIA Macquart

GYNOPLISTIA Macquart, 1835: 649. type species: Gynoplistia annulata Macquart, 1835, des. Theischinger, 1993a: 5.
GYNOPLISTIA Westwood, 1835c: 280 (as gen.). Type species: Gynoplistia nervosa Westwood, 1835 [= Ctenophora vilis Walker, 1835], des. Brunetti, 1918: 332. [Preocc. Macquart, 1835.]
ANOPLISTES Macquart, 1835: 650. Unavailable; name proposed in synonymy and not made available before 1961. [Preocc. Audinet-Serville, 1833.]
ANOPLISTES Westwood, 1835c: 280 (as gen.). Nomen nudum. [Preocc. Audinet-Serville, 1833.]
GYNOPLISTES Westwood, 1835f: 447 (as gen.). Type species: Gynoplistes nervosa Westwood, 1835 [= Ctenophora vilis Walker, 1835], des. Oosterbroek, 1989: 87.
VARIEGATA Bigot, 1854: 456 (as gen.). Type species: Variegata gymnoplistioides Bigot, 1854 [= Ctenophora bella Walker, 1835], mon.
VARIPTERA. Incorr. orig. spell. of Variegata (Bigot, 1854: 471).
CLONIOPHORA Schiner, 1866c: 932 (as gen.). Type species: Gynoplistia subfasciata Walker, 1848, mon.
CAENARTHRIA Thomson, 1869: 445 (as gen.). Type species: Gynoplistia viridis Westwood, 1835, mon.
GYMNOPLISTIA, error for Gynoplistia.
achlys Alexander, 1959c: 782. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
aculeata Alexander, 1924j: 302. NZ (NZ).
albicincta Edwards, 1923a: 326. NZ (NZ).
albizonata Alexander, 1938: 236. PNG (PNG).
alice Theischinger, 1993a: 15. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld).
alpigena Alexander, 1929a: 66. Australia (Vic).
ambulator Alexander, 1924h: 575. NZ (NZ).
angustipennis Edwards, 1924b: 161. NZ (NZ).
annulata Macquart, 1835: 650. Australia (NSW).
     annulata Westwood, 1835c: 280. "Americâ Septentrionali", error [= Australia]; Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Macquart, 1835.]
anthracina Alexander, 1920g: 128. NZ (NZ).
apicalis Walker, 1856d: 447. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Qld, Vic).
     cyanea Macquart, 1850: 317(13). Australia (Tas). [Preocc. Westwood, 1835.]
     macquarti Skuse, 1890a: 881 (n. n. for cyanea Macquart). Australia (Tas).
     chalybeia Skuse, 1890a: 884. Australia (NSW).
     ssp. apicalis s. str. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
     ssp. evanescens Alexander, 1924f: 517 (chalybeia ssp.). Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
     ssp. helmsi Alexander, 1923j: 253 (viridis spp.). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
argyropleura Alexander, 1930e: 128. Australia (Vic).
arthuriana Edwards, 1923a: 319. NZ (NZ).
atripes Alexander, 1924f: 514 (bella ssp.). Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
attrita Alexander, 1936c: 327. PNG (PNG).
aurantiocincta Alexander, 1930e: 129. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
aurantiopyga Alexander, 1922i: 570. NZ (NZ).
babinda Theischinger, 1993a: 51. Australia (Qld).
basispinosa Alexander, 1978a: 133. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
bella Walker, 1835c: 470 (Ctenophora). "New Holland"; widesp. Australia.
     variegata Westwood, 1835f: 448 (Gynoplistes). "Australasiâ."
     gymnoplistioides Bigot, 1854: 456 (Variegata). Not given [Australia].
     elegans Walker, 1856d: 447. Australia (NSW).
     pallidapicalis Alexander, 1922c: 250 (bella spp.). Australia (Tas).
biangri Theischinger, 1993a: 43. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
bickeli Theischinger, 1993a: 29. Australia (NSW).
bidentata Alexander, 1922i: 571. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. bidentata s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. purpurea Alexander, 1922i: 572. NZ (NZ).
bilobata Alexander, 1923g: 205. NZ (NZ).
bimaculata Skuse, 1890a: 875. Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas, Vic).
     nigrotibialis Alexander, 1924f: 515 (bimaculata ssp.). Australia (NSW).
     fulvoabdominalis Alexander, 1930e: 123. Australia (Vic).
     aciculifera Alexander, 1951b: 595 (nigrotibialis ssp.). Australia (NSW).
biroana Alexander, 1934f: 460. PNG (PNG).
bispica Alexander, 1960b: 453. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
bituberculata Alexander, 1923g: 207. NZ (NZ).
bona Alexander, 1920g: 123. NZ (NZ).
boomerang Theischinger, 1993a: 46. Australia (NSW).
brassi Alexander, 1960a: 11. PNG (PNG).
bucera Alexander, 1923k: 392. NZ (NZ).
campbelli Alexander, 1922b: 155. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. bicornis Alexander, 1926b: 542. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. campbelli s. str. NZ (NZ).
canterburiana Edwards, 1923a: 319. NZ (NZ).
capreolus Theischinger, 1993a: 28. Australia (Vic).
chadwicki Theischinger, 1993a: 21. Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas, Vic).
     ssp. chadwicki s. str. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     ssp. tasmanica Theischinger, 1993a: 22. Australia (Tas).
chalybeata Alexander, 1947b: 756. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
chalybicolor Alexander, 1930e: 124. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
chathamica Alexander, 1924k: 169. NZ (Chatham Is).
cladophora Alexander, 1922g: 229. NZ (NZ).
clarkeana Alexander, 1951b: 591. NZ (NZ).
clarki Alexander, 1930e: 121. Australia (Vic).
clavipes Edwards, 1923a: 326. NZ (NZ).
collessi Theischinger, 1994a: 5. Australia (Qld).
concava Alexander, 1922d: 311. NZ (NZ).
conjuncta Edwards, 1923a: 320. NZ (NZ).
cultrata Alexander, 1928d: 65. Australia (NSW).
cuprea Hutton, 1900: 46. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. cuprea s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. percara Alexander, 1926b: 530. NZ (NZ).
cyanea Westwood, 1835c: 280. "New Holland"; Australia (Tas, Vic).
     simplex Alexander, 1922b: 157. Australia (Tas).
cyanoceps Alexander, 1960b: 454. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
dactylophora Alexander, 1926b: 537. NZ (NZ).
davidsoni Alexander, 1929a: 59. Australia (Qld).
decacantha Alexander, 1960b: 452. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
digitifera Alexander, 1953c: 755. NZ (NZ).
dilatata Alexander, 1924j: 303. NZ (NZ).
dileuca Alexander, 1947b: 757. PNG (PNG).
dimidiata Alexander, 1922b: 154. NZ (NZ).
dispila Alexander, 1923h: 278. NZ (NZ).
dispiloides Alexander, 1926b: 543. NZ (NZ).
distinctissima Alexander, 1930e: 135. Australia (Vic).
     ssp. distinctissima s. str. Australia (Vic).
     ssp. nigrina Alexander, 1951b: 596. Australia (Vic).
dixantha Alexander, 1948a: 266. PNG (PNG).
doddi Alexander, 1921e: 561. Australia (Qld).
drekurmi Theischinger, 1993a: 43. Australia (Vic).
echionis Alexander, 1959c: 769. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
elaphus Theischinger, 1993a: 30. Australia (NSW).
eluta Alexander, 1923a: 107. NZ (NZ).
erinundra Theischinger, 1993a: 27. Australia (Vic).
erythrina Alexander, 1930e: 132. Australia (NSW).
evelynae Alexander, 1947b: 753. PNG (PNG).
exornata Alexander, 1929a: 62. Australia (Vic).
fergusoniana Alexander, 1924f: 516. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
     ssp. fergusoniana s. str. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     ssp. longicornis Theischinger, 1993a: 62. Australia (NSW).
fimbriata Alexander, 1920g: 126. NZ (NZ).
flavipes Theischinger, 1993a: 65. Australia (NSW).
flavizona Alexander, 1948a: 264. PNG (PNG).
flavofemorata Alexander, 1928d: 63. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
flavohalterata Alexander, 1926b: 540. NZ (NZ).
forceps Alexander, 1931d: 162. Australia (NSW).
formosa Hutton, 1900: 46. NZ (NZ).
frazieri Theischinger, 1993a: 66. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
fulgens Hutton, 1900: 47. NZ (NZ).
fulva Theischinger, 1993a: 59. Australia (ACT).
fulviceps Walker, 1861b: 231. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fulviventris Alexander, 1922b: 156. Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
fumipennis Walker, 1856d: 448. Australia (Tas); Australia (ACT, NSW, Vic).
     claripennis Alexander, 1921e: 560. Australia (Tas).
     subinfuscata Alexander, 1929a: 69 (claripennis ssp.). Australia (Tas).
     ssp. bifasciata Alexander, 1931d: 164 (claripennis ssp.). Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW, Vic).
     ssp. fumipennis s. str. Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
fuscoplumbea Edwards, 1923a: 318. NZ (NZ).
galbraithae Alexander, 1929a: 69. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
generosa Alexander, 1926b: 533. NZ (NZ).
gingera Theischinger, 1993a: 28. Australia (NSW).
glauca Edwards, 1923a: 318. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. glauca s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. vexator Alexander, 1952: 447. NZ (NZ).
gnamma Theischinger, 1993a: 41. Australia (NSW).
habbemae Alexander, 1959c: 784. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. habbemae s. str. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. perdistincta Alexander, 1959c: 786. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
hamiltoni Alexander, 1924f: 518. NZ (NZ).
harrisi Alexander, 1922g: 231. NZ (NZ).
heighwayi Alexander, 1930f: 287. NZ (NZ).
hera Alexander, 1959c: 777. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
heroni Alexander, 1929a: 70. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
hiemalis Alexander, 1923a: 108 (Cerozodia). NZ (NZ).
hirsuticauda Alexander, 1923h: 277. NZ (NZ).
hirtamera Alexander, 1922e: 518. NZ (NZ).
histrionica Alexander, 1928d: 66. Australia (NSW).
hotooworry Theischinger, 1993a: 35. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
howensis Skuse, 1890a: 872. Lord Howe I, Australia (NSW).
hyalinata Alexander, 1923f: 110. NZ (NZ).
illcha Theischinger, 1993a: 17. Australia (NSW).
incisa Edwards, 1923a: 318. NZ (NZ).
inconjuncta Alexander, 1926b: 536. NZ (NZ).
inflata Alexander, 1926b: 534. NZ (NZ).
insolita Walker, 1865c: 131. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
isolata Theischinger, 1993a: 59. Australia (Tas).
jocosa Alexander, 1962b: 251. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
jurgiosa Walker, 1858b: 78. Indonesia (Maluku).
     jurgissa, error for jurgiosa.
kaoota Theischinger, 1993a: 36. Australia (Tas).
kiandra Theischinger, 1993a: 45. Australia (NSW).
klamonoensis Alexander, 1951a: 2. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
kraussiana Alexander, 1978b: 160. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
krangalang Theischinger, 1993a: 38. Australia (Tas).
kua Theischinger, 1993a: 26. Australia (NSW).
kundy Theischinger, 1993a: 64. Australia (Tas).
latibasalis Alexander, 1951a: 3. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
laticincta Alexander, 1934a: 260. Australia (NSW).
leai Alexander, 1922c: 243 (Limnophila). Australia (Tas).
leptacantha Alexander, 1959c: 770. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
leto Alexander, 1959c: 778. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
lieftinckiana Alexander, 1951a: 4. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
lobulifera Alexander, 1923g: 209. NZ (NZ).
longifurcula Alexander, 1959c: 779. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
lowanna Theischinger, 1993a: 41. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW, Qld).
luteibasis Alexander, 1922i: 569. NZ (NZ).
luteicincta Alexander, 1924h: 576. NZ (NZ).
luteoannulata Alexander, 1936c: 328. PNG (PNG).
lyrifera Alexander, 1922g: 226. "New Zealand."
magnifica Edwards, 1923a: 316. NZ (NZ).
marpanye Theischinger, 1993a: 20. Australia (NSW).
melancholica Walker, 1864: 203. Indonesia (Maluku).
melanopyga Schiner, 1868: 39. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
melape Theischinger, 1993a: 66. Australia (Vic).
metajucunda Alexander, 1960b: 456. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
moanae Alexander, 1951b: 593. NZ (NZ).
moma Theischinger, 1993a: 62. Australia (NSW).
monozostera Alexander, 1960b: 457. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
moundi Theischinger, 1999: 493. Lord Howe I
murdiella Theischinger, 1993a: 67. Australia (Vic).
myersae Alexander, 1924d: 372. NZ (NZ).
narkale Theischinger, 1993a: 42. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
neboissi Theischinger, 1993a: 38. Australia (Tas).
nebulipennis Alexander, 1922d: 312. NZ (NZ).
nebulosa Edwards, 1923a: 316. NZ (NZ).
nematomera Alexander, 1926b: 544. NZ (NZ).
neonebulosa Alexander, 1923h: 274. NZ (NZ).
ngende Theischinger, 1993a: 59. Australia (Vic).
nicholsoni Alexander, 1928d: 64. Australia (NSW).
nigripennis Alexander, 1926b: 530 (n. n. for fumipennis Alexander). Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     fumipennis Alexander, 1923j: 253. Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Walker, 1856.]
nigrithorax Alexander, 1923j: 252. PNG (PNG).
nigriventris Alexander, 1948f: 387. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
nigrobimbo Alexander, 1923k: 391. NZ (NZ).
nigronitida Edwards, 1923a: 324. NZ (NZ).
niveicincta Alexander, 1922e: 519. NZ (NZ).
nivicola Alexander, 1959c: 773. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
notabilis Alexander, 1926b: 531. NZ (NZ).
notata Edwards, 1923a: 316. NZ (NZ).
obscurivena Skuse, 1890a: 867. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
occipitalis de Meijere, 1913b: 310. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
ocellifera Alexander, 1923f: 111. NZ (NZ).
ofarrelli Theischinger, 1993a: 57. Australia (NSW).
opima Alexander, 1928d: 64. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
orophila Edwards, 1923b: 628. NZ (NZ).
otagana Alexander, 1930f: 284. NZ (NZ).
pallidicosta Alexander, 1931d: 164. Australia (NSW).
pallidistigma Alexander, 1923g: 205. NZ (NZ).
parajucunda Alexander, 1960b: 455. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
patruelis Alexander, 1924f: 513. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     ssp. eburneocincta Alexander, 1930e: 131 (as sp.). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
     ssp. patruelis s. str. Australia (NSW).
pedestris Edwards, 1923a: 317. NZ (NZ).
peramoena Alexander, 1959c: 780. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
perjucunda Riedel, 1921: 137. PNG (PNG).
persephoneia Theischinger, 1993a: 49. Australia (NSW).
philpotti Alexander, 1939: 224. NZ (NZ).
pleuralis Alexander, 1923g: 208. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. pleuralis s. str. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. plutonis Alexander, 1926b: 538. NZ (NZ).
plumbeicolor Alexander, 1959c: 776. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
poenghana Theischinger, 1993a: 61. Australia (Tas).
polita Edwards, 1923a: 325. NZ (NZ).
polycantha Alexander, 1959c: 784. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
princeps Alexander, 1923h: 275. NZ (NZ).
pygmaea Alexander, 1923h: 279. NZ (NZ).
quagga Theischinger, 1993a: 71. Australia (Vic).
recurvata Alexander, 1923g: 210. NZ (NZ).
resecta Edwards, 1924b: 162. NZ (Auckland Is).
resplendens Alexander, 1951b: 596. Australia (ACT).
rieki Theischinger, 1993a: 68. Australia (Qld).
romae Alexander, 1930f: 282. NZ (NZ).
rubribasis Alexander, 1960b: 458. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
sackeni Alexander, 1920g: 125. NZ (NZ).
scimitar Alexander, 1936c: 326. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. scimitar s. str. PNG (PNG).
     ssp. subscimitar Alexander, 1959c: 771. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
sculpturata Alexander, 1929a: 64. Australia (Tas).
serrulata Alexander, 1926b: 539. NZ (NZ).
siebersi Edwards, 1927c: 368. Indonesia (Maluku).
skusei Alexander, 1926b: 530 (n. n. for flavipennis Skuse). Australia (NSW).
     flavipennis Skuse, 1890a: 877. Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Philippi, 1865.]
speciosa Edwards, 1923a: 322. NZ (NZ).
speighti Edwards, 1923a: 324. NZ (NZ).
spinicalcar Alexander, 1922g: 230. NZ (NZ).
spinigera Alexander, 1922g: 228. NZ (NZ).
splendens Alexander, 1922g: 233. NZ (NZ).
subclavipes Alexander, 1924d: 373. NZ (NZ).
subfasciata Walker, 1848: 74. NZ (NZ); NZ (Auckland Is).
subformosa Alexander, 1924h: 577. NZ (NZ).
subimmaculata Alexander, 1922j: 585. Australia (Vic).
subobsoleta Alexander, 1923h: 276. NZ (NZ).
tenuifilosa Alexander, 1931d: 161. Australia (NSW).
tenuistylus Alexander, 1929a: 58 (as leai ssp.). Australia (Tas).
tigris Theischinger, 1994a: 3. Australia (Qld).
tillyardi Alexander, 1929a: 61. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     acutistyla Alexander, 1951b: 594 (tillyardi ssp.). Australia (Vic).
tooronga Theischinger, 1993a: 72. Australia (Vic).
toxopei Alexander, 1960b: 449. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
tridactyla Edwards, 1923a: 321. NZ (NZ).
trifasciata Edwards, 1923a: 325. NZ (NZ).
trispinosa Alexander, 1922g: 227. NZ (NZ).
troglophila Alexander, 1962c: 137. NZ (NZ).
tuberculata Edwards, 1923a: 323. Not given [?NZ].
umbacoora Theischinger, 1993a: 17. Australia (Qld).
unimaculata Alexander, 1922g: 232. "New Zealand."
unwinnia Theischinger, 1993a: 74. Australia (Qld).
variabilis Alexander, 1929a: 67. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     ssp. pammelas Alexander, 1928d: 67 (as sp.). Australia (NSW).
     ssp. variabilis s. str. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
vigilans Alexander, 1951a: 7. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
vilis Walker, 1835a: 469 (Ctenophora). "New Holland"; Australia (NSW, Qld, Tas).
     nervosa Westwood, 1835f: 447 (Gynoplistes). "Australasi ."
     flavitarsis Macquart, 1850: 316(12). Australia (Tas).
     myallensis Alexander, 1930e: 127. Australia (NSW).
violacea Edwards, 1923a: 323. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. persimilis Alexander, 1926b: 531. NZ (NZ).
     ssp. violacea s. str. NZ (NZ).
viridis Westwood, 1835c: 280. "Australasi "; Australia (NSW, Qld, Tas).
viridithorax Skuse, 1890a: 882. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     mackerrasi Alexander, 1929a: 60. Australia (NSW).
     exornatoides Alexander, 1930e: 134. Australia (Vic).
vittinervis Alexander, 1924f: 519. NZ (NZ).
waigeuensis Alexander, 1947b: 759. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
waitakerensis Alexander, 1952: 446. NZ (NZ).
wakefieldi Westwood, 1881: 372. NZ (NZ).
weiri Theischinger, 1994a: 2. Australia (Qld).
westwoodi Skuse, 1890a: 871. Australia (NSW).
wilhelmina Alexander, 1959c: 772. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
williamsiana Alexander, 1945: 242. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
wilsonella Alexander, 1930e: 126. Australia (Vic).
womba Theischinger, 1993a: 60. Australia (Tas).
woomye Theischinger, 1993a: 53. Australia (Qld).
xanthocera Alexander, 1947b: 754. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
yanka Theischinger, 1993a: 47. Australia (Qld).
     ssp. bilobata Theisdchinger, 1993a: 48. Australia (Qld).
     ssp. yanka s. str. Australia (Qld).
yarra Theischinger, 1993a: 71. Australia (Vic).
yarrumba Theischinger, 1993a: 23. Australia (NSW).
yongulde Theischinger, 1993a: 70. Australia (Tas).
zebrata Alexander, 1930e: 134. Australia (Vic).

Subgenus XENOLIMNOPHILA Alexander

XENOLIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1922c: 247 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnophila zaluscodes Alexander, 1922, mon.
fergusoni Alexander, 1923k: 384 (Limnophila). Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
flindersi Alexander, 1931d: 158. Australia (Tas).
paketye Theischinger, 1993a: 76. Australia (Vic).
tubrabucca Theischinger, 1993a: 17. Australia (NSW).
zaluscodes Alexander, 1922c: 247 (Limnophila). Australia (Tas).

Genus HARRISOMYIA Alexander

HARRISOMYIA Alexander, 1923k: 390. Type species: Harrisomyia bicuspidata Alexander, 1923, mon.
bicuspidata Alexander, 1923k: 390. NZ (NZ).
terebrella Alexander, 1932c: 460. NZ (NZ).


HETEROLIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1924d: 368. Type species: Limnophila truncata Alexander, 1922, orig. des.
subtruncata Alexander, 1923b: 199 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
truncata Alexander, 1922f: 93 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).

Genus HEXATOMA Latreille

HEXATOMA Latreille, 1809: 260. Type species: Hexatoma nigra Latreille, 1809, mon.

Subgenus ERIOCERA Macquart

CALOPTERA Guérin-Méneville, 1831: pl. 20. fig. 2 (as gen.). Type species: Caloptera fasciata Guérin-Méneville, 1831, mon.
ERIOCERA Macquart, 1838a: 82(78) (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia nigra Wiedemann, 1828 [misid., = Eriocera macquarti Enderlein, 1912], mon.
[In the interest of stability and in accordance with usage, the author has here adopted the name Eriocera, whereas Caloptera is the correct name under the I.C.Z.N. Code.]
EVANIOPTERA Guérin-Méneville, 1838: 287 (unnec. n. n. for Caloptera).
aperta Alexander, 1920d: 104 (Eriocera). Australia (Qld).
atra Doleschall, 1858: 80 (Megistocera). Indonesia (Maluku).
australiensis Alexander, 1920d: 103 (Eriocera). Australia (Qld).
metallica Schiner, 1868: 41 (Limnophila). Australia (NSW).
setifera Alexander, 1931d: 165 (Eriocera). Australia (ACT).

Genus LEOLIMNOPHILA Theischinger

LEOLIMNOPHILA Theischinger, 1996b:L 38. Type species: Limnophila pantherina Alexander, 1922, orig. des.
pantherina Alexander, 1922c: 245 (Limnophila). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW, Qld, Tas).
tigris Theischinger, 1996b: 40. Australia (Qld).

Genus LIMNOPHILA Macquart

LIMNOPHILA Macquart, 1834a: 95. Type species: Limnobia pictipennis Meigen, 1818, des. Westwood, 1840: 128.
POECILOSTOLA Schiner, 1863: 222. Type species: Limnobia pictipennis Meigen, 1818, orig. des.
acuspinosa Alexander, 1931d: 154. Australia (NSW).
alpica Alexander, 1929c: 480. Australia (Vic).
angularis Alexander, 1929c: 480. Australia (Vic).
angusticellula Alexander, 1931d: 150. Australia (Vic).
antennella Alexander, 1929c: 482. Australia (Vic).
aureola Skuse, 1890a: 843. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
austroalpina Alexander, 1929c: 474. Australia (Vic).
basalis Walker, 1856d: 434 (Limnobia). Australia (Tas).
bathrogramma Alexander, 1929c: 472. Australia (NSW).
bogongensis Alexander, 1929c: 476. Australia (Vic).
borchi Alexander, 1929c: 486. Australia (Vic).
brachyptera Alexander, 1931d: 153. Australia (NSW).
brunneistigma Alexander, 1931d: 151. Australia (Vic).
bryobia Mik, 1881: 205. NZ (Auckland Is).
buangensis Alexander, 1933b: 351. Australia (Vic).
campbelliana Alexander, 1932c: 462. NZ (NZ).
carteri Alexander, 1922c: 244. Australia (Tas).
casta Alexander, 1928b: 231. Australia (Vic).
     ssp. casta s. str. Australia (Vic).
     ssp. pallidithorax Alexander, 1929c: 482. Australia (Vic).
cingulipes Alexander, 1928a: 95. Australia (Tas).
circumscripta Alexander, 1934a: 251. Australia (NSW).
clavigera Alexander, 1934a: 252. Australia (NSW).
defecta Alexander, 1929c: 488. Australia (NSW).
disposita Skuse, 1890a: 843. Australia (NSW).
dorrigana Alexander, 1933b: 356. Australia (NSW).
edita Alexander, 1928d: 57. Australia (NSW).
effecta Alexander, 1922c: 244. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW).
egena Alexander, 1928a: 106. Australia (Vic).
fundata Alexander, 1928a: 99. Australia (Tas).
hilli Alexander, 1929c: 485. Australia (Vic).
imitatrix Skuse, 1890a: 847. Australia (NSW).
implicita Alexander, 1929c: 478. Australia (Vic).
inordinata Skuse, 1890a: 851. Australia (NSW).
intonsa Alexander, 1928b: 228. Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
jucunda Alexander, 1928b: 221. Australia (Tas).
kershawi Alexander, 1928b: 219. Australia (Vic).
     ssp. cumberlandensis Alexander, 1931d: 152. Australia (Vic).
     ssp. dandenongensis Alexander, 1931d: 152. Australia (Vic).
     ssp. kershawi s. str. Australia (Vic).
latistyla Alexander, 1923k: 388. NZ (NZ).
lepida Alexander, 1928b: 226. Australia (NSW).
     ssp. lepida s. str. Australia (NSW).
     ssp. subtilis Alexander, 1944: 7. Australia (NSW).
levidensis Skuse, 1890a: 855. Australia (NSW).
longicellula Alexander, 1931d: 149. Australia (Vic).
luctuosa Skuse, 1890a: 854. Australia (NSW).
luteicauda Alexander, 1924f: 507. NZ (NZ).
mira Alexander, 1926b: 521. NZ (NZ).
mirabunda Alexander, 1928a: 97. Australia (Tas).
miroides Alexander, 1932c: 463. NZ (NZ).
mitocera Alexander, 1929c: 487. Australia (Vic).
mitoceroides Alexander, 1933b: 352. Australia (NSW).
morosa Alexander, 1928b: 232. Australia (Tas).
morula Alexander, 1928a: 101. Australia (Tas).
nebulicola Alexander, 1929c: 479. Australia (Vic).
nebulifera Alexander, 1923k: 389. NZ (NZ).
nitidiceps Alexander, 1928a: 100. Australia (Tas).
nocticolor Alexander, 1929c: 483. Australia (Vic).
novella Alexander, 1928a: 105. Australia (Tas).
obscuripennis Skuse, 1890a: 841. Australia (NSW).
     ssp. neptuna Alexander, 1929c: 475. Australia (NSW).
     ssp. obscuripennis s. str. Australia (NSW).
ocellata Skuse, 1890a: 845. Australia (NSW).
oliveri Alexander, 1923f: 108. NZ (NZ); NZ (Chatham Is).
otwayensis Alexander, 1934a: 254. Australia (Vic).
pallidistyla Alexander, 1934a: 255. Australia (Vic).
pauciseta Alexander, 1924f: 508. Australia (NSW).
perscita Alexander, 1926a: 67. NZ (NZ).
pilosipennis Alexander, 1922c: 242. Lord Howe I.
platyna Alexander, 1952: 444. NZ (NZ).
polymoroides Alexander, 1929c: 473. Australia (Vic).
quaesita Alexander, 1923f: 109. NZ (NZ).
recedens Alexander, 1931d: 147. Australia (Vic).
recta Alexander, 1928b: 218. Australia (Tas).
referta Alexander, 1928a: 102. Australia (Tas).
reniformis Alexander, 1934a: 256. Australia (NSW).
scitula Alexander, 1926b: 523. NZ (NZ).
serena Alexander, 1928b: 230. Australia (Tas).
spissigrada Alexander, 1926a: 68. NZ (NZ).
subapterogyne Alexander, 1928a: 107. Australia (Tas).
subcylindrica Alexander, 1928a: 104. Australia (Tas).
subjucunda Alexander, 1928b: 222. Australia (Tas).
subtristis Alexander, 1928b: 227. Australia (NSW).
suspecta Alexander, 1928b: 223. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. invariegata Alexander, 1928b: 225. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. suspecta s.str. Australia (Tas).
tasioceroides Alexander, 1933b: 353. Australia (NSW).
tigriventris Alexander, 1928b: 225. Australia (Tas).
tonnoiri Alexander, 1926a: 66. NZ (NZ).
vera Alexander, 1933b: 355. Australia (Vic).
vicaria Walker, 1835a: 469 (Limnobia). Australia (NSW).


LIMNOPHILELLA Alexander, 1919c: 146 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnophila epiphragmoides Alexander, 1913, orig. des.
delicatula Hutton, 1900: 42 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
     denticulata, error for delicatula.
serotina Alexander, 1922k: 202 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).


METALIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1922e: 512 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnophila howesi Alexander, 1922, orig. des.
alpina Alexander, 1926b: 526. NZ (NZ).
apicispina Alexander, 1923k: 387 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
greyana Alexander, 1926a: 71. NZ (NZ).
greyensis Alexander, 1925c: 640 (Molophilus). NZ (NZ).
howesi Alexander, 1922e: 513 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
integra Alexander, 1926b: 527. NZ (NZ).
longi Alexander, 1952: 445. NZ (NZ).
mirifica Alexander, 1922d: 310 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
montivaga Alexander, 1926b: 524. NZ (NZ).
nemocera Alexander, 1923f: 107 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
nigroapicata Alexander, 1922e: 515 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
palmata Alexander, 1932c: 461. NZ (NZ).
penicillata Alexander, 1922i: 568 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
productella Alexander, 1926a: 72 (n. n. for producta Alexander). NZ (NZ).
     producta Alexander, 1922e: 514 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Meunier, 1906.]
     ssp. banksiana Alexander, 1923b: 201 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. productella s. str. NZ (NZ).
protea Alexander, 1926a: 69. NZ (NZ).
simplicis Alexander, 1922i: 567 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
unipuncta Alexander, 1922f: 94 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
yorkensis Alexander, 1926a: 72. NZ (NZ).

Genus MINIPTERYX Theischinger

MINIPTERYX Theischinger, 2015: 202. Type species: Minipteryx robusta Theischinger, 2015, orig. des. & mon.
robusta Theischinger, 2015: 202. Australia (NSW).


NOTHOLIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1924d: 369. Type species: Limnophila exclusa Alexander, 1922, mon.
exclusa Alexander, 1922e: 517 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).

Genus NOTHOPHILA Alexander

NOTHOPHILA Alexander, 1922e: 512. Type species: Nothophila fuscana Alexander, 1922 (as Ulomorpha fuscana Edwards), orig. des.
fuscana Alexander, 1922e: 512. NZ (NZ).
     fuscana Edwards, 1923a: 304 (Ulomorpha). NZ (NZ).
nebulosa Alexander, 1922e: 304. NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Alexander, 1922.] N. syn.
     nebulosa Edwards, 1923a: 304 (Ulomorpha). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Alexander, 1922.]


PARALIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1921e: 559 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnophila leucophaeata Skuse, 1890, mon.

Subgenus PAPUAPHILA Alexander

PAPUAPHILA Alexander, 1947c: 602 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnobia selectissima Walker, 1864, orig. des.
angusticincta Alexander, 1960b: 463. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
apicalis de Meijere, 1913b: 309 (Limnophila). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
contingens Walker, 1865a: 104 (Limnophila). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].
decorata Alexander, 1960b: 462. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
delecta Alexander, 1962b: 247. PNG (PNG).
euchroma Walker, 1861e: 4 (Limnophila). Indonesia (Maluku).
euryphaea Alexander, 1947b: 751 (Gynoplistia). PNG (PNG).
fuscoabdominalis Alexander, 1947c: 603 (Limnophila). PNG (PNG).
holoxantha Alexander, 1962b: 249. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
perdiffusa Alexander, 1962b: 250. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
selectissima Walker, 1864: 202 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
sponsa Alexander, 1960b: 461. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
terminalis Walker, 1861b: 230 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
toxopeana Alexander, 1960b: 460. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Subgenus PARALIMNOPHILA Alexander

PARALIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1921e: 559 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnophila leucophaeata Skuse, 1890, mon.
albofasciata Alexander, 1934a: 257 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW).
alice Theischinger, 1996b: 76. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld).
artursiana Theischinger, 1996b: 72. Australia (Tas).
aurantiipennis Alexander, 1923k: 386 (Limnophila). Australia (NSW).
aurantionigra Alexander, 1978a: 133. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
barockee Theischinger, 1996b: 60. Australia (NSW).
barringtonia Alexander, 1928d: 61 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW).
bicincta Alexander, 1928b: 234 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Tas).
bingelima Theischinger, 1996b: 57. Australia (Vic).
boobootella Theischinger, 1996b: 73. Australia (Tas).
cairnensis Alexander, 1921e: 560 (Limnophila leucophaeata ssp.). Australia (Qld).
caledonica Alexander, 1948e: 143 (Gynoplistia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
     neocaledonica Alexander, 1945: 240 (Gynoplistia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
christine Theischinger, 1996b: 65. Australia (Tas).
cooloola Theischinger, 1996b: 51. Australia (Qld).
danbulla Theischinger, 1996b: 75. Australia (Qld).
decincta Alexander, 1928b: 237 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Tas).
     breviramus Alexander, 1928b: 238 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Tas)
dobrotworskyi Theischinger, 1996b: 45. Australia (WA).
eucrypta Alexander, 1931d: 160 (Gynoplistia). Australia (ACT); Australia (Tas).
eungella Theischinger, 1996b: 74. Australia (Qld).
flammeola Alexander, 1924f: 509. Australia (Vic).
flavipes Alexander, 1922c: 248 (Cerozodia). Australia (Tas).
fraudulenta Alexander, 1924f: 512. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
fuscodorsata Alexander, 1928d: 58. Australia (NSW).
gingera Theischinger, 1996b: 70. Australia (ACT).
gracilirama Alexander, 1937: 346 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Tas).
grampiana Theischinger, 1996b: 48. Australia (Vic).
guttulicosta Alexander, 1934a: 258 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW).
harrisoni Alexander, 1928d: 60 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
hemmingseniana Alexander, 1978b: 158. Australia (Qld).
hybrida Theischinger, 1996b: 53. Australia (Qld).
incompta Alexander, 1928b: 240 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
indecora Alexander, 1922c: 246 (Limnophila). Australia (WA); Australia (Tas, Vic).
isolata Alexander, 1947b: 749 (Gynoplistia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
kosciuskana Alexander, 1929a: 57 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW).
leucophaeata Skuse, 1890a: 840 (Limnophila). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
     englishae Alexander, 1937: 344 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW).
macquarie Theischinger, 1996b: 77. Australia (NSW).
maxwelliana Theischinger, 1996b: 64. Australia (Tas).
minuscula Alexander, 1922c: 249 (Cerozodia). Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
mossmanensis Theischinger, 1996b: 80. Australia (Qld).
murdunna Theischinger, 1996b: 69. Australia (Tas).
mystica Alexander, 1928d: 62 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW).
neboissi Theischinger, 1996b: 58. Australia (Vic).
pallidicornis Alexander, 1930e: 120 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Vic).
pectinella Alexander, 1937: 347 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Tas).
pewingi Theischinger, 1996b: 67. Australia (NSW).
praesignis Alexander, 1930e: 114 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
puella Alexander, 1924f: 510. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
punctipennis Westwood, 1836: 682 (Gynoplistia). "Nov -Hollandi " [= Australia].
remingtoni Alexander, 1948f: 385 (Gynoplistia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
remulsa Alexander, 1928d: 59 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW).
rieki Theischinger, 1996b: 63. Australia (Tas).
serraticornis Alexander, 1923k: 386 (Limnophila). Australia (NSW).
setulicornis Alexander, 1928b: 238 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
     miseranda Alexander, 1930e: 118 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Vic).
shewani Alexander, 1929a: 56 (Gynoplistia). Australia (NSW).
signifera Alexander, 1931d: 159 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Vic).
skusei Hutton, 1902b: 190 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. kumarensis Alexander, 1939: 224 (Gynoplistia). NZ (NZ).
     ssp. skusei s. str. NZ (NZ).
     novaezelandiae Alexander, 1920g: 121 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
stolida Alexander, 1930e: 116 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Vic).
stradbrokensis Alexander, 1978b: 159. Australia (Qld).
styligera Alexander, 1930e: 117 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
tarra Theischinger, 1996b: 68. Australia (Vic).
terania Theischinger, 1996b: 62. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
unicincta Alexander, 1928b: 235 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Tas).
victoria Alexander, 1922b: 157 (Cerozodia). Australia (Vic).
wataganesis Theischinger, 1996b: 78. Australia (WA).
wilsoniana Alexander, 1943: 89 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Vic).
winta Theischinger, 1996b: 71. Australia (Vic).

Genus PILARIA Sintenis

PILARIA Sintenis, 1889: 398. Type species: Limnobia pilicornis Zetterstedt, 1851 (as Limnophila) [= Limnobia meridiana Staeger, 1840], des. Sharp, 1890: 281.
EULIMNOPHILA Alexander, 1919b: 917 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnobia tenuipes Say, 1823, des. Ishida, 1959: 8.
brooksi Alexander, 1953d: 907. Australia (Qld).


RHAMPHOPHILA Edwards, 1923a: 302. Type species: Tipula obscuripennis Hudson, 1895 [preocc., = Limnophila sinistra Hutton, 1900], orig. des.
lyrifera Edwards, 1923a: 304. NZ (NZ).
sinistra Hutton, 1900: 40 (Limnophila; n. n. for obscuripennis Hudson). NZ (NZ).
     obscuripennis Hudson, 1895: 294 (Tipula). NZ (NZ). [Previously considered a secondary junior synonym of obscuripennis Kirby, 1884; sinistra valid under Art. 59b of the Code.]

Genus SKUSEOMYIA Alexander

SKUSEOMYIA Alexander, 1924d: 369. Type species: Skuseomyia eximia Alexander, 1924, mon.
eximia Alexander, 1924d: 370. Australia (NSW).

Genus TAIWANOMYIA Alexander

TAIWANOMYIA Alexander, 1923d: 476. Type species: Tasiocera fragilicornis Riedel, 1917, orig. des.
TROGLOPHILA Brunetti, 1924: 99 (Limnophila subg.). Type species: Limnophila cavernicola Brunetti, 1924, mon.
tafana Alexander, 1947b: 761 (Troglophila). PNG (PNG).

Genus TINEMYIA Hutton

TINEMYIA Hutton, 1900: 44. Type species: Tinemyia margaritifera Hutton, 1900, mon.
margaritifera Hutton, 1900: 44. NZ (NZ).

Genus TIPULIMNOEA Theischinger

TIPULIMNOEA Theischinger, 12996b: 41. Type species: Gynoplistia woodhilli Alexander, 1951, orig. des.
woodhilli Alexander, 1951b: 588 (Gynoplistia). Australia (Vic).


ALEXANDRELLA Tonnoir, 1926a: 27. Type species: Alexandrella neozelandica Tonnoir, 1926, mon. [Preocc. Chevreux, 1911.]
TONNOIRAPTERA Alexander, 1935d: 323 (n. n. for Alexandrella).
ALEXANDROTIPULA Miller, 1945: 72 (n. n. for Alexandrella).
neozelandica Tonnoir, 1926a: 27 (Alexandrella). NZ (NZ).

Genus TONNOIRELLA Alexander

TONNOIRELLA Alexander, 1928a: 82. Type species: Tonnoirella gemella Alexander, 1928, mon.
gemella Alexander, 1928a: 84. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. gemella s. str. Australia (Tas).
     ssp. marmoripennis Alexander, 1928a: 84. Australia (Tas).


ZALUSCODES Lamb, 1909: 130. Type species: Zaluscodes aucklandicus Lamb, 1909, mon.
aucklandicus Lamb, 1909: 130. NZ (Auckland Is).

Genus ZELANDOMYIA Alexander

ZELANDOMYIA Alexander, 1923a: 106. Type species: Zelandomyia pygmaea Alexander, 1923, mon.
angusta Alexander, 1923b: 200 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
atridorsum Alexander, 1932c: 462. NZ (NZ).
cinereipleura Alexander, 1922f: 92 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
deviata Alexander, 1922e: 516 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
otagensis Alexander, 1923b: 200 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
pallidula Alexander, 1924j: 301. NZ (NZ).
penthoptera Alexander, 1924d: 371. NZ (NZ).
pygmaea Alexander, 1923a: 106. NZ (NZ).
ruapehuensis Alexander, 1922b: 153 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).
tantula Alexander, 1926a: 73. NZ (NZ).
watti Alexander, 1922b: 152 (Limnophila). NZ (NZ).


TOXORHINA Loew, 1850b: 36. Type species: Toxorhina fragilis Loew, 1851, des. Osten Sacken, 1869: 113. [Toxorhina originally proposed without included species; Osten Sacken's designation is from the first 4 included spp. in Loew, 1851a: 400-01.]
TOXORRHINA, error for Toxorhina.


CERATOCHEILUS Wesché, 1910: 358 (as gen.). Type species: Ceratocheilus winnsampsoni Wesché, 1910 [= Styringomyia cornigera Speiser, 1908], des. Brunetti, 1920: 230.
NEOSTYRINGOMYIA Alexander, 1912a: 85 (Styringomyia subg.). Type species: Styringomyia cornigera Speiser, 1908, orig. des.
CONITHORAX Brunetti, 1918: 298 (as gen.). Type species: Conithorax latifrons Brunetti, 1918, orig. des.
australasiae Alexander, 1922c: 235 (Ceratocheilus). Lord Howe I.
biroi Alexander, 1934f: 469. PNG (PNG).
caledonica Alexander, 1948e: 146. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
fumipennis Alexander, 1936c: 337. PNG (PNG).
gressitti Alexander, 1962b: 266. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
growea Theischinger, 1994b: 60. Australia (WA).
hoogstraali Alexander, 1948a: 279. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
imperatrix Alexander, 1948a: 278. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
infuscula Alexander, 1962b: 268. PNG (PNG).
inobsepta Alexander, 1978a: 139. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
juvenca Alexander, 1948e: 147. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
kokodae Alexander, 1951b: 599. PNG (PNG).
levis Hutton, 1900: 38 (Rhamphidia). NZ (NZ).
melanomera Alexander, 1962a: 20. PNG (PNG).
nasus Theischinger, 1994b: 60. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
nympha Alexander, 1961a: 747. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
ochraceum Edwards, 1923a: 289 (Ceratocheilus). NZ (NZ).
streptotrichia Alexander, 1962a: 22. PNG (PNG).
tasmaniensis Alexander, 1926c: 187 (Ceratocheilus). Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Qld, Tas, Vic).
     davidsoni Alexander, 1931a: 35 (Ceratocheilus). Australia (Qld).
     eungellae Alexander, 1944: 15. Australia (Qld).
tenebrica Alexander, 1961a: 751. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
toxopeana Alexander, 1961a: 748. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
trichopyga Alexander, 1962b: 269. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
westralis Theischinger, 1994b: 62. Australia (WA).

Subgenus EUTOXORHINA Alexander

EUTOXORHINA Alexander, 1934b: 297. Type species: Toxorhina simplex Alexander, 1934, mon.
ammoula Theischinger, 1994b: 63. Australia (Qld).
parasimplex Hynes, 1988a: 335. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
simplex Alexander, 1934b: 297. Fiji.

Subgenus TOXORHINA Loew

TOXORHINA Loew, 1850b: 36 (as gen.). Type species: Toxorhina fragilis Loew, 1851, des. Osten Sacken, 1869: 113. [See also under generic heading.]
NEOCERATOCHEILUS Wesché, 1910: 356. Type species: Neoceratocheilus grahami Wesché, 1910, mon.
acanthobasis Alexander, 1960a: 23. PNG (PNG).
basalis Alexander, 1951b: 601. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
basiseta Alexander, 1978b: 174. Fiji.
digitifera Alexander, 1964a: 416. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
infumata Edwards, 1928c: 88. Western Samoa.
megatricha Alexander, 1961c: 505. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
noeliana Alexander, 1956b: 162. Fiji.
perproducta Alexander, 1956b: 161. Fiji.
protrusa Alexander, 1962b: 271. PNG (PNG).
pulvinaria Alexander, 1950b: 958. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
staplesi Alexander, 1973b: 313. PNG (Bougainville I).
suttoni Alexander, 1936c: 339. PNG (PNG).
trilineata Alexander, 1936c: 338. PNG (PNG).


TRENTEPOHLIA Bigot, 1854: 456, 473. Type species: Limnobia trentepohlii Wiedemann, 1828, mon. [Type species in original designation cited as Trentepohlia limnobioides, but this name is a nomen nudum.]

Subgenus ANCHIMONGOMA Brunetti

ANCHIMONGOMA Brunetti, 1918: 316 (as gen.). Type species: Anchimongoma simplex Brunetti, 1918, orig. des.
angusticincta Alexander, 1947c: 606. PNG (PNG).

Subgenus MONGOMA Westwood

MONGOMA Westwood, 1881: 364 (as gen.). Type species: Mongoma fragillima Westwood, 1881, mon.
acanthophora Alexander, 1973b: 303. PNG (Bougainville I).
albangusta Edwards, 1928c: 100. Western Samoa.
amissa Alexander, 1964a: 403. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
australasiae Skuse, 1890a: 834. Australia (Qld); Belau, Hawaiian Is,PNG (PNG), Solomon Is.
     australiensis, error for australasiae.
brassi Alexander, 1960a: 14. PNG (PNG).
brevicellula Alexander, 1924b: 44. American Samoa; Fiji, Western Samoa.
brevipes Alexander, 1931a: 18. PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch), Solomon Is.
brunnea Edwards, 1928c: 97. Western Samoa.
costofimbriata Alexander, 1935a: 67. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
dybasiana Alexander, 1972b: 857. Belau.
elegantissima Alexander, 1961a: 742. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fimbricosta Alexander, 1973b: 304. PNG (PNG).
flavidella Alexander, 1978b: 161. Solomon Is.
fuscistigma Edwards, 1928c: 99. Western Samoa.
galactopa Edwards, 1927a: 235. Vanuatu.
guamensis Alexander, 1915a: 83 (Mongoma). Guam; Belau, Marshall Is, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, Solomon Is.
ibelensis Alexander, 1964a: 404. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
liponeura Alexander, 1962a: 6. PNG (PNG).
longisetosa Alexander, 1936a: 126. PNG (PNG).
macrotrichiata Alexander, 1964a: 405. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
monacantha Alexander, 1978a: 134. Fiji.
nigrescens Alexander, 1936c: 329. PNG (PNG).
obscura de Meijere, 1913a: 48 (Mongoma). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
pacifica Alexander, 1921a: 13. Western Samoa.
parallela Alexander, 1951b: 598. PNG (PNG).
parvella Alexander, 1973b: 305. PNG (PNG).
parvicellula Alexander, 1973b: 306. Fiji.
parvistigma Alexander, 1973b: 307. PNG (PNG).
pennipes Osten Sacken, 1888: 204 (Mongoma). Indonesia (Kalimantan); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); Afrotrop., Oriental Regs.
pererecta Alexander, 1973b: 308. PNG (Bougainville I).
poliocephala Alexander, 1929d: 266. Philippines; Australia (Qld), Belau, Micronesia.
praesulis Alexander, 1947c: 605. PNG (PNG).
pumilla Alexander, 1973b: 309. PNG (Bougainville I).
saipanensis Alexander, 1972b: 860. Northern Marianas.
samoensis Alexander, 1921a: 12. Western Samoa; American Samoa.
solomonensis Alexander, 1936d: 11. Solomon Is.
spectralis Edwards, 1928c: 98. Western Samoa.
spinospersa Alexander, 1964a: 406. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
spinulifera Edwards, 1928c: 100. Western Samoa.
subappressa Alexander, 1964a: 407. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
subpennata Alexander, 1935a: 69. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
subquadrata Edwards, 1926a: 141 [1926b: 171]. Indonesia (Maluku).
tarsalis Alexander, 1924c: 181. Australia (Qld).
tenuicerca Alexander, 1964a: 408. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
valida Edwards, 1928c: 96. Western Samoa.
vitrina Alexander, 1973b: 310. Western Samoa.

Subgenus PARAMONGOMA Brunetti

PARAMONGOMA Brunetti, 1911b: 295 (as gen.). Type species: Cylindrotoma albitarsis Doleschall, 1857, orig. des.
lucrifera Alexander, 1936a: 125. PNG (PNG).
tatei Alexander, 1960a: 13. PNG (PNG).

Subgenus PLESIOMONGOMA Brunetti

PLESIOMONGOMA Brunetti, 1918: 314 (as gen.). Type species: Plesiomongoma venosa Brunetti, 1918, orig. des.
novaebrittaniae Alexander, 1935a: 66. PNG (Bismarck Arch).


TRENTEPOHLIA Bigot, 1854: 456, 473 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia trentepohlii Wiedemann, 1828, mon. [See also under generic heading.]
MONGOMIOIDES Brunetti, 1911b: 296 (as gen.). Type species: Limnobia trentepohlii Wiedemann, 1828, orig. des.
abronia Alexander, 1973b: 295. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
angustilinea Alexander, 1973b: 296. PNG (PNG).
bougainvillensis Alexander, 1973b: 298. PNG (Bougainville I).
delectabilis Alexander, 1941c: 143. PNG (PNG).
doddi Alexander, 1922c: 238. Australia (NT).
fijiensis Alexander, 1914c: 243 (Mongoma). Fiji.
fuscomedia Alexander, 1973b: 299. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
lepida Alexander, 1973b: 300. PNG (PNG).
limata Alexander, 1973b: 301. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
luteicosta Alexander, 1973b: 302. PNG (PNG).
luteicostata Alexander, 1978b: 162. Australia (Qld).
pictipennis Bezzi, 1916: 14 [1917: 118]. Philippines; Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG).
taylori Alexander, 1931a: 19. Australia (Qld).
trentepohlii Wiedemann, 1828: 551 (Limnobia). Indonesia (Sumatra); Australia (Qld), Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); widesp. Oriental Reg.
     media Alexander, 1921e: 559. Australia (Qld).

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