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The family Bolitophilidae is monogeneric with regard to living and extinct examples. Adults of extant species have generally the same habits as other mycetophiloid families, and are found particularly along the sides of streams or ditches. The larvae inhabit soft fungi growing on the ground.

 Bechev & Chandler (2011) followed the action of Hippa & Vilkamaa (2005) and treated Mangas in its own family; and removed Bolitophila pulveris from the Bolitophilidae to the Mycetophilidae but took no action on the undetermined examples that were mention in the genus by Lewis (1987) and Rohdendorf (1964). The action by Bechev & Chandler (2011) is followed here and thus the only potential fossil examples of the family remain undetermined.
Ref.: Bechev & Chandler (2011, world catalog)..


*BOLITOPHILA Meigen, 1818: 220. Type species: Bolitophila cinerea Meigen, 1818, by subsequent designation of Westwood (1840: 127).
Unidentified sp.-NE: USA (Oligocene) [C] (Lewis, 1987: 13).
Unidentified sp.-PA: Baltic Region (Eocene/Oligocene) [A] (Rohdendorf, 1964: 239).

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