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Steve Gaimari

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Steve Gaimari

Dr. Stephen Gaimari is a Senior Insect Biosystematist with the Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch of the California Department of Food & Agriculture, and was recently appointed as Supervisor for the Entomology Lab.

His main responsibilities include identification of flies (Diptera) of economic importance, especially exotic fruit flies (Tephritidae), some of which are major potential pests of California agriculture, co-curation of the California State Collection of Arthropods, and administrative duties. In addition, Steve performs original research on the systematics of Diptera, including Lauxanioidea (Celyphidae, Chamaemyiidae, Eurychoromyiidae, Lauxaniidae), Odiniidae, and other Acalyptratae, as well as several non-acalyptrate groups, including Asiloidea (e.g., Therevidae) and Empidoidea.
e, Ellen, holds a Masters degree in law.

Steve's Fiji Lauxaniidae website

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