Waipio Valley Stream Restoration Study

Waipio Unit Lesson Plans

Look below for a description of each lesson plan. You can download each plan with Adobe Reader (free download) installed on your computer to view the files.

Lesson 1Lesson 1: Meet Your Partners

> Who is conducting the stream study?





Lesson 2Lesson 2: The Scientific Question

> Introduction to the stream study





Lesson 3Lesson 3: Geology, Rainfall, Stream Flow

> Formation of Waipi’o valley
> Ongoing processes shaping Waipi’o valley





Lesson 4Lesson 4: History of Water Use in Hawai’i

> Historical inquiry
> Chronology of water rights and usage





Lesson 5Lesson 5: Lalakea Stream: Diversion and Restoration

> Overview of history, geography and culture





Lesson 6Lesson 6: Stream Habitats and Biota

> Availability and use
> Native and introduced species






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