Microdictyon setchellianum

Chlorophyta, Anadyomenaceae

Authority: Howe

Hawaiian name: none

Characteristic feature: Flattened green blade made of a meshwork of branches.

Description: Plants in stiff clumps to 1 cm tall if in turf with other algae, or large, emergent clumps to 6 cm tall when isolated; dark green if shaded or when young, becoming yellowish green or bleached when older, colors often obscured by numerous epiphytes. Cells of meshes large, usually more than 300 µm, frequently inflated, touching similar cells of adjacent filaments, joining end usually with elaborate crenulations of cell wall; meshes usually without conspicuous midribs formed by primary branches, or 'veins' of laterals; largest cells of primary branches greater than 400 µm.

Habitat: Intertidal, subtidal, deepwater to 75 m; on limestone benches, basalt rocks, coral reefs and rubble, often in sandy areas, tidepools, on concrete, or epiphytic.

Hawaiian distribution: All main Hawaiian Islands, including the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Other: Considred to be among the ten most common green algae in the Hawaiian Islands.