Pacific Insects Volume 12(4) 1970

Table of Contents

N. A. Kormilev:  Aradidae in the Bishop Museum, Honolulu V. (Supplement) (Hemiptera-Heteroptera)      701 [ pdf ]

T. C. Maa:  A revision of the subgenus Ctenoxylocopa (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae)    723 [ pdf ]

J. L. Gressitt & J. Sedlacek:  Papuan weevil genus Gymnopholus; second supplement with studies in epizoic symbiosis       753 [ pdf ]

J. J. H. Szent-Ivany:  Ethological and ecological observations on Gymnopholus spp. mainly G. (S.) lichenifer Gress. (March-April 1967)      763 [ pdf ]

G. A. Samuelson:  A coding system for marking Gymnopholus weevils in New Guinea    769 [ pdf ]

T. W. Suman:  Spiders of the family Thomisidae in Hawaii     773 [ pdf ]

A. M. Richards:  Revision of the Phaphidophoridae (Orthoptera) of New Zealand. Part XIII. A new genus from the Snares Islands      865 [ pdf ]

G. C. Steyskal:  The family position and additional descriptive data concerning Tenuia nigripes Malloch (Diptera: Pseudopomyzidae)     871 [ pdf ]

S. K. Das Gupta & W. W. Wirth:  A new genus of Sphaeromiini (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from the Oriental Region      875 [ pdf ]

N.A. Kormilev:  New records of some Oriental Phymatidae, with a new species of Chelocoris Bianchi (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)         883 [ pdf ]

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