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The Apsilocephalidae is a small family of asiloid flies related to the Therevidae. Not much is known of their adult or immature biologies as most have been collected in flight intercept traps. The family is known from six species contained in three extant and two extinct genera. Hauser & Irwin (2005b) examined types of fossil Therevidae and, as a result of their examination, transferred Psilocephala pusilla Henning and Rueppellia vagabunda Cockerell to Apsilocephala.

Genus BURMAPSILOCEPHALA Gaimari & Mostovski

BURMAPSILOCEPHALA Gaimari & Mostovski, 2000: 43. Type species: Burmapsilocephala cockerelli Gaimari & Mostovski, 2000, by original designation.
cockerelli Grimaldi & Mostovski, 2000: 43. OR: Burma (Upper Cretaceous) [A].

Genus KUMAROMYIA Grimaldi & Hauser

KUMAROMYIA Grimaldi & Hauser, 2011: 317. Type species: Kumaromyia burmitica Grimaldi & Hauser, 2011, by original designation.
burmitica Grimaldi & Hauser, 2011: 317. OR: Burma (Upper Cretaceous) [A].


*APSILOCEPHALA Kröber, 1914: 36. Type species: Apsilocephala longistyla Kröber, 1914, by monotypy.
pusilla Hennig, 1967c: 10 (Psilocephala). PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].
vagabunda Cockerell, 1927a: 163 (Rueppellia). NE: USA (Oligocene) [C].


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