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The Brachystomatidae have until recently been treated within the Empididae as a subfamily. After a cladistic analysis of the families of the Empidoidea, Sinclair & Cumming (2006) raised it to family status. These flies are found worldwide with a center of diversity in Australia. Some 150 species in 20 genera are known (Pape et al. 2011). The fossil fauna are known from 7 species in 6 genera, the oldest being Apalocnemis canadambris Grimaldi & Cumming, 1999 from the Upper Cretaceous Canadian amber. The remainder of the species are known only from Eocene Baltic Region (including Bitterfeld) amber.



Genus APALOCNEMIS Philippi


*APALOCNEMIS Philippi, 1865: 752. Type species: Apalocnemis obscura Philippi, 1865, by monotypy.

*TIMALPHES Melander, 1928: 97. Type species: Clinocera fumosa Hutton, 1901, by original designation.

acuticornis Loew, 1850b: 41 (Gloma). Nomen nudum.

canadambris Grimaldi & Cumming, 1999: 55. NE: Canada (Upper Cretaceous) [A].

gracilis Meunier, 1908i: 113 (Brachystoma). PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

palpata Loew, 1850b: 41 (Gloma). Nomen nudum.





*BRACHYSTOMA Meigen, 1822: 12. Type species: Syrphus vesiculosus Fabricius, 1794, by subsequent designation of Blanchard (1840: 582).

            [In the interests of stability of nomenclature and common usage, an earlier type designation by Westwood (1840: 132) of Brachystoma longicornis Meigen, which would make Brachystoma a senior synonym of Trichopeza Rondani, is here set aside. Application to the I.C.Z.N. to suppress Westwood's designation in favor of Blanchard's has been submitted (Evenhuis & Sinclair, 2012).]

spinulosa Loew, 1850b: 41. Nomen nudum.

spirulosa Meunier, 1899e: 178. Nomen nudum.

*vesiculosa Fabricius, 1794: 299 (Syrphus). PA: Italy; Europe; PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].



Genus GLOMA Meigen


*GLOMA Meigen, 1822: 14. Type species: Gloma fuscipennis Meigen, 1822, by monotypy.

fuscipennis Loew, 1850b: 41. Nomen nudum.

hirta Loew, 1850b: 41. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].





HELEODROMIA Haliday, 1833: 159. Type species: Heleodromia immaculata Haliday, 1833, by subsequent designation of Curtis (1834; plate 519).




ILLIESIELLA Wagner, 1985: 35. Type species: Heleodromia pectinulata Strobl, 1898, by original designation. [Preoccupied by Besch, 1964.]

NEOILLIESIELLA Wagner & Özdikmen, 2006: 91 (new replacement name for Illiesiella Wagner, 1985). Type species: Heleodromia pectinulata Strobl, 1898,

foveata Wagner, Hoffeins & Hoffeins, 2000b: 19. PA: Germany (Eocene) [A].

starki Hoffeins, Hoffeins & Wagner, 1998: 442. PA: Germany (Eocene) [A].



Genus TRICHOPEZA Rondani


*TRICHOPEZA Rondani, 1856: 150. Type species: Brachystoma longicornis Meigen, 1822, by original designation.

TRICOPEZA. Incorrect original spelling of Trichopeza (Rondani, 1856: 225).

sucina Melander, 1928: 220 (new replacement name for longicornis Meunier). PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

      longicornis Meunier, 1908i: 108. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A]. [Preoccupied by Meigen, 1822.]




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