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Cylindrotomidae is a small family of tipuloids consisting of about 80 described species (Pape et al., 2011). They share many characteristics with tipulids and limoniids. Among extant forms, immatures live among mosses and herbaceous plants (not in a substrate as in tipulids and limoniids) where they are phytophagous. Adults of extant forms are found in marshy habitats.


There are 15 species of fossil cylindrotomids. Most are found in various Tertiary strata. Krzeminski (1993b) removed the genus Stibadocerites Zeuner to the Limoniidae as a junior synonym of Dicranoptycha Osten Sacken and stated that its geological horizon, described by Zeuner (1941) as originating from the Lower Eocene of Scotland, is actually Upper Cretaceous in origin.

Ref.: Alexander (1928, world genera); Brodo (1967, review of North American taxa); Brown (1988, review of North American Cyttaromyia); Freiwald (1991, review of fossil taxa), Krzeminski (1991b, review of fossil taxa).





*CYLINDROTOMA Macquart, 1834: 107. Type species: Limnobia distinctissima Meigen, 1818, by subsequent designation of Westwood (1840: 128) (as "distinctissima Macq.").

biamoensis Freiwald & Krzeminski, 1991: 341. PA: Russia (Amur) (Oligocene) [C].

borealis Freiwald, 1991: 112. PA: Denmark (Paleocene/Eocene) [C].

brevicornis Loew, 1850b: 37. Nomen nudum.

larssoni Freiwald, 1991: 110. PA: Denmark (Paleocene/Eocene) [C].

longicornis Loew, 1850b: 37. Nomen nudum.

longipes Loew, 1850b: 37. Nomen nudum.

monikae Freiwald, 1991: 108. PA: Denmark (Paleocene/Eocene) [C].

succini Loew, 1850b: 37. Nomen nudum.

veterana Cockerell, 1920a: 247. NE: USA (Eocene) [C].





CYTTAROMYIA Scudder, 1877a: 751. Type species: Cyttaromyia fenestrata Scudder, 1877, by monotypy.

fenestrata Scudder, 1877a: 751. NE: USA (Eocene) [C].

frelloi Krzeminski, 1998b: 303. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

obdurescens Cockerell, 1925a: 12. NE: USA (Eocene) [C].

princetoniana Scudder, 1894: 192 (30). NE: USA (Oligocene) [C].

      cancellata Scudder, 1894: 193 (31). NE: USA (Oligocene) [C].

      clathrata Scudder, 1894: 194 (32). NE: USA (Oligocene) [C].

      oligocena Scudder, 1894: 193 (31). NE: USA (Oligocene) [C].

quievreuxi Séguy, 1934: 47. PA: France (Oligocene) [C].

rayona Freiwald & Krzeminski, 1991: 342. PA: Russia (Amur) (Oligocene) [C].

reclusa Cockerell, 1924a: 7. NE: USA (Eocene) [C].

scudderi Freiwald, 1991: 107. PA: Denmark (Paleocene/Eocene) [C].

vahldieki Freiwald, 1991: 104. PA: Denmark (Paleocene/Eocene) [C].



Genus DIOGMA Edwards


DIOGMA Edwards, 1938: 17. Type species: Limnobia glabrata Meigen, 1818, by original designation.

gelhausi Podenas, 2000x: 103. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].



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