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Carnidae is a small family (about 40 described species in five genera) of shining black acalypterate flies found mainly in the Holarctic Region. Most extant forms of this family are associated with carrion or excrement; others are found in birds' nests where the adults are either blood-sucking or feed on the skin excretion of nestling birds. Larvae develop in nest debris.

Ref.: Grimaldi (1997, fossil Meoneura).



Genus MEONEURA Rondani


MEONEURA Rondani, 1856: 128. Type species: Agromyza obscurella Fallén, 1823, by original designation.

vieja Grimaldi, 1997: 16. NT: Dominican Republic (Miocene) [A].





MEONURITES Hennig, 1965: 185. Type species: Meonurites enigmatica Hennig, 1965, by monotypy.

enigmatica Hennig, 1965: 185. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].



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