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Corethrellidae is a monogeneric family of culicid-like flies found worldwide. Larvae of extant forms are restricted to small bodies of water such as leaf axils and others isolated at the edges of bogs or small ponds. Adult females have biting mouthparts. Some feed on the blood of male frogs after being attracted to them by their calls.


The oldest fossils described thus far are from the Lower Cretaceous of Lebanon (Szadziewski, 1995) and Burma (Poinar & Szadziewski (2007). Borkent (2008) was unable to examine the type of Corethrella andersoni Poinar & Szadziewski, so was unable to place it subgenerically.

Ref.: Borkent (2008, world catalog).



Genus CORETHRELLA Coquillett


*CORETHRELLA Coquillett, 1902: 191. Type species: Corethrella brakeleyi Coquillett, 1902, by original designation.


Subgenus CORETHRELLA Coquillett

baltica Borkent, 2008: 200. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

dominicana Borkent, 2008: 200. NT: Dominican Republic (Miocene) [A].

miocaenica Szadziewski, Krzeminski & Kutscher, 1994: 87. Germany (Eocene) [A].

nudistyla Borkent & Szadziewski, 1992: 460. NT: Dominican Republic (Miocene) [A].

prisca Borkent & Szadziewski, 1992: 457. PA: Germany (Miocene) [A].


Subgenus FOSSICORETHRELLA Szadziewski


FOSSICORETHRELLA Szadziewski, 1995: 177. Type species: Corethrella cretacea Szadziewski, 1995, by original designation.

cretacea Szadziewski, 1995: 178. PA: Lebanon (Lower Cretaceous ) [A].


Unplaced to Subgenus of CORETHRELLA Coquillett

andersoni Poinar & Szadziewski, 2007: 155. OR: Burma (Upper Cretaceous) [A].




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