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These flies were once part of a larger Tipulidae sensu lato but were raised to family status on well-founded phylogenetic characters found in a number of studies since the 1990s. The family of virtually cosmopolitan with some 500 species in over 10 genera (Pape et al. 2011). The fossil taxonomic history of these flies are complicated. As many as 4 separate families (Archilimoniidae, Gracilitipulidae, Palaeolimnobiidae, and Zhangobiidae) have been proposed for the fossil taxa, which have been all transferred to Pediciidae in Pape et al. (2011). With all the transfers of genera and new taxa described, the fossil Pediciidae are now known from 9 species in 7 genera.


Rohdendorf (1961) described a fossil fly he considered so different from all other Diptera that it warranted its own infraorder (Diplopolyneuromorpha). Rohdendorf’s illustration depicts numerous paired veins, which resemble the venational pattern of some Ephemeroptera. Rohdendorf (1964) considered the Diplopolyneuridae to be a primitive ancestor of the Tipulidae. Krzeminski (1992b) considered the type species a member of the Limoniidae.


Palaeolimnobiidae was originally proposed by Zhang, Zhang, Liu & Shangguan (1986) for the genera Palaeolimnobia Zhang et al., 1986 and Ceuthoneura Zhang et al., 1986. Unfortunately, Palaeolimnobia is preoccupied by Bode, 1953, so Evenhuis (1994) proposed the replacement name Zhangobia, which resulted in a change of the family-group name to Zhangobiidae.
The illustration of the type specimen of Ceuthoneura reveals that it lacks any diagnostic venational characters, making it impossible to ascertain its true position among the tipuloid Diptera. It is provisionally retained in this family until more material becomes available for restudy of the genus.


Hong & Wang (1990) erected the family Gracilitipulidae for the monobasic genus Gracilitipula from the Laiyang Jurassic deposits of China.




Genus ARCHILIMONIA Krzeminski & Krzeminska


ARCHILIMONIA Krzeminski & Krzeminska, 2003: 167. Type species: Archilimonia vosgesiana Krzeminski & Krzeminska, 2003, by original designation.

vosgesiana Krzeminski & Krzeminska, 2003: 167. PA: France (Middle Triassic) [C].



Genus CEUTHONEURA Zhang, Zhang, Liu & Shangguan


CEUTHONEURA Zhang et al., 1986: 19. Type species: Ceuthoneura dolichoptera Zhang et al., 1986, by original designation.

CEUTHNEURA. Incorrect original spelling of Ceuthoneura (Zhang et al., 1986: 19).

dolichoptera Zhang et al., 1986: 19. PA: China (Upper Jurassic) [C].





DIPLOPOLYNEURA Rohdendorf, 1961: 98. Type species: Diplopolyneura mirabilis Rohdendorf, 1961, by original designation.

mirabilis Rohdendorf, 1961: 98. PA: Kirghizistan (Lower Jurassic) [C].





FRAGISTERNELLA Krzeminski, 2000: 240. Type species: Fragisternella bella Krzeminski, 2000, by original designation.

bella Krzeminski, 2000; 240. PA: Russia (Bolshaya) (Oligocene) [C].





GRACILITIPULA Hong & Wang, 1990: 122. Type species: Gracilitipula asiatica Hong & Wang, 1990, by original designation.

GRACILTIPULA. Incorrect original spelling of Gracilitipula (Regional Geological Surveying Team, 1990: table 3).

asiatica Hong & Wang, 1990: 122. PA: China (Upper Jurassic) [C].



Genus TRYCYPHONA Zetterstedt


*TRYCYPHONA Zetterstedt, 1837: 65. Type species: Limonia immaculata Meigen, 1804, by monotypy.

aurata Podenas, 2001b: 33. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

lepesca Podenas, 2001b: 35. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].

residua Podenas, 2001b: 37. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene) [A].



Genus ZHANGOBIA Evenhuis


PALAEOLIMNOBIA Zhang, Zhang, Liu & Shangguan, 1986: 16. Type species: Palaeolimnobia laiyangensis Zhang et al., 1986, by original designation. [Preoccupied by Bode, 1953.]

ZHANGOBIA Evenhuis, 1994: 54 (new replacement name for Palaeolimnobia Zhang, Liu & Shangguan, 1986). Type species: Palaeolimnobia laiyangensis Zhang et al., 1986, automatic.

PALALAELIMNOBIA. Incorrect original spelling of Palaeolimnobia (Zhang et al., 1986: 17).

laiyangensis Zhang et al., 1986: 17 (Palaeolimnobia). PA: China (Upper Jurassic) [C].


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