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The family Alinkidae was proposed by Krzeminski (1992d) for the monobasic genus Alinka Krzeminski, 1992, known only from the Triassic Dan River Formation in the eastern United States. It marks one of the earliest records of Brachycera in the fossil record [the rhagionid Gallia Krzeminski & Krzeminska (2003) has been dated from the Lower to Middle Triassic]. Its placement in the Diptera has had two conflicting views. Krzeminski (1992) originally postulated that it was a member of the Tabanoidea, and later (1995) transferred it to Xylophagomorpha where it was further discussed in Krzeminski & Krzeminska (2003). Pape et al. (2011) removed it from Brachycera and placed it without explanation in the non-brachyceran Diptera family Cramptonomyiidae. It is kept in Brachycera in this catalog pending further review and discussion.

Ref.: Krzeminski (1992, review and classification).



Genus ALINKA Krzeminski

ALINKA Krzeminski, 1992d: 45. Type species: Alinka cara Krzeminski, 1992, by monotypy.

cara Krzeminski, 1992d: 46. NE: USA (Upper Triassic) [C].

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