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Tracheophyta (Phylum - Vascular Plants)
Coniferophytina (Subphylum - Gymnosperms) [Search]
Magnoliophytina (Subphylum - Angiosperms, Flowering Plants) [Search]
Pteridophytina (Subphylum) [Search]
Actiniopteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Anemiaceae (Family) [Search]
Angiopteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Aspleniaceae (Family) [Search]
Athyriaceae (Family) [Search]
Azollaceae (Family) [Search]
Blechnaceae (Family) [Search]
Botrychiaceae (Family) [Search]
Cheiropleuriaceae (Family) [Search]
Christenseniaceae (Family) [Search]
Cryptogrammaceae (Family) [Search]
Cryptogrammataceae (Family) [Search]
Culcitaceae (Family) [Search]
Cyatheaceae (Family) [Search]
Danaeaceae (Family) [Search]
Davalliaceae (Family) [Search]
Dennstaedtiaceae (Family) [Search]
Dicksoniaceae (Family) [Search]
Dipteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Drynariaceae (Family) [Search]
Dryopteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Elaphoglossaceae (Family) [Search]
Equisetaceae (Family) [Search]
Gleicheniaceae (Family) [Search]
Grammitaceae (Family) [Search]
Grammitidaceae (Family) [Search]
Gymnogrammataceae (Family) [Search]
Helminthostachyaceae (Family) [Search]
Hemionitidaceae (Family) [Search]
Huperziaceae (Family) [Search]
Hymenophyllaceae (Family) [Search]
Hymenophyllopsidaceae (Family) [Search]
Hypolepidaceae (Family) [Search]
Isoetaceae (Family) [Search]
Kaulfussiaceae (Family) [Search]
Lindsaeaceae (Family) [Search]
Lomariopsidaceae (Family) [Search]
Lophosoriaceae (Family) [Search]
Loxogrammaceae (Family) [Search]
Loxsomaceae (Family) [Search]
Lycopodiaceae (Family) [Search]
Lygodiaceae (Family) [Search]
Marattiaceae (Family) [Search]
Marsileaceae (Family) [Search]
Matoniaceae (Family) [Search]
Metaxyaceae (Family) [Search]
Monachosoraceae (Family) [Search]
Negripteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Nephrolepidaceae (Family) [Search]
Oleandraceae (Family) [Search]
Onocleaceae (Family) [Search]
Ophioglossaceae (Family) [Search]
Osmundaceae (Family) [Search]
Parkeriaceae (Family) [Search]
Plagiogyriaceae (Family) [Search]
Platyzomataceae (Family) [Search]
Polypodiaceae (Family) [Search]
Psilotaceae (Family) [Search]
Pteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Salviniaceae (Family) [Search]
Schizaeaceae (Family) [Search]
Selaginellaceae (Family) [Search]
Sinopteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Stromatopteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Taenitidaceae (Family) [Search]
Thelypteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Thyrsopteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Tmesipteridaceae (Family) [Search]
Trichomanaceae (Family) [Search]
Vittariaceae (Family) [Search]
Woodsiaceae (Family) [Search]
Equisetopsida (Class - Sphenophyta, Sphenophytes, Equisetophyta, Arthrophyta, Horsetails, Scouring Rushes) [Search]
Lycopodiopsida (Class - Lycophyta, Lycopsida, Lycophytes, Lycopods, Club Mosses, Spike Mosses, Quillworts) [Search]
Polypodiopsida (Class - Filicinophyta, Pterophyta, Pterodatina, Pteridophyta, Psilophytes, Psilopsids, Ferns, Whisk Fern) [Search]

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