Waipio Valley Stream Restoration Study

Insects: Native Species

Scientific name: Pantala flavescens
Common name(s): Globe Skimmer

Pantala flavescens

Pantala flavescens

Status: Indigenous

Habitat: This dragonfly is found in streams and wetlands, and even commonly seen in city areas.

Preferred Area of Stream: Thickly vegetated areas in stream bank areas, lower wetland areas near ocean. Also can breed in rain puddles near stream or in the forest, also common in kalo lo‘i.

Range in Hawai‘i: Common on all Hawaiian Islands

Diet: Feeds mainly on insects and small crustaceans

Predators: Native and introduced fish

Fact: This dragonfly is found all over the world and got to Hawai‘i on its own. Both the larvae and the adult are great hunters and often eat a lot of insect pests, including mosquitoes.