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Andrew Bennett

Participating Scientists -

Andrew M.R. Bennett

Andy Bennett works for Agriculture and Agri-food Canada as Unit Curator for Hymenoptera at the Canadian National Collection of Insects (CNCI) in Ottawa, Canada.

His expertise is the Family Ichneumonidae, most specifically the subfamily Tryphoninae. He has also revised the subfamily Agriotypinae, a small group of aquatic ichneumonids that parasitize Trichoptera pupae and pre-pupae in fast-running streams. He is currently updating the Hymenoptera Chapter in Merritt, R.W. and Cummins, K.W. An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America.

Apart from systematic revisions, Andy is interested in the use of phylogenetics to study the evolution of life history traits. He is a collaborator on the NSF-funded Hymenoptera TWIG for the Assembling the Tree of Life (ATOL) project. In this project, he is involved in creating the matrix for the subfamilies and tribes of ichneumonids using both morphological and molecular characters. He also writes a quarterly column (Moth Balls) for the Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Canada on the lighter side of entomology and his alter-ego Ento-Man also graces the Bulletin’s pages.

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