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Camillidae are a small family comprised of three genera (two extant; one fossil) restricted primarily to the Old World. Adults have been captured at the nest and burrows of various mammals. Until recently, the biologies of the immatures were not well known. Barraclough (1992) described the first life history of a member of the family, rearing larvae from the dung of rock hyraxes in Southern Africa.

The fossil record of the Camillidae is sparse. Only one species, Protocamilla succini Hennig, is known from the Eocene Baltic amber. This is the species that Loew (1850) originally identified simply as “Ephydra sp.”





PROTOCAMILLA Hennig, 1965: 195. Type species: Protocamilla succini Hennig, 1965, by monotypy.

groehnei Grimaldi, 2008: 544. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

succini Hennig, 1965: 195. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

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