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Valeseguyidae consist of species of extant and extinct nematoceran flies that are similar in appearance to mycetobiine Anisopodidae. The three species known all occupy geological areas far separated from each other geographically and chronologically. The earliest known extinct member of the family is from the Lower Cretaceous of Burma; the youngest known extinct member is from the Miocene amber of the Dominican Republic. Finally, the only known extant species is from Australia.



Genus CRETOSEGUYA Amorim & Grimaldi


CRETOSEGUYA Amorim & Grimaldi, 2006: 509. Type species: Cretoseguya burmitica Amorim & Grimaldi, 2006, by original designation.

burmitica Amorim & Grimaldi, 2006: 509. OR: Burma (Upper Cretaceous) [A].



Genus VALESEGUYA Colless


*VALESEGUYA Colless, 1990: 351. Type species: Valeseguya rieki Colless, 1990, by monotypy.

VALSEGUYA: Incorrect subsequent spelling of Valeseguya (Evenhuis, 1994b: 207).

disjuncta Grimaldi, 1991: 5. NT: Dominican Republic (Miocene) [A].




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