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Hawaii's Endangered and Threatened Species Web Site

Hawaii's Endangered Species

[ Endangered and Threatened | Proposed and Candidate | Extinct | Species of Concern ]

Hawaii is the Endangered Species Capital of the World. With 100s of plants and animals listed as Endangered or Threatened, there are more endangered species per square mile on these islands than any other place on the planet.

The Hawaii Biological Survey compiles information on all of these species with the assistance of various state, federal, and local agencies and works with these partners to disseminate this information, including these web pages. Please feel free to browse our pages, see images of these rare and fragile species, learn about their biologies, habits, and where they occur in the Islands.

Throughout our pages, the status of each species can be recognized by the background color of the page:
orange for Endangered and Threatened species
green for Candidate and Proposed species
black for Extinct species
lavender for Species of Concern.

How fast are species becoming extinct? Check out a live link to our "extinct-o-meter"!

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More About Hawaii's Endangered Species

Hawaii's Conservation Needs

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