Waipio Valley Stream Restoration Study

Jim Parham

Jim Parham
University of Nebraska


"Research in Hawaii has been so exciting. I have met many great people and visited many beautiful places. The results from the study from the Waipio Study will be useful in protecting the natural environment in all of Hawaii."

What he does

I study stream and river fish and their habitats. Most of my research is focused on developing computer models that predict the distribution of fish species based the amount of water in a stream and landscape characteristics.

How he got into science

I have always loved the outdoors and wanted to have a job where I could help to improve the environment.

Favorite accomplishments

Learning to SCUBA dive as it gave me a new perspective on the fish I study. I have seen many amazing things diving around Pacific Islands.

In his free time

I like to go fishing and camping, and love to visit new places.