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The Conopidae are a moderately-sized family of flies (about 800 species in 45 genera) found worldwide. Adults of extant forms normally inhabit xeric conditions where the primary hosts of the larvae (aculeate Hymenoptera) occur and can often be found feeding on the nectar and pollen of various flowers. Larvae are internal parasites of various aculeate Hymenoptera, Orthoptera, Dictyoptera, and some calypterate Diptera.


The fossil record of the family is poor. Only two species are known, both from the Tertiary, thereby implying a relatively late geological origin for the family. The fossil described by Scudder (Poliomyia recta) needs to be reexamined to verify its correct familial placement. It is retained in this catalog in the Conopidae pending restudy of the type material.

Ref.: Hennig (1966c, review of Baltic amber taxa).





PALAEOMYOPA Meunier, 1899a: 145. Type species: Palaeomyopa tertiaria Meunier, 1912, by subsequent monotypy in Meunier (1912b: 180).

PALAEOSICUS Meunier, 1916a: 280. Type species: Palaeosicus loewi Meunier, 1916 [= Palaeomyopa tertiaria Meunier, 1912], by monotypy.

hennigi Stuke, 2003: 92. PA: Baltic (Eocene) [A].

tertiaria Meunier, 1912b: 180. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

      loewi Meunier, 1916a: 280 (Palaeosicus). PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].



Genus POLIOMYIA Scudder


POLIOMYIA Scudder, 1878c: 755. Type species: Poliomyia recta Scudder, 1878, by monotypy.

recta Scudder, 1878c: 755. NE: USA (Eocene) [C].



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