Waipio Valley Stream Restoration Study

Glen Higashi

Glen Higashi
Aquatic Biologist
Division of Aquatic Resources


"The field work is the most enjoyable part collecting data and seeing places where most people don't usually get to go. The challenging part is analyzing the data figuring out how all the different ecosystems within the ahupua'a are related. The Waipio study provided me the opportunity to see streams on other islands and will provide valuable insight into the concept of stream restoration."

What he does

I work for the Division of Aquatic Resources in the freshwater section. I manage the Wahiawa Public Fishing Area, on Oahu and perform stream surveys statewide with other DAR staff. I also work on the DAR stream database with Darrell Kuamoo.

How he got into science

I've always enjoyed the outdoors and been interested in nature and aquatic organisms, particularily fish... going fishing, maintaining an aquarium, snorkeling, and it was this interest that helped me make my decision in pursuing a career as an aquatic biologist.

Favorite accomplishments

Doing stream survey work with my buddies Darrell Kuamoo and Dr. Bob Nishimoto.

In his free time

Enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and hunting.