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Asteiidae are a small but widespread family of acalypterate flies. About 100 species in 10 genera are known. Adults of living forms have been collected at windows and the bleeding wounds of trees. Larval biologies are unclear, but adults have been reared from fungi, stalks of Cannabis sativa, flower buds, and dried reed stems. Sabrosky (1987) surmised that the larvae may be scavengers in the frass of other insects.

Genus ASTEIA Meigen

*ASTEIA Meigen, 1830: 88. Type species: Asteia amoena Meigen, 1830, by subsequent designation of Westwood (1840: 152).
magnifica Meunier, 1910c: 145. AF: Ghana (Holocene) [K].
Undetermined sp. -- NT: Dominican Republic (Oligocene/Miocene) [A] (Grimaldi, 1995).


ASTIOSOMA Duda, 1927: 119, 127. Type species: Astiosoma rufifrons Duda, 1927, by original designation.
Undetermined sp. -- Baltic Region (Eocene) [A] (Tschirnahus & Hoffeins, 2009: 201).

Genus LOEWIMYIA Sabrosky
*LOEWIMYIA Sabrosky, 1943: 503. Type species: Loewimyia bifurcata Sabrosky, 1943, by original designation.
Undetermined sp. -- NT: Dominican Republic (Oligocene/Miocene) [A] (Grimaldi, 1995).


SUCCINASTEIA Hennig, 1969a: 31. Type species: Succinasteia carpenteri Hennig, 1969, by original designation.
carpenteri Hennig, 1969a: 31. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene/Oligocene) [A].

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