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Diadocidiids are a monogeneric family comprised of close to a dozen species with extant species confined to the Holarctic region. Adults of extant forms are sylvan in habit. Larvae spin silken tubes under bark or dead logs.

 Only two fossil species are known, the oldest of which is from the Lower Cretaceous of Burma. Matile (1989: 127) recorded a unnamed third fossil species of the family from the Nearctic Region.





*DIADOCIDIA Ruthe, 1831: 1210. Type species: Diadocidia flavicans Ruthe, 1831 [= Mycetobia ferruginosa Meigen, 1830], by monotypy.

ACLADA Loew, 1850b: 33, 35. Type species: Diadocidia parallela Evenhuis, 1994, by subsequent designation of Evenhuis (1994: 138).

[Aclada originally proposed without included species. The type species designated is from the first species included within the genus in accordance with the Code.]

parallela Evenhuis, 1994: 138. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

[Species name made available by bibliographic reference to characters of Aclada in Loew (1850: 33, 35).]

      parallela Loew, 1850b: 35. Nomen nudum.



Genus DOCIDIADIA Grimaldi


DOCIDIADIA Grimaldi in Grimaldi & Singh, 2012: 22. Type species: Docidiadia burmitica Grimaldi, 2012, by original designation.

burmitica Grimaldi in Grimaldi & Singh, 2012: 34. OR: Burma (Upper Cretaceous) [A].



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