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The family Eomyiidae was proposed by Rohdendorf (1962) for his monobasic genus Eomyia known only from a single described specimen from the Jurassic deposits of the Karatau in Kazakhstan. Its familial placement is not clear, but is thought to belong to the primitive orthorrhaphous Brachycera near the Xylophagidae.

In addition to the determined species listed below, undetermined material of this family has been recorded from Cretaceous Siberian amber by Zherichin (1978: 67).

Ref.: Kovalev (1981, review of taxa).



Genus EOMYIA Rohdendorf


EOMYIA Rohdendorf, 1962: 334 (1991: 487). Type species: Eomyia veterrima Rohdendorf, 1962, by original designation.

veterrima Rohdendorf, 1962: 334 (1991: 487). PA: Kazakhstan (Upper Jurassic) [C].

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