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This taxon was originally described in the Homoptera by Evans (1971), but was subsequently placed in the Diptera near the Anisopodidae by Kovalev (1983). Kovalev's placement has been followed by subsequent workers (e.g., Evenhuis, 1989b; Carpenter, 1992), but the change to Diptera was apparently ignored by Hamilton (1992) who listed it among the coccoid Homoptera in his review of Mesozoic Homoptera fossils.


In addition to the described species from Australia listed below, Kalugina & Kovalev (1985: 9) mentioned undetermined material of this family from the Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian) deposits of the Karatau, Kazakhstan.

Ref: Kovalev (1983, review of taxa).





CROSAPHIS Evans, 1971: 146. Type species: Crosaphis anomala Evans, 1971, by original designation.

anomala Evans, 1971: 147. AU: Australia (Upper Triassic) [C].

virginiensis Blagoderov & Grimaldi, 2007: 19. NE: (USA (New Jersey) (Upper Triassic) [C].



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