Waipio Valley Stream Restoration Study

Crustaceans: Introduced Species

Scientific name: Procambarus clarkii
Common name(s): Crayfish, Louisiana crawfish

Procambarus clarkii

Status: Introduced

Habitat: Crayfish live in holes dug in the mud. They are found in most streams, ponds, reservoirs, and even taro fields.

Preferred Area of Stream: Slow-velocity areas of pools, wetlands, kalo lo‘i

Range in Hawai‘i: Common on all Hawaiian Islands

Diet: Crayfish eat almost anything dead or alive, including fish, insects, and snails.

Predators: Very few except ‘auku‘u (black-crowned night-herons)

Fact: Crayfish were released lakes and streams to feed largemouth bass, which are caught by sport fishermen. Crayfish are pests in taro fields and ponds. They dig holes in the walls and cause leaks. They compete with native animals for food and may carry human diseases. Bad, bad, bad!