Waipio Valley Stream Restoration Study

Insects: Introduced Species

Scientific name: Aedes albopictus
Common name(s): Tiger mosquito, Day-biting mosquito

Aedes albopictus

Status: Introduced

Habitat: It lives in forests and valleys, as well as residential areas. It likes to breed in areas with still water, like puddles, tires, plant pots, etc.

Preferred Area of Stream: Not found in flowing water, but likes stagnant puddles and ponds.

Range in Hawai‘i: Extremely Common on all Hawaiian Islands

Diet: Blood from birds and mammals

Predators: Dragonflies, damselflies, other predatory aquatic insects, and fish

Fact: This mosquito is a pest and often gathers in great numbers around wetlands or areas with stagnant water. It can also carry dengue fever, a very serious disease in tropical regions. To reduce numbers of mosquitoes around your house you can make sure no rubbish like empty bottles or old tires are lying around. In Hawai‘i, tiger mosquitoes spread dengue fever to humans and are responsible for the recent 2002 outbreak on Maui and O‘ahu. They also spread the heartworm parasite to dogs, which is fatal.